Date: 17 Mar 2008


Dear Editor, The Daily Telegraph,
The members of the Sikh faith, express their deep sympathy with the Cannon his family and congregation, for unwarranted attack on him physically also orally.
Her Majesty the Queen is defendant of Christian faith in this country, where the youths have taken such a shameful liberty on the priest, in Saudi Arabia, attackers on a Muslim Imam would have been beheaded by now.
The culprit youths should be persuaded to return to their own country of "faith"  Any further aggravation must stop fortwith with apology and compensation to the priest. a man of God.
Once again the 'Salt of the Earth" Sikhs are sorry for the respected priest Ainsworth.

The Daily Telegraph.
The entire Hindu/Sikh communities living in this country are shocked at the violent attack on a kindly priest in East London. (Your report below).
The MUSLIMS are brainwashed to be haters of people and places of worship of other communities. Attacks on churches and congregations are common in Islamic republics while they have destroyed nearly all the temples and gurdwaras.
The rapid increase in Muslim population in this country is a matter of great worry and concern to all the peace loving communities in this country.
The main problem faced by our own communities is this: SEDUCTION of NON MUSLIM girls by Muslim youths. They are regarded as "trophies" by Mohammed's warriors. They have destroyed many innocent lives and families in this manner.
BNP (British National Party) are the only Party, it seems, who have shown the courage to call the spade a spade. Their assessment of the Muslim potential for future riots, assassinations and civil war is realistic.