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Fitna (film)
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 This article or section contains information about one or more scheduled or expected films.
The content may change as the film's release approaches and more information becomes available. 
Produced by Geert Wilders 
Written by Geert Wilders 
Running time 15 minutes[1][2] 
Country The Netherlands 
Official website 


Geert Wilders, Dutch politician & creator of the film
Fitna is a not released film by Dutch politician Geert Wilders that will offer a critical view on the world of Islam and the Koran. It is expected to be released on March 28 2008[3]. The name comes from the Arabic word Fitna which is used in Islam to describe "disagreement and division among people" or, a "test of faith in times of trial" [4]. (Originally the word was used to describe testing the authenticity of gold with varying methods.)

Wilders has stated that the film will be shown on[5] and on YouTube.

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[edit] Expected content
Wilders has said the 15-minute film is literarily accurate and will elaborate on verses from the Quran, showing that they are still being used today,[6] accompanied by documentary footage from the world of Islam.[7]

Wilders has called the film "a call to shake off the creeping tyranny of Islamization" [8]

[edit] International worries
The Dutch government has expressed great concern about the upcoming film release and has made immediate emergency evacuation plans available to all its consulates and embassies worldwide and is hardening security measurements around military installations abroad. [9]

It is feared that the film will lead to violent extremist Muslim protest such as previous protests against the Jyllands-Posten Mohammed cartoons that were displayed in the Danish newspaper 'Jyllands-Posten' in 2005.[10] This Muslim violence resulted in the burning of the Danish embassy in Syria and violent Muslim uprises around the globe, as well as various hate messages against America and Europe and the killing of catholic clergy and people from different ethnic origins.[11]

Egypt is closely monitoring the situation.[12][13] The European Union has alerted its diplomatic missions around the world to expect a reaction to the release of the film.[14]

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has officially declared that France will provide every necessary support to aid the Netherlands in the suppression of any Muslim violence that might be the result of the film. [15]

NATO has said it fears that the consequences of the Fitna film will affect the safety of troops in action in Afghanistan. [16]

[edit] Critique and censorship
In February 2008, Pakistani regulators banned YouTube for several days due to a "blasphemous" video clip believed to be a trailer for Fitna. Google eventually complied to protest and the material was removed due to being offensive to Muslims worldwide.[17][18][19] In their attempt to censor, Pakistan accidentally caused the YouTube site to be unavailable worldwide for hours.[20] [21]

[edit] Threats and consequences
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Zabihullah Mujahid has stressed that the Taliban will increase their attacks on Dutch military and humanitarian peacekeepers in Afghanistan, if the film was ever aired.[22] 
Wilders received a fatwa by Al-Qaeda, calling all Muslims around the world to assassinate Wilders in the name of Islam. [23] 
Syria's Grand Mufti, leader Ahmad Badr al-Din said that if Geert Wilders pictures the image of a burning Koran in his film, the Dutch people will be held responsible and possible attacks against Western public interests are not out of the question.[24] 
Iran has threatened it will review its diplomatic stance with The Netherlands, should the film be aired.[8] 
Prime minister Jan Peter Balkenende of the Netherlands is worried about possible repercussions for Dutch citizens and economic interests.[25] 
The publication of the film was under investigation by the Dutch ministry of Justice in an attempt to prevent the film from being published, but that could not be done. [26] 
Wilders accuses Dutch leader Minister-President Balkenende of succumbing to professional cowardice for capitulating to Islam. [27] 
On March 6th 2008, the Dutch government raised its national terroristic threat level from the status 'limited terroristic threat' to 'substantial terroristic threat' because it fears Muslim terrorists will launch attacks against European targets, with the film as one of the causes.[28][29] 

[edit] Planned release
Wilders stated that the film is ready and will be broadcast on March 28 2008.[30][3]

At this stage it appears that no Dutch broadcaster wants to show the film in its entirety, without interruptions. Wilders has said that he would "Rather have [the film] entirely on the internet, than half on television". A preliminary version of the film's website was put online on March 5th, 2008[31] though there is not yet an announcement on the means of distribution of the film.

There is no broadcast company willing to distribute the work and internet distribution has wider scope than distribution to movie theaters.[3]

Press centre Nieuwspoort is willing to show the film, as long as Geert Wilders pays for security costs. However, Wilders decided against this[5].

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[edit] External links
Fitna Official site 
Fitna at the Internet Movie Database 
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