Date: 11 Jun 2008


...June 6, 1984 - " At 2 a.m. on June 6", says Prithipal Singh, 
Sevadar, at the Akal Rest House, "the Army people came to the Rest 
House. They tore off all my clothes, stripped me naked, my kirpan was 
snatched, my head gear (patta) was untie d to tie up my hands behind 
my back. They caught me by my hair and took me along with five others 
- who were all pilgrims - to the ruins of the water tank, there we 
were told, "don't move or you'll be shot." They kept hitting us with 
the rifle b utts. Then a Major came and ordered a soldier, shoot 
them, then shouted at us, "You must be Bhindranwale's Chelas? You 
want Khalistan? I said "I am here to do my duty. I have nothing to do 
with all this." "Six of us were in a line faci ng the Major, when a 
Pahari soldier started shooting from one end, killing four of us 
(with 3 bullets each). As my turn was coming, suddenly a Sikh Officer 
turned up and ordered, "Stop Shooting". Thus I was saved...

...The girl student's narration continues. It is an amazing and 
astonishing account of how she accidentally met Bhai Amrik Singh, 
Prsident of the A.I.S.S.F. and Bhindranwale's close associate. She 
had not met him before but once he told her his name, she recognised 
him at once because his pictures had come out in the papers. How 
Amrik Singh gave her some water in a bucket which she gave to her 
relatives and acquaintances, but she could not bring herself to 
drinking it because it was red, mixed with blood. How Bhai Amrik 
Singh sent her a message urging her to leave the Temple Complex at 
once with her group in order to escape being dishonoured or being 
shot dead as 'terrorists' by the Army personnel, and also to survive 
to tell the true story of what happen ed inside the Golden Temple to 
the world outside. She recounts in breathtaking detail how she picked 
up the courage to first come out of the Complex and then bring out 
her relatives and acquaintances.....

It is along article covering heart rending eyewitness accounts of 
people who were inside the golden temple during Operation Blue Star

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Jagpal Singh Tiwana
Dartmouth, Canada