Date: 13 Apr 2008


Letter to GEO TV, Pakistani television.

Dear Sir,

I watch your debate on PARTITION with interest but what amazes me is that though the Muslims lived alongside the Hindus during the British rule, suddenly in 1940's they were gripped by FEAR and SEPARATISM. It became MORBID. It took the whole country, including Kashmir, down into dark abyss.

Mr Jinnah was supposed to be a barrister but he was outwitted by cunning Nehru who managed to EXPEL most Muslims from India.

In United India there were OTHER minorities, too, notably the SIKHS, the Dalits, the Buddhists and even the Christians. Yet Mr. Jinnah became PARANOID only about the Muslim survival in India but not the Sikh, Christian, Dalit or the Buddhist survival.

His demand for partition sprang out of FEAR although the Muslims did not have to have FEAR if they had Belief, Faith and Trust in Allah. Looking back at history would have told them how they had subjugated, terriried, dominated and decimated the Hindu MAJORITY during all those CENTURIES.

Mr. Jinnah did not realise that the ROAD TO PARTITION does not end in a simple destination. Once the word Partition is put above the word UNITY, if affects Shias and Sunnis, the Sikhs and the Christians, and also the much WEAKENED Hindus (after Partition) and even regions and down to families.

Very quickly we saw BLOODSHED in ISLAMIC Pakistan, starting with the ASSASSINATION of Mr Liaqat Ali Khan and ending with the ASSASSINATION of Ms. Benazir Bhutto.

In Pakistan assassinations and bloodshed WILL CONTINUE till the country is ruined like AFGHANISTAN and calls for AMERICAN Infidel support like the Ruling Family in Saudi Arabia.

I was born in what is now Pakistan and when you debate or discuss Partition, I feel INVOLVED and ENGAGED though all your speakers are MUSLIM. You never invited even one Hindu of Lahore or a Sikh of Rawalpindi. 

We the Hindu/Sikh REFUGEES of that time still feel kinship with you that you do not realise. Your over emphasis on Islam and neglect of cultural and historic BONDS with us are unforgivable and insensitive.

You have dragged our PROUD PUNJAB under the Ideology of Arabia and even do not consider PUNJABI LANGUAGE as divine as the Arabic. The pride in Mother tongue is prerequisite for the PEACE and CONTENTMENT of your souls.

I talk of Punjab because I was born in UNITED Punjab. It is for the East Bengalis and the Sindhis and the Baluchis to think for themselves and not depend on any Qaid-i-Azam from Gujarat, India, or General Musharraf from Delhi or Zia ul Haq from JALANDHAR and so on. Which German or Spaniard is so brainwashed or RULED by Belgian or French ON TOP?

Partition was extremely selfish and EVIL because it did not consider the PLIGHT OF KASHMIR, nor of the INSECURITY of the Muslims left back in Hindustan who are CONDEMNED to live under the dark shadow of Partition. The Muslim attack on integrity of Hindustan gave rise directly to Hindu INSECURITY and indirectly to Hindu FUNDAMENTALISM that is its LOGICAL consequence. Can you look at the world through THEIR eyes? They found ONE THIRD OF INDIA CHOPPED OFF suddenly and had to cope with nearly 15 MILLION refugees from Pakistan in that year. 

Partition did not take into account the survival of the SIKHS after Lahore, Nankana Sahib, Multan, Gujranwala and Rawalpindi were suddenly removed in terrible BLOODSHED from under their feet.

One result of over emphasis on Islam was neglect of secular studies. The logical result was the birth of "madrassas" for the liberation of Afghanistan from Russia and Kashmir from India. Their product, the TALIBAN, have turned back now like the boomerang to HIT HARD Pakistan itself. They are now the assassins of democracy and of the Pakistani LEADERS themselves.

Did Mr Jinnah visualise the need for KAFIR AMERICAN UMBRELLA for his protection in the pathetic manner of the Saudi Royal family that gave birth to Al Qaida?

