Date: 20 Sep 2008


Letter to United Nations Secretary General , Mr. Ban Ki-Moon



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                                                                                    September 17, 2008

Excellency Ban Ki-Moon
Secretary General, 

The United Nations,
New York, NY 10017.


 Subject: a) US based Islamist Organizations protests on Kashmir at the UN misrepresent and distort facts; 

b) The Maneuver is intended to mislead the UN in extending its support to Jihadists in their civilizational war for Islamizing and disintegrating India.

           We consider it extremely important to bring to your attention that the Islamists Sleeper Cells in the West particularly in the US have launched their fall offensive of pushing India, the next target for their civilizational war, in to the Islamist and religious fires. With this objective in mind the Kashmiri American Council of Washington, DC, supported by many other Islamist organizations whose only aim is to Talibanize Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) like Afghanistan and Pakistan and to provide the Jihadists with external support and guidance has planned a protest at the UN Headquarters, in New York on September 26, 08 (Attachment A). This protest was in part encouraged by the UN-HCHR premature statement, inadvertently supporting Jihadists and groundlessly criticizing India for violating the human rights of Islamists. Their manufactured allegations include that the Indian army had "killed more than 100,000 men, women and children; tortured and maimed thousands; molested thousands of Kashmiri women and young girls; and arrested thousands of youth". However, no clear cut proof was provided in support of these malicious allegations. In "WWII parlance" it is a case of Goebellian propaganda that could make their false claims into truths if repeated hundred times.

           Indeed many atrocities in Kashmir valley have taken place. However, they were not committed by India but by Pak-inspired Islamists & Jihadists who killed tens of thousands of Hindus and Sikhs in the region since 1989 (over 65,000 by some estimates) and drove out over 350,000 Kashmir Hindus & Sikhs into exile, who had no other choice after thousands of them were tortured and maimed; and thousands of Kashmiri Hindu women and young girls were molested and forcibly converted to Islam. Unlike these lawless crusaders of the civilizational war the Indian army is under strict discipline and any civilian casualties in combating the jihadists in all probability have to be nothing but collateral as in Iraq.

           Earlier on August 22, 08 in their letter full of fabrications addressed to you, the Kashmiri American Council and other US based Islamist organizations grossly distorted and misrepresented the facts. They alleged: a) the Indian Govt. had attempted to confiscate 100 acres of Kashmiri territory for setting up Indian settlements; b) the recently unearthed 4600 gruesome mass graves were of Muslims; and, c) Indian authorities had inhumanly closed the main highways into occupied Kashmir, Pathankot-Jammu and Jammu-Srinagar, to starve Muslims. These allegations are groundless and were cooked up to gain the support of the world body. 

          As the agreement on the Amarnath land issue, between the Muslim dominated J&K Govt. and the legitimate Hindu protestors on religious freedom shows, these were deliberate lies and distortions meant to encourage separatism and Jihadist terrorism across India for expanding the civilizational war. Both the J&K and Indian Governments have strongly denied and contradicted these vicious lies. The unconfirmed discovery of 4600 graves must be those of Hindus whose lives were taken through the oft repeated massacres, night raids and torture chambers operated by Islamists. As pointed out earlier, Hindus have been killed by the thousands and additional hundred of thousands of them were driven out of Kashmir since 1989-90. This is the story of continuous atrocities, jihad and reign of terror against Hindus & Sikhs of Kashmir in an attempt to eliminate "kafirs" (infidels) for establishing the so-called “Nizam-e-Mustafa”.

             A review of the Islamic atrocities over the last decades and during Islamic Rule in India is essential to understand the motivation of Islamists to get UN support in their goal of Islamizing and Talibanizing Kashmir and India: 

 1) In J&K State Hindu Institutions are being destroyed at an unprecedented Scale: 

             Politically motivated Muslim protests led by the PDP (Peoples Democratic Party, actually a fundamentalist formation) to deny 100 acres of barren land for setting up temporary shelters for Hindu pilgrims transiting to Amarnath  shrine during summer months is a recent example of the Taliban like intolerance demonstrated by the Muslim controlled  Govt. in Kashmir.

           The process of desecration, loot, vandalizing and destruction of temples has continued in J&K under the anti-Hindu Islamic rule through generations with intent to wipe out all traces of religious and cultural symbols of Hindus. These targets, besides the temples, included libraries, schools, universities and 'ashrams'.  After the country became free and Kashmir acceded to the Union of India in 1947, the destruction and desecration of temples under the new Islamic regimes wearing secular turbans received added impetus and acceleration.

