Date: 24 Dec 2007


Four Articles 

Rahul vs Modi: Little Man (Film) 

In the hilarious comedy "Little Man, American film of 2006" Shawn 
Wayans plays a man so anxious to become a father that he mistakes a 
short-statured, baby-faced criminal on the run, played by Marlon 
Wayans, for his newly adopted son.

People laugh to see Rahul in the front of Modi. Laughtrer becomes 
louder when Sonia and Manmohan Singh becomes the runner for the 
tired cricketer Rahul Gandhi of `O' run. Congress wants Rahul to 
make Dhooni.The scene is laughable because we find it easier to 
laugh than to cry at the imprudence, confusion, absurdity, 
awkwardness, and naïveté of the dynasty of lovefool followers:

Who in Congress for PM post?

Who will be in the Congress for PM post in midterm election of 2008 
or general election of 2009? BJP posed a threat to the Congress to 
declare L K Advani as its candidate for PM post. Narendra Modi 
becomes the next threat to Congress for its second rank leadership. 
Sonia and Manmohan Singh both made the situation awkward for the 

Invited bull to beat

Main target of Sonia and Manmohan Singh is Narendra Modi since the 
election campaign. This has become the boon for Advani and Modi 
both. Now BJP wants to maintain this tempo continue upto the next 
Midterm poll of 2008 or General Elcetion of 2009. Congress leaders 
themselves invited bull to beat them. 

Majority rule vs Mob rule: Bogus democracy

Congress could not declare its candidate for CM post in Gujarat and 
Himachal assemble election. Leaders of Congress say that Congress 
follows democratic norm in the selection. Is blind following of a 
dynasty means democracratic way. So Congress follows bogus democracy 
to fool the people.
Democracy is however not for a blind following of a dynasty. 
Democracy expects citizens to reason so that they may make the best 
decision without binding him to a pole. They should not be moved 
around a pole as `Expeller-bull'. Majority rule through blind 
followers is but mob rule. Are Congress leaders mature enough to 
build skyscrapers but too childish to elect the leadership due to 
blind following tendency?

Advani as BJP candidate for PM post

BJP has declared Advani as its choice for PM post. NDA has not 
raised the question on that. NDA in this way buried the question 
mark who will be next after Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Vajpayee has 
already decared his retirement from the active politics. Though, his 
guidance will be available to the BJP and the NDA.

Congress is uncertain

Congress leaders are uncertain as they are not sure whether party 
president Sonia Gandhi will project Prime Minister Manmohan Singh 
for a second term. It is also not certain whether she herself or her 
son Rahul Gandhi will now contend for the top government post as and 
when the general elections are held.

The choice before Sonia Gandhi and Dr Singh is to reserve 
Premiership for Dr. Singh till 2009 and forego the nuclear deal, or 
go ahead with their commitment to US President George W. Bush and 
then throw the ball in the court of Left finally.

Even Congress has no dummy candidate for PM post

At the time of election voters are trained by the parties to show 
dummy ballet papers. In the election dummy candidates also file the 
nomination form though they withdraw in the last. But even Congress 
has hesitation to declare a puppet for PM post as at present 
Manmohan Singh is PM. Congress allies especially RJD and DMK and 
many leaders with in the Congress at the top level do not want to 
break relations with the Left. They want to enjoy the honeymoon 
between Congress and Left.
Cong-Left Honeymoon to Video Elephant Romance

There is doubt in the Congress circle about Dr. Singh 

Without left Congress will be unable to walk. Left never support the 
candidature of Manomohan Singh as next PM. Left thinks that Dr. 
Singh is a spy of US. In Sonia's good book besides Manmohan none is 
for PM post temporarily. Sonia wants a puppet PM till the 
acceptability of her or her son Rahul Gandhi. Rahul becomes baba to 
renounce his Columbian or Sapanish or other girl friends to be PM. 
Otherwiose these girls have been hided in unknown destination near 
to Delhi or else. 

Congress can't declare Sonia as its Candidate for PM post

It is difficult for the Congress to declare Sonia Gandhi as its next 
candidtate for the PM post. Congress can't dare to declare Sonia as 
its candidate for PM post. Congress saw the opposition of Sonia in 
the past which is still continue.
For Congress Sonia may be `Desh ki Bahu' but for the people she is 
Pope's representative in India. She herself projected her as the 
Christian leader of Anti-Hindus.
Sonia sponsored media highlighted bogus poll surveys to show Sonia 
for PM of the people's choice. But this media could not get success 
in its move as they succeded to save Afzal move.
Bogus Poll Surveys: Media on Sale

Grooming of Rahul for next PM

As discussed above even top ten Congress leaders think that Mrs 
Gandhi will not become the Prime Minister if the party comes back 
into power. So gromming of Rahul baba by dCongress is now in full 
swing to please Sonia Gandhi and to cash the blind following of the 
However, Rahul's road shows not show the defeated result in UP and 
there after Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh. He has not impressed top 
ten senior party leaders with his few public appearances 
also. "Rahul needs time," is the general opinion of the Congress 
Dynastic Rahul Vs Dynamic Dhoni

Rahul vs Modi

* Sonia Gandhi's remark `Merchant of death drew Congress in the back 
foot. After that Dr. Singh gave air to that fire. 

