Date: 09 Jul 2008


Indian History about the leaders (Congress and the Sikhs) has to be re-written, as to how stupid they were.

ONCE MK GANDHI WAS THROWN IN JAIL IN SOUTH AFRICA. He had to share his stinking cell with murderers and other hardcore criminals.

History shows how pathetic MK Gandhi's situation was to be thrown like an animal in dirty cell to share with stinking murderers and tobacco smokers despite the fact that he was Barrister-at-Law from London. As an Indian in those days of colonialism he was a "coolie" or "nigger".
Such treatment to the HINDU barrister of law from London should open our eyes to his extremely low status in S. Africa. 
It was that treatment meted out to slaves and coolies that made our Gandhi's stay there most intolerable & inhospitable. 
No wonder seeing this, and the beatings he received later, that he rushed on to India where he was immediately celebrated like a mahatma ("great soul") under British Grand Plan to manipulate & nourish a weak and demolished puppet to whom the courage of Shivaji and the valour of Guru Gobind Singh meant NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING. 
Unfortunately the Hindu nation is the same today if we simply care to see how we have all taken to the Italian born Catholic White Elephant Sonia Maino. Many Hindu MP's at Lok Sabha would be most willing to drink her "charanamrit" (water washed off her feet), if not the other obnoxious liquid that Morarji Desai used to drink for his health.
Bapu Gandhi's RELIGION became SUBMISSION, SURRENDER, APPEASEMENT & NON VIOLENCE at all costs, in all circumstances. 
In other words he would not lift a finger if his mother was raped, daughter abducted and temple burnt down into ash. 

In the event this mental coolie called Mahatma Gandhi by the ruling and fooling establishmet of Nehru, Indira, Rajiv and SONIA, actually watched, passively, the rape of his Mother (India) and the abduction of his daughter (Lahore) and son (Multan) and the rest of his family (Karachi, North Kashmir and East Bengal). 
There is NO example of such gigantic sudden collapse in the entire human history. In other words we had HISTORY'S MOST COWARDLY Funk to lead us into CIVIL WAR when the Muslims sounded battle drums all around us.
That is why brainwashed India UNDER HIS SPELL & CHARM was made to lick her worst ever defeat in 1947 at which the same GANDHI watched the worst ever unconditional surrender of his (our) sacred Matribhoomi. 
His debilitating and crippling MORAL and SPIRITUAL spell has lasted to this day in the following ways:
1.  Repeal of Article 370 in Constitution is IMPOSSIBLE.
2.  To re-settle Hindus in the Valley is IMPOSSIBLE.
3.  To shout "QUIT INDIA" in the ears of SONIA MAINO (In reality KHAN but called GANDHI) is IMPOSSIBLE.
3.  Acqusition of a small patch of land around Shri Amarnath Temple is IMPOSSIBLE.
4.  To re-negotiate that BOGUS Partition is IMPOSSIBLE.
5.  To declare Bharat as Hindu Rashtra after accepting FIVE provinces as ISLAMIC RASHTRA, is IMPOSSIBLE.
6.  To see a Hindu actor at Bollywood performing love scene with a Muslim female is IMPOSSIBLE.
7.  To give subsidy for pilgrimage to Hindus and Sikihs, at par with the Muslims, is IMPOSSIBLE. 
8.  To reconstruct all the places of Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist religious and spiritual GLORY in Bharat is IMPOSSIBLE.
9.  To declare at least one city out of Mathura, Ayodhya, Amritsar and Nankana Sahib as independent and sovereign city state just like The VATICAN is IMPOSSIBLE.
10.  To refuse to accept a MOHAMMEDAN in the post of "Rashtrapati", in the light of PARTITION, is IMPOSSIBLE.
9 july 08