Your speakers at discussion offer a pathetic picture, too, when they talk of HINDU domination though the Hindus had been slaves since 1192 AD. They have NEVER had a King of Queen in Delhi since that year.

These so-called HINDUS are so emaciated even today that they sit under the skirt of an Italian born female called SONIA GANDHI to "feel safe". They have been kicked out of even SOUTH KASHMIR. 

So WHICH Hindus appeared to be such devils to the Muslims to take out 30 million and leave BEHIND 300 million (not real figures)?

The Muslim minority is still a frightening prospect for the Hindus who "feel good and safe" when a Muslim President is on top, like ABDUL KALAM. The Muslims in UNITED India would have found the SIKHS a formidable ALLY against the Hindus if needed. But the best was NOT to think in terms of Hindu oppressor and Muslim VICTIM with the Sikh SIDELINED, but to think of Secularism (which attracts the Pakistanis today to England and America, even Denmark) and Democracy (for which Benazir Bhutto clamoured and died).

As the political and social situation on the sub continent DETERIORATES we shall go under the guns, tanks, rockets and missiles of America more and more like Riyadh, Karbala, Baghdad and Kabul. Is that a welcome prospect for Karachi, Lahore, Quetta and Peshawar? (Dhaka has vanished.)

Could you please read out this letter at one of these discussions? It is from a Sikh refugee from Multan who is now as ROOTLESS as your General Zia from Jalandhar and General Musharraf from Delhi, like all the following of Altaf Hussain from Bihar (in Karachi via East Pakistan).

Another result of Muslim (partial) exodus from India is PERPETUAL domination of ONE Ideology. It is MILITARY DICTATORSHIP (that needs American tanks and guns to stay ON TOP) in Pakistan and corrupt and treacherous anti national NEHRU DYNASTY in Hindustan.

Neither General Musharraf nor ITALIAN BORN Sonia Gandhi will leave POLITICAL POWER without a bloody revolution to which both BROKEN BHARAT and PAKISTAN (inadequate homeland of INDIAN Muslims) are heading. Who knows our SHARED AND COMBINED FUTURE? 

PARTITIONED India and ISLAMIC PAKISTAN are both doomed SEPARATELY. Partition was British trap into which their slaves including barristers, scholars and all the poets laureate, fell quickly.

Neither Allah nor Bhagwan will save two brothers in STRIFE. A boy or girl from Lahore has more in common with a boy or girl from Amritsar than with a boy or girl from Riyadh or Karbala.

There are plenty of LUCRATIVE opportunities for the UK and the USA (both UNITED) to exploit our foolishness and sense of FEAR.

Look at the plight of the guardians of LAW, the "WUKLAA", in Pakistan, being chased, beaten and shot (and "CREMATED" alive).

Like Barrister Jinnah they switched overnight from UNIVERSAL COMMON Indian Penal Code to EXCLUSIVE "SHARIA" Law from QURAN which is as discriminatory against Hindus as the Muslim WOMEN themselves. The Pakistanis have to concede EQUALITY between a MUSLIM man (fathers, brothers, sons) and woman (mothers, sisters and daughters) before extending it to the Hindus and that should be the END of Sharia and Partition both.
Geographically, if we are from the sub continent then we need to open our eyes to the DIVINE MESSENGERS and PROPHETS who were born on the sub continent. There is no dearth of them.

Bharat Ratna Kurukshetra
(Baisaakhi ka Paighaam
"Pak ast Sarzamin-i-PUNJAB", no less holy & fertile than the deserts of Arabia. What we lack is pride in ourselves. As the ARABS are proud of their lands, so should we be. 
We must be very small inside to be so AFRAID (of the "demolished" Hindus). 
In 1947 we were afraid of the Hindus now Altaf Hussain is afraid of Nawab Sharif while Imran Khan is sidelined. Where and HOW will it all end? Hitler expelled the Jews. They in turn ENRICHED and EMPOWERED America and gave that country ATOM BOMB and WEALTH. In the same manner Qaid-i-Azam expelled the Hindus and the SIKHS.

Thank you.