Date: 23 Feb 2008



We keep looking up to Government of India (GoI), but we have not seen a "Government" in India since 1947. 

If there is one, then it is the long arm of ISLAM & ITALY at the end of which is the HAND holding dagger to slit the throats of Hindus.

Kashmir is deliberately kept MUSLIM. No demographic change is allowed.
A proud Kashmiri can buy property ANYWHERE in India but a wretched subject of India cannot buy property in Kasmir.

North Kashmir has not been claimed back from Pakistan meaning that India's claim to sovereignty was, has been, and is, BOGUS.

Hindus and Sikhs were never issued with fire-arms for self-defence, nor even with mobile telephones to call for assistance quickly.

Hindus and Sikhs never received protection from the State such as USA is demanding from Serbia for its embassy staff in Belgrade.

East Bengal was PROMPTLY returned to SAVAGE MOHAMMED as if its retention in Secular India was illegal or a CRIME, as if Secularism itself was, and is, BOGUS, or something that is too stinking loathsome for the Muslims but a holy obligation for the HIndus.

Hindu/Sikh girls ABDUCTED in their thousands in Pakistan in 1947 were never returned by Pakistan and India never claimed them though at the same time India carried out intensive search for the Muslim females abducted in East Punjab and promptly RETURNED them to Pakistan.

Hindus and Sikhs PERISHED under State design in 1947. They were considered no more than vermin or insects, NOT DESERVING A MENTION OR MEMORIAL.

Hindus have been wiped out in Kashmir and, later, the SIKHS PERISHED in their thousands in 1984 UNDER STATE DESIGN. Therefore, NO culprit has been caught or hanged. But come a few hundred of them "sent to Hell" in Gujerat IN THE WAKE OF KILLING OF HINDU PILGRIMS returning from Ayodhya, and till today the world wants to put Mr Modi behind bars.

Do we see a "Government" in BROKEN Bharat?
If Turks cross frontier to kill the kurds in Iraq, it is OK.
If Turks INVADE and occupy Northern Cyprus, it is OK.
If Pakistan invades Kashmir and occupies North, it is OK.

But if Serbia wants HER OWN TERRITORY called Kosovo back from savage Mohammed, it is NOT OK.
If India wants to recover even ONE SQUARE INCH of North Kashmir, it is NOT OK.
If India wants to have Lahore or Chittagong back, it is NOT OK.

In Pakistan a Hindu will not be considered even for the post of a "Chapraasi" (peon) but in TERRIFIED Hindusthan even the President (Supreme Commander of Armed Forces) can be a MOHAMMEDAN.

This "Government" is quick to give license for public screening to films that INSULT Hindus and degrade Hindu manhood and pride, or ridicule the Sikhs and portray them in negative roles.

What status would Sonia Maino have in Pakistan or Bangladesh? But she is hailed as "RASHTRAMATA", or "MOTHER OF NATION" in Hindusthan and is invited to sit in front row in Parliament. This female from "gutter" in Italy is consulted on the appointment of PRESIDENT OF INDIA and every cabinet minister including the PRIME MINISTER.

This "Government" has turned the HIGH TREASON of accepting Partition into "glorious Independence". 

They are a bunch of unscrupulous corrupt "thugs" whose patriotism, "desh bhakti" and sense of duty & loyalty are no more than what God has given the rats.

It is useless to cry "God Help India" because God will not help such India. If at all, then God will help Delhi as He helped Lahore.