Date: 06 Oct 2008


Amar Singh is a shrewd and opportunist politician.  The Interests of the Muslims are always in his heart and mind and he is not just a loud mouth, he goes to any extent to put his beliefs in practice.  Vote-Bank politics he endears very much.  His track record of Muslim appeasement is a living entity.  Through his gimmicks, gestures and dedication to oneupmanship in such matters as hosting Iftar parties etc. are well known.
Recently he sent a Cheque of Rupees ten Lakhs to the family of Police Officer Sharma, who was slained by the terrorists in Delhi.  The Bank did not honour this Cheque for anomolies.  The Cheque has now been returned to him.  What a tribute to the Martyred Officer and his family members by this politician, who can demean himself to any level?  Things do not end here.  A few days after the shooting, he visits the site area, which is overwhelmingly a Muslim area. Amar Singh did not go there because:
Shahidon ki chitaaon par lagte hain har baras Mele
Vatan par mar mitne walon ka yahin Namon Nishan hota hai
Here he utters that Police Action here was not to combat terrorism but an encounter to kill, harass and malign the persons of peaceful religion, who are very innocent and patriotic.  He further declared that such fake encounters against Muslims have become a norm up and down the country.  His appetite of outbursts against the Law-enforcing agencies and brave life-risking officers did not end just like that.  He made derogratory remarks against the Police Department and the martyred officer, who he alleges ought not to have been here and perhaps has been killed by his fellow police personnel, who killed him to save themselves.  Here is a xeonophobic, paranoid person with depicable mindset!
It is India which can afford and tolerate such 'BHARAT RATNAS'.  I have mentioned him as Bharat Ratna, because no body in Govt. from Sonia to Manmohan Singh have denounced it so far!