Date: 27 Jul 2008


Date: Saturday, July 26, 2008, 2:38 AM

If you have to die, can you please do so in Delhi?

Soldiers never die they queitly fade away. I for one am happy that non of the so called elite of our nation the politians who would have turned this sober event into a ugly political spectacle, the babus who would use this occasion to ingratiate themselves with their mentors and the media which goes hyper over mere farting of a celebrity were there for they would have soiled the occasion. Yes it is sad that the services were not well represented and the three chiefs should bear the moral responsibilty for they were all in service and must have participated in the historic 71 WAR.
This reminds me of an old addage

God and soldiers we all adore
In times of crises and not before
Crise passed and every thing righted
God is forgotten and soldier SLIGHTED

As a community we Soldiers are above all this and dont give a damn

As he rightly surmised once: "I wonder whether those of our political masters who have been put in charge of the defence of the country can distinguish a mortar from a motor; a gun from a howitzer; a guerrilla from a gorilla — although a great many of them in the past have resembled the latter. 
The contrast couldn't be starker:

# When Amitabh Bachchan was ill after being socked in the stomach during the shooting of Coolie, Indira Gandhi flew down to Bombay to show her concern.

# When Dhirubhai Ambani died, L.K. Advani cut short his Gujarat tour to pay his respects to an "embodiment of initiative, enterprise and determination".

# When Pramod Mahajan was shot dead by his brother, vice-president Bhairon Singh Shekawat had the time to attend the funeral.

Our VIPs and VVIPs have time for dead and dying celebrities, crooks, charlatans, fixers. Not for a field marshal?

Not surprising at all. See my comments within "//" marks.

Pratibha Patil, the commander-in-chief of the armed forces with all the time in the world: Absent //Yeah sure; this reluctant C-in-C should be allowed to spend the rest of her natural life elsewhere. Preferably in a place where people of feeble mind rest and recuperate!//

Hamid Ansari: Vice-president releasing books and writing reviews of books by fellow-travellers: Absent //Doesn't want to be seen mourning the General who dismembered Pakistan//

Manmohan Singh, the prime minister who could do with a bit of the field marshal's charisma and heroism: Absent //Yes absent in spirit and body//

Sonia Gandhi: daughter-in-law of the woman the field marshal called "sweetie": Absent //Sonia would ask who is Sam?//

L.K. Advani: prime minister in waiting of the party which would like to do to Pakistan what Manekshaw did: Absent //Oddvani has no capacity to think straight. He is busy preparing a long list of lies!//

M. Karunanidhi and Surjit Singh Barnala: chief minister and governor of the state which Manekshaw had made his home for 35 years: Absent //ThiruKa thinks he is the head of a Sovereign State called Konganadu. SSB is preserved in Ether//

Very well said Sir….Pratibha Patil would attend Marathi Conferences in the remotest village of maharashtra.She is here to just earn some quick money for her old age…rahul gandhi can roam without security in Amethi and can host village T-20 matches but cannot attend the funeral of such a HUGE personality who worked so closely with the Gandhi Family..RIP Sam..You are in a far better place than India