Date: 09 May 2008


It is noteworthy how Western media wish to rush into Myanmar with convoys of aid and brigades of spies, secret agents and all the enemies of Myanmar and her Buddhist way of life.
The hidden agenda is to elevate the "daughter of west", Aung San Suu kyi, who married her own professor at Oxford University to the No. 1 position as Prime Minister and "Rashtramata". She is very similar to our own blight in the shape of Italian born Sonia Gandhi who has her finger in every State affair including the approval or nomination of the Prime Minster and the President.
We can certainly recall the early death of Prof. Aris of Oxford just like the early death of FEROZE KHAN who had seduced and wedded our own Indira Nehru in Allahabad. They both became "Gandhi" overnight in order to "fool" the nation and then pass on the bogus surname down to Rajiv, Sonia, Rahul and Priyenka. Of course, there is no record of any uncle or aunt of that Feroze, nor his birth certificate or his wedding document. It's vital detail in national history but it's all GONE!
Proud and honourable Burmese have all along refused to oblige the West. As a result the West imposed economic sanctions against Myanmar several years ago. They were not bothered about the effect on the poor of Burma at that time. The aim was to starve Burma into submission.
Politics in the West are not principle based. They would never have encouraged and supported the INDIAN Muslims in 1947 to capture vast territories from India to form their Pakistan. They have ignored the military dictatorship in Pakistan, the perpetual one Dynasty rule in Bharat, and the serious violations of human rights in Bangladesh where the Hindus are being gradually exterminated.
At this time, next door Bharat ought to have shaken off the fear of the West (and Sonia), and stepped in with full support programme to aid the victims in Myanmar. Her own native based charity "Sewa International" ought to have been more active than all the Christian and Muslim Charities like World Vision, Red Cross, Save the Children, Oxfam, and so on. 
It is noteworthy that much aid is amassed in Bangladesh but not in West Bengal. They wish to show the kind hand of Islam to Myanmar and at the same time encourage Muslim infiltration (as in West Bengal) but keep away Bharat's.
Just how keen the West is to enter Myanmar on the pretext of helping the victims of cyclone, is seen from the fiery headline, "UN IS FURIOUS"
Proud Burmese say, "Get lost with your fury that has only one aim, to elevate Aung San Suu Kyi like Sonia Gandhi to top place in next door Bharat. You can send all your aid in Thailand or China or Bharat to be taken across to the needy in Myanmar. But YOU, Western Imperialism, KEEP OUT."

BANGKOK, Thailand (CNN) -- A top United Nations official says he is "furious" over the Myanmar's government's refusal to allow the organization to distribute aid flown in for cyclone disaster victims. 
May 9, 2008.