* Manmohan Singh said at Vadodara on Dec 11, "The BJP felt 
threatened by Modi and hence felt the need to appoint somebody else 
as the prime ministerial candidate, a day before the Gujarat 
election," Now both mistakes has become the `wild fire' to burn the 
credibility of Congress. It means in the eyes of present PM Dr. 
Singh and the Congress Modi should be BJP candidated for PM post.

* On the question of leadership Congress has become nude more than 
Mallika Sherawat or Britney.

* Modi took brave step to give tickets to 100 new faces. 

* In Gujarat BJP went in the election in the leadership of Narendra 
Modi in spite of the open revolt by former CM and few senior BJP MPs 
in Gujarat. Evidently now Narendra Modi wins. The BJP quickly moved 
to crack down on the high-profile rebels by expelling two rebel MPs 
and gave notice to other two Keshu Bahai and Rana. 

* In Himachal BJP fought election in the leadership of Dumal. Dhumal 
is the choice of Narendra Modi. 

* BJP president Rajnath Singh feels that the party is headed for a 
decisive victory in the western state and is also confident that 
saffron strongman Narendra Modi's emergence as a powerful leader 
will not lead to a conflict in the party.

So victory of BJP in Gujarat and Himachal will increase the stature 
of Modi high. Narendra Modi himself will keep his one foot in 
Gujarat and another foot in the politics of centre. He has no 
challenge in Gujarat. So he throws arrows of Hinduism on the Anti 
Hindu top leadership of Congress especially on Chirstian Sonia and 
her puppet Manmohan Singh. At the moment he is in the centre stage. 

By Predmendra Agrawal

11th Plan's Suicide Bomb to kill unity of India

Dantewada Jailer Mankar was duty bound to make ready the bed in the 
jail for the Sanyal a naxalite leader who was in the prison. He 
arranged food from a local hotel for Sanyal when he was brought to 
Dantewada jail from Raipur this year for three days in January in 
connection with a court case related to terror attacks. Jailer is 
now in the police custody on the charge of `Rashtra droh' as 
reported by<thechhattisgarh.com>. It is alleged that he facilitated 
to runaway 300 prisoners including 100 naxalites from the prison. 

Planning Commission of minority masked of fake secularism

Duty bound Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission of minority masked 
of fake secularism prepares the bed of 11th plan for giving rest to 
the people on caste and religion basis. Honorable Deputy Chairman 
should be awarded for showing 'neta bhakti' in the 11 th plan on 
the direction of great economist of the world Oxford return Dr. 
Manmohan Singh and fake Oxford return Super P M. No one should press 
his finger between teeth. PM has said that his leader is Sonia 
Gandhi. Former External Minister has said that he was the blind 
follower of Sonia Gandhi. The same tune is in the mouth of every 
Congress leader. 
Slavish Congress:Fools Martyrs Traitors

Suicide bomb and Nuke button

Why is suicide bomb in the hands of the leader who has also nuke 
button? The goal of the 11th Plan is to invest in vote banks to 
enable vote bank politicians to become active participants in caste 
and religion based economic growth processes. The Plan attempts to 
divide people on the basis of caste, creed, gender and religion. 
Sonia Gandhi devalued PM post to be super pm. So it is said that 
nuke button is in her hands besides the PM Manmohan.
Affidavit: Can Demons nuke Ram - Ramayan

Great three economists to ruin Indian Economy

There are three great economists Dr. Manmohan Singh, Mr. Montek 
Ahluwalia and Chidambaram available to the Left supported UPA 
Government. Someone may call them `Teen ticket maha vicket'. They 
are great due to price rising, suicides of farmers, security forces 
and others except political leaders. Montek Ahluwaliaji is pleased 
to please the Congress Supremo by producing communal budgeting to 
include Prime Minister's 15-point agenda for minorities. 

Politics of suicide

Suicide bomber thinks that he kills others. In madness of terror he 
forgets that he kills himself also. Suicides, price rise and 
division between the societies increase due to the policies of the 
Government. Congress and its allies think that their policies are to 
defeat their political opponents. They forget that Suicide bomber 
assassinate Rajiv Gandhi, but she also killed herself. 
Modern Technique of Malthus Population Theory

Divide and Conquer

It is no surprise that the Left supported UPA Govt uses the tactic 
of "Divide and conquer" through 11th plan . Should this be called a 
secular victory of suicide bomber? Should Afzal be with AK-47 again 
in the front of parliament?

