Date: 10 Jan 2008


Khalistan is not to be approved or condemned by small mortals, especially by those who substitute "PARTITION" (of India) by "Independence". 

By now we all should have realised that Partition was PERMANENT while Independence was BOGUS. The Sikhs in partitular must ask, "What kind of Independence did our Lahore and Sri Nankana Sahib get? We have forgotten the former and put the latter in our "Ardaas". How brave! How honourable! 
How the smart game of dirty sectarian politics crushed those who stuck to pious universal outlook of "sarbat da bhala" that could not change even in radically changed times.
The raison d'être for Khalistan is PAKISTAN.
Abolish newly and ARTIFICIALLY created Pakistan and not a soul will even whisper Khalistan. No one mentioned this word before 1936 when Pakistan Resolution was passed in London that ought to have woken up the Sikh leadership at the time as to the others' (our good neighbours') designs on our sacred territory and dear lives.
The issue of Khalistan is to be seen at much higher level than individual. Yet another angle to be considered, is this: The Sikhs are a very tiny minority in an age where not swords but head count is decisive in creating/destroying states and altering boundaries. 

In this regard the safety and survival of the strategically located EAST Punjab lying exposed in the shrinking secular part of our world (Partitioned India) depend on the nerve and guts of the HINDU majority. Had the Hindus been more numerous in West Punjab and Sindh, or had they been warriors in hinterlands like Maharashtra, UP and Bihar, there was NO question of Pakistan coming about. There would have been severe and bloody RETALIATION that the Indian Muslims (All-India Muslim League of Mr. MA Jinnah) would have remembered till the day of Qiaamat. 
We wish to reinforce this argument by saying that in Chittagong district in East Bengal the Buddhists were in a majority but their hinterland, Buddhist Burma, did not have the same spirit that the global Muslims share with the Palestinians. This Spirit is evident from the FACT that in 1948 only one million Palestinians were displaced while in 1947 FIFTEEN MILLION Hindus/Sikhs were forced out of their ancestral homes. Today world's most powerful man, George Bush, is in Israel on behalf of these displaced Palestinians.
1984 just proves as to how quickly and easily it was possible by misguided and hijacked (Italian held) Government of India to silence the Sikhs, giving them thousands of dead young men.
If we agree that in these days of head count majority matters, then the majority in our country is HINDU, and, what is wrong in saying that "the Hindus will defend Amritsar tomorrow as they defended Lahore, Karachi and Dhaka yesterday?"
Please draw your own conclusions about the scenario that faces PARTITIONED Punjab, PARTITIONED Bengal, PARTITIONED Assam (that lost the district of Sylhet to Global Islam in 1947) and PARTITIONED Kashmir. 

Those in South Asia need to be aware of the shifting sands of so many ideological fault lines.