Date: 07 May 2008


Robert Vadra, Priyanka Gandhi's kids' names are Rehan and Myra [Spelling may be different]. These are Christian names. Is there any doubt that the woman is Christian, like her mother.
Look at this news item -
Priyanka Gandhi visits Golden temple near Vellore 
Wednesday, March 19, 2008 
CHENNAI, India: Priyanka Gandhi paid obeisance to goddess Mahalaskmi during a whistle-stop visit to the Golden Temple near Vellore. 
She came by a scheduled flight to here and left for Vellore immediately, airport sources said. 

After a darshan at the temple, she returned to Chennai and left for New Delhi. 

The Rs 300-crore temple, where 1.5 tonnes of gold have been used in its design, has been conceived by 'godman' Narayani Amma. 

It is located at Sripuram near Vellore, about 100 km from here.
This is what Sandhya Jain has observed about the temple:
"........Moreover, according to regular visitors when the golden temple was being built, this project by a little-known swami was mainly financed by Canadian donors. The temple does not appear to have been constructed according to the Agamas, usually the most notable feature of South Indian temples."
The news items as above are meant to mislead Indian public. Earlier, when asked about his religion, Rahul Gandhi had described as 'Tiranga', and the spineless journalist had gulped this nonsense.
There is a basic lack of honesty in their approach. Their preference for Christians [Oscar Fernandes, Mergaret Alwa, Ambika Soni, Ajit Jogi, YS Rajsekhar Reddy, etc. etc. etc.] is packaged as secularism but is in fact a clear preference for Christians. It a part of sinister design to push proselytisation in the country.
When will the Hindus wake up?