India was where the British invented the tactic of divide and 
conquer. Following the British rule present Indian Govt in the 
direction of Italian set about shoring up their rule by the tried 
and true strategy of pitting one caste to another caste and one 
religious group to another group. 
Minority Card: Morley-Minto Vs Moiley-Antuley 

UPA on the path of Malaysian PM Badawi 

Division and chaos, tribal, religious and ethnic hatred, are the 
secret to this fake secular fake minority masked government. Present 
Indian Government is in the path of Malysian Islamic Governmet. 
Malaysian and Indian Govt to burn Hinduism

Lovefool white liars

Fake secular leaders increase the tail of caster base quota to 
include more and more to divide more and more the Hindus. They 
further want make minority the enemy of remaining society on the 
basis of religion. 
Legal Bribery

Merchant of death

Are the leader and the party who can't put religion or caste in 
their politics communal players of bad politics? 
Should this `Hand Hammer' model dirty politics be allowed to 
continue? They are in the power due to the result of the vote bank 
politics of usual grist of vote buying, spoils promising, and office 
dickering which have made the term politics a synonym for civic 
Poem: Merchant of death in politics

Indianless forces

People know that opportunistic power greedy Indianless forces 
elected, with the active support of the very worst elements of our 
society, who give them their support because of services rendered 
and to be rendered in furthering their self oriented business, which 
means degradation and misery to thousands upon thousands of innocent 
Dark is the nation and insane the king

The end justifies the means?

Can these fake secular and fake minority masked rulers put their 
minoritisms in such kind of politics as this except on the 
plea .that the end justifies the means? Tainted ministry is the 
compulsion of alliance government! Blind eyes on the Naxal and 
Maoist bullet guns are also compulsion of the government because the 
Government is taking breadth on the outside support of Left!! 

Untouchable political caste

And if they make use of this plea, what kind of secularism and 
minority-ism must they have. Are their policies the tailor of which 
is in 11th Plan not blotting on the administration and a blot on 
the `equal to all' ancient culture of our country? Who is 
untouchable caste? Has political class not become the untouchable 
caste instead of SC/ST? Is minority-ism not oxygen for the minority 
Untouchable political caste vs. SC/ST

Is Inclusion of tainted a Coalition compulsion 

Is there any escape the conclusion that the Congress, their allies 
and Left who are giving their support to the `yes madam' who do not 
scruple to make use of the most corrupt means to accomplish her 
purpose, who facilitate to place her loyalist in PMO, in the 
Election Commission, in the Rashtrapati Bhavan and other Independent 
Constitutional Institutions? 
Nuked Lame duck Puppet PM is nuked, not for rise in prices and 

Ram Sethu is still

We have much more architectural wonders but not only our poor 
maintenance, poor knowledge and poor infrastructure make us woefully 
backward in marketing the same but also we elected such Indian less 
Government which even ready to ruin Ram Sethu, an historical and 
cultural ancient treasure of our country. 
Ram Sethu is still, Greek and Roman came and disappeared 

Who wants to burn Glorious Past of India?

We need to take pride in our nation. We need to take care of our 
national heritage without despoiling them. We are not aware of our 
own country's varied states and culture. In recent times the 
government of India is trying to publicize glorious India 
as `Incredible India' to the world. 
Burns Glorious Past of India: FM Chidambaram

By Premendra Agrawal



Who has right to defame defamed dynasty?

Congress serves legal notice to Bofors investigator. Congress waves 
green flag of corruption. Condition is only that it should be 
related to its leadership. Sting operation `Kalank' is not kalank 
for Congress and its sponsored media. Should media not investigate 
and publish hided truth of corrupt politicians? If yes then why was 
sting operation of the bribery takers MPs for asking questions? Why 
parliament took action on those? 

Why does Congess high command afraid of Sven Lindstrm?

Legal notice is sent to Swedish investigator Sven Lindstorm to hide 
the truth of Bofors kickbacks. The truth of Bofors kickback may 
become the clue for finding the conspiracy of Rajiv Gandhi Murder 

Lindstorm told a TV channel that there was information that "...some 
of the bank accounts where Bofors paid money were controlled by 
Quattrocchi... and from there; the onnect to Gandhi family 
wasfarfetched". He added "...since the link to India for 
Quattrocchi, who was an Italian person... it was Sonia Gandhi... we 
wanted to know from her why was he given the money". 

Lindstorm admitted the evidence did not extend beyond Quattrocchi 
but argued that the payments being made to the Italian were a 
giveaway in themselves. While stating that "...we could see there 
was a connection to Quattrocchi, not further", Lindstorm 
said, "That's why we wanted to interview Sonia Gandhi about this. 
But we were not able to do that." 

