must watch this on islam

Date: 23 Mar 2008


Subject: Most interesting - please view - Appeasing Islam

Please take 5 mins. to view this, and circulate to increase awarness. 
Here at last is someone saying what I have advocated all along, and gives a voice to those 
of the silent majority not only here in the UK, but in India too which is as equally, if not worsely affected by 
the devastating effects of Islam there following their newly found Islamic voices from their Indian born
Pakistani super-stars and dance chorographers in the Indian film industry, and Muslim funded TV 
channels like NDTV but alas, the silent screams of pure anguish, diamay and pain expressed to the 
BBC, ITV, Channel 4, SKY, NDTV and the media at large falls on deaf ears.
For just how long will the BBC, Channel 4, and NDTV news choose to remain silent on the issue of Islam
in the UK and India?  For it should be a legal pre-requirement of the Muslims who choose to come to live in the UK,
a secular Christain land (as is India a secular Hindu land - Hinduism incorporates and embraces the
preaching of Sikhism and Buddhism), to win the hearts and minds of the indigenous white people of 
Gt. Britain, the people who are gracious and very kind hosts even to the unwelcome Muslims in the
UK and in India too.
If the Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Somalis, Sudanese and Muslims from other countries living in the UK
do not like the foreign policies of their adoped host country, then an open and clear statement should
be made following cross-party consensus that Muslims be invited to go back to their Islamic lands
from where they fled in the first place for a better life in Christian and Hindu lands, equally 
applicable to all Muslims whether born in the UK, or not.
The Muslims living in the UK could choose to interprete this as race or religious hatered against
Islam .. that is not so, and I hope they will be mature enough not to deliberately and politically so 
It is pure debate, and freedom of speech being exercised in the hope that the silent
majority of the Birtish people of all colours and faiths (with the exception of Muslims) will be able
to make their voices heard, and their feelings taken into condiseration insted of just 
appeasing Muslims purely because the governments of the non-Islamic countries they live
in are petrified of Islamic terror.