           Temple lands, cremation grounds and other such entities belonging to Hindus were usurped and utilized for expansion of the Islamic populace. The famous Bhairavnath temple of Chattabal, Srinagar was locked up by the police. The judicial case pending in court concerning this temple was never allowed to be decided. Precious lands around Hari Parbat hill, Durganag temple of Srinagar and lands at several Hindu places of worship in the Valley were slowly and steadily turned into lands under the occupation of the Muslim trusts (Maqboozai-Ahali-Islam). 

 2) The law and order situation in Kashmir since 1986 deteriorated progressively and temple desecration became the order of the day. 

           The Islamic fundamentalist conspiracy against Hindus received unqualified support from the Pan Islamic Movement and from across the border. Here are some of the glaring examples that defy and shred into a million pieces the tall claims made by the Muslim leaders of Kashmir about their dedication and adherence to nationalism, multiculturalism, secularism, Kashmiriyat and religious freedom.

           In 1967, Shivala temple, Chotta Nazar, Srinagar was desecrated. Again in 1984 Shri Hanuman temple at Hari Singh High Street was damaged and in the same year Arya Samaj temple of Wazir Bagh, Srinagar was burnt down. 

            Some statistics that prove as to how unfairly Jammu, the province of the state with Hindu majority, is treated by the Muslim dominated Govt. may be seen in the attachment B.

 3)  Temples desecrated, damaged and/or shut down in Kashmir from 1990 to December 1992  


          There have been reports of further destruction of some 39 temples in Kashmir after December 6, 1992 for which FIR were filed. Please note that FIRs on all destruction cases were not filed with the authorities in view of the complicity of the administration and warnings of retaliation against the complainants by the Islamic terrorists.  
          These examples represent only a fraction of the systematic mass destruction of thousands of temples in J&K after independence of India when the Islamists assumed the total and unfettered control of the state. 

 4) Relentless Acts of Islamic terrorism in India: 

      The Islamic terrorists exploded seven serial  bomb blasts in New Delhi, India's Capital,  as recently as on September 13, 08 killing scores and injuring hundreds and the other ones on July 25-26, 2008 in Bangalore and Ahmadabad; another in Jaipur in May 2008. These blasts killed hundreds of Hindus and injured many hundreds of innocent men, women and children. Over the past years, major terrorist strikes have been engineered by Pakistan-backed Islamist groups in Delhi, Bangalore, Ayodhya, Mumbai, Varanasi, Hyderabad, Malegaon, Panipat ('Samjhauta Express'), Ajmer and Ludhiana, with lesser attacks at a number of other locations. According to India’s Home Minister, Mr. Patil, there were as many as 800 plus terrorist cells run by Islamists in various regions of India. 

           Earlier, the terrorist attacks on CPRF and in UP courts were a part of an ongoing series.  India, a soft state for the Islamic jihadists, had a renewed series of terrorist attacks on Friday, November 23, 2007 when bombs carried on bicycles ripped through the courts in Lucknow, Faizabad and Varanasi and killed at least 14 people. This should be taken as the latest warning specifically that Bin Laden, Mullah Omar and Musharraf guided Islamic jihad will not let the Indian Govt. or its judiciary to function against the wishes of the fundamentalist crusaders. 

           Jihadist terrorist attacks on Hindus and their temples continue in the country. The famous temples such as Raghunath, Akshardham, etc were specially targeted. In fact Varanasi, the most revered holy city of Hindus, bore the brunt of Islamist terrorist attacks twice. On March 7, 2006, at least 21 Hindus were killed and scores injured in bombings at Sankat Mochan temple and the railway station in Varanasi. Before that, terrorists had made an abortive bid to attack the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. In Kashmir alone hundreds of temples were looted, desecrated, burnt, destroyed and some of them turned into mosques. The latest crisis on Amarnath land issue is the continuation of the same anti-Hindu crusade. 

 5) A Broad summary of instances of atrocities and injustices inflicted upon Hindus by the Muslims in India: 
a)  Genocide of some 50- 100 million Hindus by some estimates during 700 years of  cruel Islamic tyranny including the killing fields of the Hindu Kush - the worst in the history of mankind, and demolition, vandalizing and looting of tens of thousands of temples and conversion to mosques;

b) Muslims massacred some 20,000 people in Calcutta in August 1946 in three days to force Congress to accept partition against Mahatma Gandhi's declaration of "Partition over my dead body";

c) Massacre of millions Hindus and Sikhs during the partition in 1947;   

 d) Over three million, mostly Hindus, were massacred in East Pakistan, now Bangladesh, and the exodus of some 9 million Bangladeshi Hindus to India as refugees in early 1970's, when the Indian army had to intervene to rescue the populace; 
e) These self styled Islamist victims have expelled, exterminated and ethnically cleansed the entire Hindu and Sikh populations from Kashmir region since 1989;

f) The recent incessant terrorist Jihadist attacks in various parts of India have cost hundreds of lives.

