Date: 26 Jan 2008


Indian Army is still follwing the Nehru order that no photo of 
Netaji Subhas or his INA could be displayed in Army barracks and 
installations which need to be scrapped today! 

Taiwan Govt comfirmed no Crash in entire 1945 !

Netaji's daughter can say nothing as she was a kid in 1945 and is 
not member of any official investigative commission! She has just 
given her imaginative view like yours!

Taiwan Govt comfirmed no Crash in entire 1945 let alone the said 
date and there were only two plane crashes in entire history of 
Taiwan! Our Govt appointed Mukherjee Commission and USA and UK Govt 
has also accepted this! Other two earlier fabricated commission 
members never went to Taiwan or asked its Govt views to please Nehru!

Why so much Netaji Parent's memorabilia was found from Gumnami 
Baba's items sealed in Govt treasury? 

The ultimate truth ! 

India Govt says Nehru received Netaji ashes

Then what is at Renkoji Temple and where has India Govt kept the 
ashes and of really what!!!??? 

Netaji family knew that he did not die in crash !

Krishna Bose her son Sugata Bose and his father belong to the group 
who got elected as Congress members and lying for favour.

The family truth - 

And Anita Bose, Netaji's daughter was a kid of 1-2 year when the 
supposed incident occured now you people find them more reliable 
than Taiwan Govt or Commission reports!!!!!!!
Soviet Politburea member said Netaji was at USSR