Date: 07 Jul 2008


In 1989 the persecution of HINDUS in Kashmir took on new ferocity. Within weeks the Valley was cleared of them. There was NO stir or reaction anywhere in the rest of P.I.S.S. (Partitioned Indian Secular State).
Earlier when FIVE PROVINCES were cut off by violent strike of SWORD OF ISLAM there was no reaction the DEAD WEIGHT OF HUMANITY called the HINDUS.
When BOFORS CHOR Rajiv Khan (aka Gandhi) imported his useless White Elephant from Italy there was no reaction in the vast sea of living flesh called the HINDUS though she defied the lot with utmost contempt and REMAINED A COMMITTED CATHOLIC with spiritual loyalty to Vatican in Italy.
When a MUSALMAN, BEIMAN, SHAITAN, HAIWAN under very visible secular credentials called ABDUL KALAM became the Supreme Commander of India's Armed Forces, not one Hindu stalwart reminded his brainwashed and intimidated nation that "As per Act of Partition, 1047, each and every Muslim in India is a PAKISTANI."
At that time "INDIA'S BIGGEST RUBBER STAMP" was reminded of the plight of Hindus in Kashmir. Someone dared to put on Internet, "Mr. President, you ought to move your BUM & BHAVAN" to Srinagar and STAY PUT THERE until the last Hindu refugee returns and feels safe there." Mr. PRESIDENT neither moved his BUM nor BHAWAN to Srinagar. He did not even visit a single refugee camp to console the WRETCHED HINDUS who had become refugees in their own country of Gita and Granth.

Now the present President and SUPREME COMMANDER of India is an unknown female whose only qualification for the highest post in land is her BITCH'S LOYALTY to Italian born MOTHER OF NATION (Rashtramata) SONIA GANDHI.
Read on her further praises (below).


Presidential Traffic Jam..!
Every once in a while, from the President’s abode in New Delhi, our country’s greatest rubber stamp lifts her head wearily from tediously tiring task she is involved in: Stamp! Stamp! Stamp! Stamp!

“I’m tired!” she wailed.

“Tell Sonia!”

“Madam I’m tired I need a break! I have been stamping all you’ve sent me night and day from the day Kalam left, most times with my eyes closed!”

“Oh my poor leetle president! Go out of town! Take a leetle break! Inaugurate a jewelry store, open a beeg mall, lay some foundation stones, pray at a few mandirs, a church, throw in a masjid for good measure!”

“Thank you madam! Thank you!”

The greatest rubber stamp in the country looked up happily. “I’m going on vacation! Madam said so!”

“I don’t know whether the people anywhere want you! You cause too many traffic jams! Go to some little town out of India! Kathmandu maybe!”

“No, I like India; seeing my own people looking at me enviously! Ah what pleasure!’

“Then take a helicopter! Get off at the airport; take a copter to town, no traffic jams, no inconvenience for the people!”

“I will ask madam!”

The greatest rubber stamp in the country lifted her phone and rang Sonia on the presidential hotline. “Madam I was wondering whether I can take the helicopter. No, no not from Delhi to my holiday place, ha, ha, ha, Madam cracked a joke, yes, yes, from airport to the city only!”

“Mama mia! But you have work to complete! You have to rubber stamp hundreds of documents I will be sending you!”

“But I am going on vacation madam!”

“Mama mia! I bring teeny- weeny portable stamping machine from Italy. Now you can stamp in the plane, in the train, in the airport, in the station; it belong before to Mussolini but I bring it for you, you can stamp on your journey!”

“But the plane ride is only an hour and a half, and the helicopter..”


“Yes madam from airport to the city?”

“Do not take helicopter! Then you will not have time for stamping work. Take the road!”

“But that will inconvenience the people!”

“Mama mia you think I don’t know? Madam knows everything! But that will give enough time to rubber stamp the nuclear deal, the Samajwadi deal, the communist leaving us deal…. Do it all in the car ride!”

“Yes madam!”

So all you people caught in jams anytime because of a Presidential visit; remember it’s for a national cause.

Hush! Listen carefully as the motorcade passes you:

“Stamp! Stamp! Stamp!”

“Stamp! Stamp! Stamp..!”