g) Forcible conversion of millions of Hindus to Islam was conducted in India. In fact 98 % of Muslims in India are a converted lot. A particular note should be taken of the fact that there was not a single Muslim in India prior to 711 AD.

h) The Muslim occupiers imposed Jaziya (penalty tax) on Hindus for not becoming Muslims. 

i) Thirty million Bangladeshi Muslims have illegally infiltrated into India thereby stressing India’s economy, civil society and posing a security threat.

j) The ethnic cleansing of Hindus & Sikhs in Pakistan where they are now less than one percent reduced from over 25 percent at the time of partition in 1947. In Bangladesh where the non-Muslims used to be more than 30% their numbers have been reduced to less than 8 percent from over 30 percent at the time of partition.

          Regrettably the justice minded UN, despite its charter and mandates, not to speak of any sympathetic action, did not have a word of sympathy for the Hindus during this massive ethnic cleansing of historic proportions. Doesn’t a billion plus Hindu population of the world have any significance for the UN ?

 6) Criticism by UN HCHR on J&K Human Rights Violations is uncalled for:  

 In view of the massive atrocities on Hindus the recent comments by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)  " asking India to respect the right to freedom of assembly and expression" and "comply with international human rights principles in controlling protests" are unwarranted and only help strengthening the Jihadists. We wonder why the UN agency failed to express such sensitivity and concern about the rights and welfare of Hindus and Sikhs who have been on the receiving end for more than two decades now.

           We vividly remember that Mr. Kofi Anan, the former Secretary General of the world body had publicly stated that the UN resolutions on Kashmir had become out dated and irrelevant and therefore, inoperative. Yet under your charge, Excellency Ki-Moon, continued failure of the UN to resolve the Kashmir dispute apart, the Kashmiri terrorists seem to be getting a shot in the arm. The question of Pakistan vacating its unprovoked aggression and occupation of J&K territories is not even being asked. 

           When the role of the UN has been reversed and aggressors receive encouragement what can the peace loving countries like India expect from it? We challenge the UN to compare and contrast the human rights record of any of the 57 Islamic countries in the world, particularly relevant to their minority populations, against India’s record – and it will know the truth. Applying different yardsticks to different nationalities for measuring their human rights records does not enhance unity of the global community or prestige of the world body.

            How laudable it is for the UN and its agencies to take prompt action on a petition full of concoctions by some Islamists under the cover of a faceless organization with no representative character while ignoring the mass destruction of the entire Hindu-Sikh society of Kashmir under their very noses? There are thousands upon thousands of Hindu refugees of Kashmir, the victims of ethnic cleansing perpetrated by Islamists, languishing in refugee camps actually shanty towns from Udhampur, Jammu to Delhi and beyond, without appropriate amenities. During the past twenty years a generation of them has been lost to heat, preventable diseases, snake and scorpion bites and harshness of refugee life. They have been robbed of their human, economic, social, religious and citizenship rights by Islamist crusaders. But neither the UN nor any of its agencies showed concern or took any action to help them. Is it because the Hindus were being considered as the children of the lesser gods? Or because they declined to accept the grace of Allah that helps the UN to move?  

 7)  Mounting Terrorist Attacks in Kashmir & India Cannot Be Ignored: 

                 Hon’ble Secretary General, the separatist’s ongoing campaign in Kashmir and its linkage with pan-Islamic militancy and systematic terrorist violence sponsored by Pakistan and the mounting Jihadist terrorist attacks across India must not be ignored. These ultras have targeted the entire Indian sub-continent for Islamic subversion. Their clandestine approach to involve the UN and gain its support in achieving their mission against an open and democratic India must be understood clearly and steps must be taken to thwart such dangerous and vicious attempts. 

          The hard core Muslims represented by the US based Islamist Kashmiri organizations seem to believe that they must live by the Islamic trilogy consisting of the Koran, Hadith and Sira, which are considered to constitute the complete way of life for them. Tragically such a way of life is in direct conflict with democracy, secularism and freedom to practice one’s own religion. Therefore, the prospects of their coexistence and harmony with other religionists are rather bleak. The failure of the global community to understand their inability and incapacity in coexisting with members of other religious formations could prove extremely dangerous, costly and unhealthy for the world order. 

