Date: 09 Mar 2008



There is time and place for any major act or initiative, including war and peace. Hindus missed the chance of a thousand years (of HUMILIATING slavery) in 1947 when the Muslims, who have always initiative with them, provided the golden chance of establishing a “Hindu” India after the Indian Muslims carved out their “Muslim” Pakistan. That was 60 years (i.e., two generations) ago.

Now the crushed & ignorant Hindus are missing the golden chance of saving the only one Hindu Kingdom on earth (Nepal) which is going to disappear within weeks, right in front of our own eyes.

Hindus could assert themselves in Saudi Arabia in association with the Americans to build at least one temple there.
The next chance for creating “Hindu Rashtra” will come after Pakistan drops an atom bomb over India.
COMMENT (institute of hindu ideology)

It is a marvellous thought. It really contains objectivity and prophetic warning.

You are dead right on atom bomb.

We once read, "Both Pakistan and India have nuclear bombs but the courage to drop one on the enemy rests with Pakistan."

If India did muster guts to send a plane to drop one on the enemy in retaliation, its pilot called Abdul Kalam will drop it either on Golden Temple in Amritsar or on the Somnath Temple in Gujarat. Hindus are living with eyes closed. So are the Sikhs. 
Through the eyes of the Muslim WOLF (who devoured Sindh, West Punjab and East Bengal on one day in 1047) the Hindu is a hated KAFIR, meant to be exterminated. Through the eyes of the Hindu COW Muslim seems a "BHAI" (Brother).
There is nothing like the eternally active volcano called "Koran" with the Hindus.
March 9, 2008