Date: 28 May 2008


I refer to the line: "Savarkar is gone. Let us cherish his legacy, salute the prophet."

Dear Hindu LEADERS, you hold the fate & destiny of HINDUSTAN in your trembling hands. Do not put it in the hands of a political party who unilaterally surrendered five provinces of our country without demanding referendum. Due to their high treason the wings of what we regard as "Mother India" are clipped and there is a DAGGER stuck in the head." If we have no "eyes" then we cannot see. If we have no brains or stake in our survival then we are forgiven.

What kind of India (or Bharat) would Savarkar have liked to see? We need to put that into words and make it the national goal, and the tell everyone- day and night, relentlessly and persistently. Such a task is not for an individual here and the one there. It is for our top leaders.

You are called upon to STAND UP AND DO a lot more than cherish the legacy or salute the prophet. You do realise, dear countrymen, how proud Sikhs have been "reduced" to praying only, "May God grant us free access to our lost shrines in West Punjab." God, in fact, listened to the Prayers of our  enemies who had, and used, GUN and DAGGER to snatch what they were inspired to take.

If a nation, the size of a sub continent, has no courage to publically acknowledge the Surrender of 1947 or celebrate the conquest of East Pakistan in 1972, nor even establish one Holocaust Museum, then it can be regarded as dead. 

Now it is for the LEADERS to put life back into what has died.

Veer Savarkar deserves more than a "salute". The nation has to be GALVANISED and prepared for what is coming next in the "Rest Of India" as Shri Gopal Godse used to define our Partitioned India.

What kind of tomorrow are WE going to see, given that only today, the news of "demise" of the last Hindu KIng on earth (Nepal) has hit us hard. From very high above one can see the noose around the Hindu nation tightening.