Date: 09 Aug 2008


Jammu Uprising

Jammu seems to have finally woken up! all along past 60 years, ignored and taken for granted, the people of Jammu seems to have realized the flip side of being patriotic Indians and how secessionist & communal forces have been dictating the agenda for the nation and J& K in particular. At least now they have woken up! After nearly two decades of slumber!!

The national resources are freely given away as grants / doles to the so called citizens of India living in the Kashmir valley, hoping to have a change of heart among them; instead, well fed Kashmiris want to chop off the hands that feed them. A Majority of them go to any length to prove that they have nothing to do with India, despite ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri pundits, yet they claim secular character of Kashmiriat, I do believe Muslim communalism is now redefined as secularism!! that's what is now practiced in India, by the so called secular parties!

All most all political parties of the valley were united in opposing Govt's move, giving 80 acres of forest land near Amarnath cave for usage of pilgrims for duration of 2 months in a year. Many of them have gone to an extent of saying we did a mistake of remaining with India, post 1947, they said that their land is being taken away to bring about demographical changes. I think even with the most fertile mind, cannot imagine a 80 acres of land can bring about demographical changes!! I don't know how?

M/s Mehaboba Mufti Sayed and the younger Abdullah (Omar) are competing to be closer to the secessionist forces, expecting rich dividends during the forth coming assembly polls. The anti-national utterances of both these leaders need to be noted and viewed with seriousness it deserves.
Firstly, they dint hesitate to abandon the lip service they usually pay on secularism, both were worried about the demographical changes that 80 acres of land would cause if transferred to the shrine board!! They in their statements never hesitated to remind us, that they have elsewhere to look up to!! As if, suggesting the favour they have been doing being part of the Indian union.

Like other times, Muslim communalism..la. secularism to many others... Won the battle, got the Govt revoke the land transfer.

For the first time, the Jammuites have woken up from the deep slumber and have taken upon themselves to teach the valley a lesson, what several divisions of Army and tens of companies of CRPF could not achieve in the valley! is being achieved by the agitation. For the first time, the well fed Kashmiri population, living in the valley is facing the brunt of economic blockade. I wish it continues for some more time. Let Kashmiri's know that the nation is doing them a favour, not the other way round. Let fake secularists know its time to pack up and move!! We have no place for them!!

I don't think we need peace at a cost of virtually demeaning a section just to appease the secessionists. As M/s Mehaboba Mufti Sayed reminded that one of the roads lead to Muzafarabad !! I say why not begin traveling on it?

Go ahead M/s Mahebooba Mufti Sayed, if that's your place, so be it!! We don't need you! Your own ally Mr Gulam Nabi Azad accuses you & your party of having links with the enemy camp, He goes on to say that your MLA's are protected by the militants(terrorists). He did not stop there, he further said, and the fuel to the secessionist fire is raged by Saudi money coming inside the valley from dubious sources.

Unlike the Kashmir valley, the agitation in Jammu is lead by common people of all faiths, they had enough of nonsense from the leaders from the valley as well as, from the so called main stream political parties. This is a spontaneous movement, if any colour is to be given to this movement, it can only be tricolour!!

The Jammuites in thousands are on the streets, peacefully protesting for their legitimate rights, with the national flag in their hands and nationalist slogans on their lips, are demanding for the transfer of 80 acres of land to the Amarnath shrine board along with the reminder of neglect and apathy. The blockade of essential items (though being lifted due to pressure from the army) is having positive effect; the population in the Kashmir valley has started feeling the pinch. Pampered to the boots, the pinch is hurting them the hardest!! I wish the blockade
continues till the onset of the winter, at least once people in the valley should know the price of sweat & blood of the nation in providing those resources !!

The convent educated English media is stooping to a new low in
criticizing the Jammu agitation; the media seems to have taken over the role of protectors of secessionist forces! I was baffled to listen on a news channel, the anchor was just not allowing the leader from Jammu from speaking, instead secessionists and the so called leaders from PDP & National conference are allowed to utter as they felt like with their tacit support.

God save this nation! From the onslaught of English media!! I am sure if the same barb continues ..one day!...only god can save the media from the public wrath!! I see this happening sooner!!

I haven't seen the same media raising a big din against secular 
Yadav's, both these characters, want the ban on SIMI lifted!!

What do you call it??......... .. bending the a***........for votes!!