Date: 15 Feb 2008



This is the first sign of Hindu COUNTER ACTION (we are still not able to COUNTER ATTACK).

Until now the Hindu body was so limp that the enemy could come and rule us for CENTURIES and even cut and chop Hindusthan without any protest from any quarter. Our top leaders were TOO QUICK to sign the unconditional surrenders.

The Hindu saw fellow Hindus being marched off as slaves to Kabul and there stands the mountain range where more than 100,000 Hindu slaves, male and female, perished in cold and snow to give the name HINDUKUSH to the place.

The Hindu has NO say over who should be "Rashtramata" or "Rashtrapita" or "Rashtrapati". The Hindu was encouraged to do puja, bhakti and embrace the nearest Mohammedan barbarian and shout, "Hindu Muslim bhai bhai". 

Hindu could not take to task the painter Hussain who, instead of painting Mohammed's mother in nude, had the audacity to insult our goddesses while living in Hindusthan.

Bollywood is still in the mould of slavery where NO Hindu actor can do a dance with a single Mohammedan actress while the HIndus pay to see one of these LOAFER Khans taking dozens of Hindu girls at a time for dance and a lot more with impunity.

The "Musalman Beiman" has enacted parallel Sharia Law even in PARTITIONED India where they have no business even to be seen after Partition. Some of us can recall how at the outbreak of war against Japan, ALL THE JAPANESE LAW ABIDING CITIZENS WORKING IN THE USA WERE ARRESTED and kept in jails till the end of War in August 1945. 

But in our Bharat the Muslims who attacked the integrity of India, and who won't let Sri Ram Temple rise in Ayodhya, have been rewarded with special provisions in Constitution and in the allocation of quotas and seats at all levels.

Hence this victory, however minor or symbolic, ought to be welcomed. The major battles to LIBERATE THE HINDU IN HINDUSTAN still lie ahead. Victory will kiss our feet only when either Pakistan "evaporates" or the "Rest of India" becomes HINDU RASHTRA. One cannot see Lahore under Koran but Delhi DENIED its Gita and Granth.

15 Feb 08

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