Date: 23 Jan 2008


23rd Jan. is the birthday of a very precious and promising son of Bharat Mata., Subhash Chandra Bose
On such birthdays as MK Gandhi, JL Nehru, Rajiv Gandhi and their ilks, Government of India celebrates them with very high profile.  
The Govt. has bombarded into the ears of the countrymen that  Independance is due to non-violence.  Patriots like Subhash Babu, Bhagat Singh and their ilks do not get Govt. sponsored huge adverts in the Newspapers.  If they are mentioned, they are with some sort of reluctance and low profile.  What a Shame and tragedy!  
History books are imprinting on the young minds that "Dedi Hamen Azadi bina Kharag bina Dhal"( We were given our freedom(by Gandhi) withouit  any sword or shield)  If there is slightest truth in it, why can't we defend it with armouries and soldiers?
Let us pay our heart-felt homage and respect to all Bharat Mata's children, who laid their lives, so that we may live and for doing so this is the most revered Day!