Dodging the Islamic-Jehad

Date: 09 Aug 2008


Dodging the Islamic-Jehad will not save the Hindu

1. Demonstration against religious cleansing by Kashmiri Islamists
Venue: High Commission of India, India House, Aldwych
Time: 2pm on Thursday 14th August 
Kashmiri Pandits have been ethnically cleansed from their homeland by an evil ideology of Islamists and to which the Government of India has bowed out of fear for the last 60 years.

Last month these Islamists denied the fundamental right of Hindus to visit their sacred pilgrimage, Amarnaath, in their own homeland of Kashmir.

A Spate of attacks has begun again against the homes of innocent Hindus who ask for the safety of their sacred Pilgrimages and the visiting Pilgrims.

The Indo European Kashmir Forum (IEKF), supported by Hindu Council UK, condemns this violent ideology of Islamists and further it condemns the Government of India for not protecting the peaceful rights of all its citizens.

The "Sullas" of Kashmir have been carrying out their Jehadic-war, against the Kafir-Hindus with active support from Pakistan & other Islamic countries. 

These Moslem-Mujahdeens have been giving sleepless nights, even to the Hindus of Jammu ( a Hindu majority area of Kashmir ). 

Hindus so far have tried to dispel this Jehadic violence by trying to dodge it. But this Islamic hatred of Kafirs, cannot be dispelled, by simply dodging it. It has to be confronted squarely with steady hands and  with resoluteness of the mind. A conciliatory attitude on the part of the Hindu achieves not a damn thing. 

3. Moslems are told that, killing a Kafir is a sure passport to Janat ( Moslem's Paradise ). He who kills a Kafir, goes to Janat.

If instead of confronting Islam, we try to dodge it, we do a moronic act, and are inviting the slaughter of the Hindu. It is the conciliatory attitude of the Hindu, that has been letting the Hindu down, for the last 1200 years. I hope the Hindu learns from his past mistakes. 

4. Another mistake that the Hindu makes, is sending appeals to the government of Kashmir, to the government of India, & even to the UNO, to break the strangle-hold of Islam, over the life and fortunes of the Hindus of Kashmir. Instead of taking charge of his own destiny, the Hindu has been depending on others, to solve his problems. 

The Hindu so far has not realized that Hinduism Defense is the job of the Hindu. No body else, nor any divine power is going to save the Hindus of Kashmir, or the Hindus of India. The Hindu has to be become more assertive, even more aggressive. That is about the size of it.

5. Hindus of the world: Make no mistake about it. The Hindu society is under siege, not only in Kashmir, but in the rest of India as well. The politics of Phoney-Liberalism is striving to throttle, Hinduism out of existence. The brave Hindus must recognize the dire future of the Hindu, and take prompt steps to reverse this trend, by taking charge of his destiny, and by being prepared to pay the price of Hinduism defense. It is a simple choice.

SP Attri