Women: Islam's Domestic Animals

Date: 25 Jul 2008


Women: Islam's Domestic Animals
By S.P. Attri ( USA )
1. I totally concur with Abul Kasem's observation that, Islam considers its women as domestic animals. But Islam not only considers, but also treats its women as domestic animals.

Was Hazrat Mohammad's last instruction to Moslems ( as related by Abul Kasem ), really related to beating women, and to treat them as domestic animals ?
Yes, it did.

2. But that is not the only explanation, why Moslem men mistreat their women. Moslems treat Hazrat Mohammad as a model ( to be followed ), and it has become a mould of Islam, it gives a lethal edge to the power of Moslem men over women. Islam is a pitiable system, for the treatment of women, in which Moslem men wield vast authority over their women. Islam is an ideology, but it is a disgrace.

3. The cruel treatment of women in Islam, goes back to the ' great ' Hazrat Mohammad himself. Mohammad married Khadija Bibi, who was his boss, his employer, and 15 years older than Hazrat Mohammad. Khadija was a business woman, very rich, and Hazrat Mohammad acquired a life of great luxury, without having to do, a darn thing toward putting an honest day's hard work. Hazrat Mohammad carries the committed definition ( of dictionary ) of being an Opportunist.

4. Khadija died when Hazrat Mohammad ( HM ) was 49 years old. Now HM was totally free to pursue his sexual-pecadillos ( misconducts ) with passion. Between the ages of 49 & 63, the ' great HM ' married at least 11 times, besides having numerous Kafir ( Non-Moslem Infidel ) concubines & slave girls. HM married Ayesha, who was only 6 years old. This shows un-questionably that HM was not only a woman-chaser, but was also a pedophile.

5. HM's adopted son Zayed was married to Zainab, daughter of Jahsh. One day HM beheld Zainab ' in a loose under-dress .' Immediately, the beauty of Zainab propelled an irresistible desire in HM, to have Zainab.

His son Zayed ( a follower of HM ) understood HM's hint, yielded without hesitation, and promptly divorced his wife, to enable HM have her. Clearly, HM cut his son down, to satisfy his sexual urges.

This also shows that, HM was not satisfied with his over-flowing harem ( of Kafir-girls ), but had to capture his son's wife.
6. Because the Moslems are following the preaching of HM, using him as a model to follow, what can you expect from Moslem men, except to treat their women as domestic-animals, and beat the hell out of them. Actual examples of mistreatment of Moslem women ( by Moslem men ) upholds this conclusion. A Moslem woman in Pakistan, who was fired from her job, in a hotel in 1990, for shaking hands with a man, says:

' To be a woman in Pakistan, is a terrible thing. '

7. A Pakistani-Mullah, while addressing the dissenting women of Rawalpindi ( Pakistan ), declared loudly:

' Let these women be warned. We will tear them to pieces. We will give them ' such terrible punishments, ' that no one of them in future, will dare to raise a voice against Islam. 
The Mullahs, Maulvis, and other Islamic Ulema ( Clergy ), control every seminary. They control Madrassas & Maktabs, they also control the mind-set of those, who control the community in different geographical areas. They have great capacity to ignite the entire community.

8. Because of this un-equaled power of Moslem men ( over women ) in Islam, is it any wonder that crimes against women in Pakistan ( and in other Moslem countries ), have increased dramatically ? Pakistan is a country, where every Moslem man feels, that he can get hold of any female, and tear her apart. Pakistan claims to have been Islamized. Indeed, it has been.
Surinder Paul Attri

On Thu, Jun 26, 2008 at 8:12 PM, xxxxxxx.com> wrote:

1. Quote: Muslims, Kasmiri or not have allegiance to their Umah and will go to any extent to eliminate the Kaffirs! 

After all this is their pious duty.
2. My Take:
True, True, True.

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Often the brain-washed Secularists crow hoarse that Kasmiri Muslims are not communalists.  Despite the exodus and persecution of Hindus there and treating Hindu and Sikh Refugees of the partition in J&K State as persona non-gratia, these cries have become louder with beating of their breasts.  Now what they have to say, when violent clashes about abnti-Hindu activities are happening.  They do not want any allocation of the land for the Amarnath Shrine.  Is Kashmir under the Waqf?  Is it really an integral part of India?
Muslims, Kasmiri or not have allegiance to their Umah and will go to any extent to eliminate the Kaffirs!
After all this is their pious duty.
What have the Secularists have to say now? (Perhaps the Muslims have lost their Compassions and Broad mindedness, because Hindus have provoked them and thus rendering them aggrieved to retaliate in this manner, AS USUAL).