Date: 29 Jun 2008



Gandhi tried his Satyagraha in South Africa while practising at Bar. He was given sound beating and told to do so in INDIA where he would serve Britain more than he would serve India.

Indeed, he proved to be their greatest ally who advised his followers not to throw a stone at the European rulers and also to embrace every Musalman they see.
Gandhi's non violence indoctrination made the Hindus so passive, disunited and weak that when the Islamic onslaught came in 1947, the Hindus, though vastly superior in numbers, were simply an easy walkover. Under Gandhi's NEGATIVE and UNINSPIRING leadership tens of millions of us were BETRAYED. We found ourselves trapped across the newly created absurd and bogus borders and surrendered our homes, shops, businesses, temples, gurdwaras, lands, fields and sacred sites, and fled our ancestral lands and homes. Gandhi's sheepish ideology had encouraged the alien wolves among us, enjoying our full trust lulled by the Gandhian chant of "Ishwar Allah tero naam," and "Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai."  
None challenged the enemy who smashed Gandhi's Secularism and took ONE THIRD (territory) OF INDIA out of her map overnight.
As far as NEHRU is concerned, his ghost is still the guiding dagger for the present RULERS of India. What a national shame that the PRIME MINISTER has to be poodle of a worthless imported “White Elephant” from Italy. He cannot even order the trial of her late husband known as BOFORS CHOR.
The legacy of Gandhi and Nehru Combine has been the vanishing Hindu glory all over, including the demise of the only one Hindu King on earth. While West could "liberate" ISLAM in Kosovo in Serbia our Gandhian Bharat could not save the last surviving Hindu King of Nepal.
School text books hardly mention Shivaji and Guru Gobind Singhji but contain chapter after chapter on MK Gandhi and JL Nehru. This amounts to "mass suicide" of a nation that is so intimidated and demoralised that none dares to speak the Truth that "Partition was unprovoked brutal and violent aggression by Islam and must be annulled, or the Muslims in Bharat shown their place." 
Another gift of Gandhi Nehru Combine is Article 370 of Constitution that is there to keep Kashmir a MUSLIM MAJORITY State, with special status high above all the other states.
Since Secularism is only for the crushed and bashed Hindus, East Bengal was promptly handed back to Mohammed even after sacrificing lives of Hindu/Sikh Jawans who liberated her from Koran & Urdu. But where, O WHERE, has the Muslim returned even an inch of territory that they once conquered or occupied?

India of Gandhi and Nehru today is very bad news for the native Hindus who never heard praises from the mouth of their rulers. One never heard Nehru, Indira or Rajiv say, "Brown is beautiful," with horrendous consequence for the dignity of native girls and women.  Masquerading under the adopted surname of “GANDHI,” Indira's son Rajiv showed his CONTEMPT of the natives when he married an unknown nondescript Italian female and placed her high above all the native females in Bharat. We understand that his son Rahul, too, has placed his head at the feet of an unknown Catholic female from the drug infested Colombia in South America and raised her profile and status above all the eligible native beauties in Bharat who adore him to no end. 

Thus none of these ruling and fooling “Gandhis” ever spares a smile for the Hindu and his temple. Secretly they all wish the Hindus to get converted or vanish, and hand over (what is left of) our sacred territory to our enemies.

Since the yardstick of a nation’s honour is the DIGNITY of its own women, one can see Gandhi's India where our native women, however brilliant, talented, educated and qualified, have to struggle hard for recognition while Italian born Sonia is being raised sky high on the shoulders of MP's at Lok Sabha.
No wonder the whole world tells us, "Your Gandhi was great but keep him to you. We do not want one like him among us. We neither wish to surrender America to the Taliban nor want to see Europe PARTITIONED by Al Qaida."
In Gandhi's India the Muslims occupied ONE THIRD of his Akhand Bharat while Christians are converting freely all over. It is only the Hindus who are being betrayed, bashed & battered and weakened by the hour by none else but the secular Hindus who regard themselves our leaders and Dharma-Rakshak.
Under Gandhian debilitating cancerous ideology none has suffered more than the once renowned armed forces of India. The broken nation has no heart in our brave Jawans in uniform. They have been denied outright victories in war, and DEGRADED through bogus "cease fires" and the return of conquered territories, both in Kashmir (1948) and Bengal (1972). 

They were sent to Sri Lanka to kill the Tamils of INDIAN origin. They returned from there with a "bloody nose" in 1987. Some of the readers of this posting may be aware of the WIDESPREAD current unrest among the armed forces of India. It is a sad day for Bharat when her retired officers are holding rallies for the betterment of service conditions of those wearing uniform and guarding not only borders & frontiers but also vital buildings like Parliament and defence installations within the country.
A country that progresses materially but decomposes spiritually and ideologically, can only await the fate of Lahore (1947), and more recently, of the World Trade Centre Towers in New York (2001) that had offices to deal with the wealth of the entire world. 
Only a Muslim-appeasing coward like GANDHI and an Imperialist dog and anti-Hindu traitor like Nehru could promptly concede, acknowledge and accept ISLAM in the Constitution of Pakistan while DELETING the word “HINDU” from their own Constitution that was imposed on the truncated hapless Hindu nation on January 26, 1952.
Gandhi and Nehru did not bring us Independence (Independence also came to those countries that did not have the likes of Gandhi and Nehru, e.g., South Africa, Myanmar and Sri Lanka).  What the brainwashed Bharatiya (Hindu) nation does not realise is that THEY GAVE US PARTITION, i.e., the unconditional surrender of one third of our sacred territory (Matri-bhoomi) on one day (Aug 15, 1947) that resulted in the DEATH OF SECULARISM in our very own LAHORE, KARACHI, SYLHET and CHITTAGONG.
Unless Hindu Dharma is recognised to be a great moral and spiritual force in Bharat and enshrined in Constitution, OR the bogus Islamic republics on either side rejected unilaterally, there is no future for the Hindus living in the Partitioned Indian Secular State.
June 29, 2008.