           Excellency, we firmly believe in human rights and religious freedom for all. But as would be clear from the above presented evidence the Islamists themselves with their indoctrinated mind, militant and terrorist behavior and holier than thou attitude,  pose primary threat to peace, order and the global system. By falsifying facts and making noise at the top of their voice at conspicuous places for attracting the attention of the world body and media, they are trying to choke off the voice of those who have tremendously suffered due to Islamist inflicted injustice and violence. They have also adopted this trickery for making the world forget the crimes committed by them against the unsuspecting Hindus and Sikhs in Kashmir. 

           In all fairness we ask your Excellency to reject these tactical petitions and demonstrations by Islamists, militants, terrorists and jihadists who under the cover of different organizations are attempting to promote the agenda of the Al Qaeda and attract the sympathy and support of the world body for its realization. If they are really interested in resolving the Kashmir dispute they should be asked to help in: 

 a) Vacating the aggression and occupation by Pakistan of at least 1/5th of J&K territory;

 b) Recovering thousands of squire miles of J&K territory ceded to China by Pakistan to gain support against India;

c) Rehabilitating Hindus & Sikhs in Kashmir in their autonomous region under their own authority;

d) Returning all the Hindu-Sikh properties illegally occupied by the Islamists after the ethnic cleansing in Kashmir;

 e) Building and re-establishing almost 500 Hindu temples vandalized, desecrated, looted and burnt by the Islamists in Kashmir region;

 f) Investigating the causes of ethnic cleansing resulting in Hindu-Sikh exodus and punishing terrorists who engaged in massacres of non-Muslim minorities.

           In the true tradition of the UN we are looking forward to your kind action for curbing the spread of death and destruction by the terrorist outfits operating under disguise and for denying them the opportunity of abusing and exploiting the UN and its agencies for enhancing their subversive goals. 

 Sincerely yours,

Dr. Jagan Kaul 
Krishan Bhatnagar
Forum for Secularism and Development (USA) 

email: krishan.kb@verizon.net
September 17 , 2008

His Excellency Ambassador Ronen Sen,

Indian Ambassador to the United States,
2107 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W.Washington, D.C, 20008.


Attachment A 

Press Release from Kashmir American Council for your information only!

The killing fields of Kashmir

The real face of India is evident truly in Occupied Kashmir where the Indian Army during the past 19 years has:

Killed more than 100,000 men, women and children

Tortured and maimed thousands

Molested thousands of Kashmiri women and young girls

Arrested thousands of youth


Kashmiris demand the right of self-determination as guaranteed to them under the United Nations Security Council resolutions.


Dr. Manmohan Singh; the Prime Minster of India will not tell the world during his speech at the United Nations General Assembly on Friday, September 26th what is happening in Kashmir.


WHERE:         United Nations, New York
                  Ist Avenue & 47th Street

WHEN:        Friday, September 26, 2008

TIME:          2.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m.

Sponsored By:    Kashmiri American Council/Kashmir Center, Washington, D.C.

Co-sponsored by:        

Pakistan Peoples Party, Azad Kashmir
Jammu Kashmir Muslim Conference, Azad Kashmir
Muslim Community Center, Brooklyn, New York
Jammu Kashmir Peoples Party

Azad Jammu Kashmir Peoples Muslim League
Kashmir Center, New York
Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front
Jamaat-e-Islami, Azad Kashmir
Jammu Kashmir Liberation League


Attachment B

Unfair and Biased treatment of Jammu region
Here are a couple of statistics that prove how unfairly is Jammu treated by the Muslim dominated government :- 
Sr. no  Jammu region  Kashmir valley region  
1  Area-26293 sq kms  15948 sq kms  
2  Total revenue generated-75 %  20%  
3  Total voters-3059986  2883950  
4  Assembly seats allotted-37  46  
5  Voters per seat-66521  49728  
6  Area per assembly seat-710.6 sq kms  346.6 sq. kms.  
7  Loksabha seats-2  3  
8  Cabinet ministers(till 7th July,08) -5  14  
9  Districts-10  10  
10  Area per district-2629 sq. kms  1594 sq. kms  
11  Unemployment status-69.70 %  29.30%  
12  Representation in state govt. jobs-1.2 lakhs  3lakhs  
13  Percentage of employees from local area-less than 25%  99%  
14  Power generation -22 Mega Watt  304 Mega Watt  
15  Annual tourist traffic-80 lakhs plus  Less than 4 lakhs  
16  Expenditure of revenue on tourism sector-less than 10%  Plus 85%  
17  Rural electrification-less than 70%  100%