Date: 24 Sep 2008


Militant Hindus – what a joke!

While there were millions of bytes and words flying around,
castigating Hindus for being violent, no channel has thought of
highlighting the atrocities perpetrated against them in Kandhamal by
the state administration and Christian missionaries.
CJ: B D Narayankar , 3 days ago Views:612 Comments:7
IT’S BECOME a trend with the news channels to pounce upon a Hindu on
rampage, ignoring the very cause of retaliation. I am referring to
Orissa violence, where Christians were targeted and brutally
assaulted. At many places even their homes were set on fire.

While there were millions of bytes and words flying around,
castigating Hindus for being violent, no channel has thought of
highlighting the atrocities perpetrated against the Hindus in
Kandhamal by the state administration and the Christian missionaries,
especially following the murder of Swami Laxmananda Saraswati. They
have been targeted; their families have been threatened by other
communities. They have no shelter and no food to feed their families.
Their houses were burnt by the criminals, who did not even allow them
to earn their bread and butter.

These conditions of the innocent Hindus were recorded by a high-level
delegation led by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), MP, Jual Oram,
which visited Kandhamal district on September 4, to assess the
situation after Swami Laxmananda Saraswati’s murder.

Always the Indian media, especially the electronic media, represents
the Hindus as militants and persecutors that is really disturbing and
sad. These news channels behave in most unpatriotic manner and report
the stories like most of the foreign correspondents do, who lack
understanding of India.

A peep into the history books will reveal how different religions
profess militancy. It is necessary for the Indian media to bring
forward a more balanced view of the sensitive problems. The gory past
of Christian atrocities is forgotten now but history will never
forgive culprits like Alfonso de Albuquerque who carried out the
persecutions of Hindus in 1510. He burnt ’heretics’, crucified
Brahmins, used false theories to forcibly convert lower castes and
razed the temples to build churches upon them.

How can one forget one of the most fiery communal statements ever made
against the Hindus. Claudius Buccchanan, a chaplain attached to East
India Company, said, “Neither truth, nor honesty, honour, gratitude,
nor charity, is to be found in the breast of a Hindu”. What a comment
on a nation, that had welcomed these merchants because of the Hindu
philosophy of universal brotherhood. This communal agenda of Claudius
paved the way for British to trap the poor and simple tribals for
conversion and bury their cultural identities for ever.

Coming to the recent violence in Orissa, the police, even before it
could visit the spot where Swami Laxmananda Saraswati was killed,
claimed that the murder was committed by the Naxals. Even media played
up the story. The fact of the matter, however, is that there is a lot
of enmity between the converts and the non-converts. The non-converts
are furious over the Christian missionaries hogging up their lands to
propagate Christianity and converting them through cash inducements
and other ugly means. Missionaries, on the other hand, are frustrated
over the hurdle created by Swami Laxmananda Saraswasti’s movement of
bringing back the converts to the Hindu fold. Swamiji’s murder was a
result of the simmering emotions between the converts and non-

Sometimes back, it was claimed by the media that the burning of
churches in Andhra Pradesh was the design of ’fanatic’ Rashtriya
Swayamsevak Sangh, but later it was proved that it was the handiwork
of ISI to foment hatred between the Christians and the Hindus. Yet,
the Indian media that went berserk at the time of the burnings, mostly
kept quiet when the true nature of the perpetrators was revealed.

Missionaries, especially, the Indian priests, would like us to believe
that democracy includes the freedom to convert by any means. But in
France, a Christian nation, has a minister who hunts down non-
Christian sects. The system is so ruthless that even the Scientology
Church, favoured by some Hollywood stars such as John Travolta, is
mercilessly hounded out.
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more >> And what America, which is recognised as the largest democracy
in the world, did to Osho movement in Arizona, or how innocent
children and women were burnt down by FBI in Waco Texas, because they
belonged to a dangerous sect?

Isn’t it surprising that India had been invaded by so many sects
around the world, yet it did not lose its cultural identity. In fact,
the aggressors had imbibed some of the cultural aspects of this great
nation, which was deeply engrossed in spiritual philosophy and
universal brotherhood. But will it survive the present Christian
offensive? Many Hindu religious leaders feel that Christianity is a
real threat today. It is therefore, necessary that Indians themselves
become more aware of the danger that their culture and unique
civilisation is facing at the hands of missionaries sponsored by
foreign money. It is also necessary that they stop surfing and reading
the Marxist-influenced English media, who defend the rights of the
Christian missionaries to convert the innocent Hindus.