Date: 21 Sep 2008


Once they rose to defend Hindus. Tomorrow they will disappear unnoticed.

All the learned Hindu writers and thinkers are sharing with us the observation that the Hindus themselves are destroying their culture, language and religion ON THEIR OWN TERRITORY.

But spare a thought for the SIKHS, once created to defend the Hindus' right to live in dignity. 

It is now being seen and reported that the Christians are constructing churches all over EAST Punjab. Obviously, they dare not set up even one church in WEST Punjab for reason the whole world knows. East Punjab, being part of soft Hindustan, has become very attractive to the missionaries.

Thus it is in the "SIMPLETON" Sikh Majority State of East Punjab where now not only mosques are making a strong come back but also churches are spreading like mushrooms. 

Our individual heads are very smart but there is no COLLECTIVE Head to be seen anywhere.

It is the SIKH landlords (zamindars) themselve who are selling land to the Christians who are well funded by American and European Churches. 

The simple Sikh thinks that not only all religions are the same but also that they will only do the kind of "Akhand Path" of their Bible and then serve langar in church and disperse till next Sunday like the native Sikh congregation.

Simple Sardarji has NO clue to the fact that is radically so different. The church is not locked up for the remaining six days. It becomes an active dispensary to treat the sick, becomes a school for those who are roaming the streets. It not only distributes tons of literature about Christianity in the Punjabi language but also actively encourages "coming to the Lord". 

Compare this to the sword bearing Sikh Gianiji who told a willing Muslim, "NO brother, there is no need to become a Sikh. Our Guru Nanak Dev Ji would have expected you to become a better Muslim." 

Our Singh Sahib ji does not seem to reflect on the sad fact that AS A RESULT of following that advice literally, there is the Flag of Rasul Allah of Arabia flying over the Janmasthan in Nankana Sahib.

The simple Sikhs of East Punjab are themselves helping and encouraging the Christians to build more churches without realising that in each Church Guru Nanak becomes persona non grata.. That TERRITORY goes over to Christ of Jerusalem. These churches and mosques are now covering the landscape of EAST Punjab like the pattern of world wide web (WWW). 

We saw the result of SLEEPY SIKHS' criminal and suicidal negligence when we lost Lahore without even referendum or fight. 

In the future there is every reason to fear that Amritsar will go, too, to join "Sister" Lahore in slavery. 

At least the Hindus of Orissa took note of the situation of Reduction of Territory of Sri Krishna and did something. The Simple Sikhs are Sleeping and have no idea of what to do while dwindling and decreasing on their own patch.