This is perhaps the first time that Lindstorm has said that Swedish 
authorities had wanted to question Sonia over her link with 

People wonder to know that Congress not only pressurized CBI, 
Additional Solicitor-General. Law Ministry and other authorities but 
also threaten to private investigation of Bofors kickbacks. Why is 
Congress not interested in getting the facts of alleged involvement 
of Quattrocchi in the murder of Rahiv Gandhi? PM Manmohan Singh is 
quick to seek Swiss support for nuke deal instead of getting hided 
truth of Rajiv murder and Bofors kickbacks. 
Instead of Rajiv Murder Secrets, PM seeks Swiss support for Nuke 

Does Bofors kickback not relate to Congress?
Why did Congress serve notice to private investigator of Bofors 
kickback? Why does Congress not serve notice to Law Ministry, 
Additional Solicitor-General, Congress leader Alwa, CBI and others 
who moved and moves to save Quattrocchi as there are moves to save 
Afzal and the terrorist act of Soharabuddin? 
Quattrocchi ke saath, Congress Kaa haath

Is 10 Janpath Vatican City? 

Is Bofors kickback private affairs of Congress heads? `He Ram' of 
Gandhi is witness that in Indian culture all is equal? Even Sita was 
on `Pariksha' due to the here say of a washerman to his wife. Does 
India now bcome Italy? 
Import of Vatican City-ism in India 

Congress claimed that LTTE was involved in the assassination of 
Rajiv Gandhi. It also alleged that DMK supported LTTE. Still DMK is 
the main ally of Congress. Jethmalani fought legal battle on behalf 
of the accused of assassination of Indira Gandhi. This might be the 
right of a lawyer in his profession. What is the compulsion of 
making him a partner in Congress party? Is this also compulsion of 
alliance? If you climbed on the sympathy wave of both assassinations 
to win in the election then your duty to get every facts related to 
these to give peace the pious dead souls. 

Series of gifts

Rajiv gifted Sonia to India. Sonia gifted Quattrocchi. Whose blood 
and monetary relation is with Quattrochhi a villain of Bofors? Who 
is brother or brother-in-law or else of Quattrocchi in India? Late 
Rajiv Gandhi gifted India Sonia Gandhi a videshi bahu along with her 
friend Quattrochhi. He is perhaps the husband of the cousin sister 
of Sonia Gandhi. Why they led and now lead India? What is going on 
in India? 
Quattrochhi is gift of Sonia to India

Additional Solicitor-General B. Dutta certified Quattrocchi's 
honesty to the UK on December 22, 2005. That action led to resulted 
led to defreezing of the accounts on January 11, 2006, and 
withdrawal of the amount by Quattrocchi on January 16, 2006, even 
though the Supreme Court on the same day had directed the CBI to 
ensure that the money was not withdrawn

Is there any limitation of tolerance?

Why should not ban on the book titled "Sonia Gandhi: Rajniti ki 
pavitra Ganga"? Who allows the comparison of corruption and 
Christianity with Ganges? 
Gateways in politics

How many years more this happening would continue? Are we such 
farmers who take birth in debt and die to leave debt on their 
family? Is slavery in this way or that way should continue for 
forever? Is there any limitation? What happened to Kans when he 
crossed 100? 
How many years are we in coma!

Is Independence a patent of Congress?

"Independence of India" is not the patent of present corrupt Indian 
less Congress. Americans tries unsuccessfully to patent turmeric, 
neem and other products of India. These are the unwritten property 
of common people since ancient time. Were Bhagat Singh, Azad or Taya 
Tope members of the Congress? Was Subhash Bose not president of 
Congress and not struggled for the Independence of India? Sonia led 
UPA's government has no record about Netaji`s freedom struggle! Do 
Killers keep record of their victims?
Oh! Almighty Ishwar! 
Give boon to know, 
Who are traitors?
Who are Patriots of my nation?
Do Heirs of the killer of Subhash Bose rule India?

Nothing makes some one happier than to see corrupt politicians and 
corporations pay for crimes committed against the people. 
We are Indian people and we are sick and tired of the corrupt! 
Who dares to put corrupt high profile leadership behind bars where 
they belong? 
Are we a nation of laws and corporations and politicians will no 
longer take advantage of our patience? Is Hindustan should be called 
the nation of tolerance not only for loading corrupt leaders but 
also to give them freedom to rule India?

By Premendr Agrawal



Gateways in politics 

May Sarangi Mahajan knock the door of the parties of Priya Dutt or 
Supriya Sule to salute her husband who has been found guilty of 
murdering his brother Pramod Mahajan? Mid-day publishes 
news `Sarangi may enter politics'. Question arises: Is politics to 
sink or to be sunk? Is politics to do sin or to wash hands of sin?

There is an important suggestion to Sarangi and other like minded 
newcomers in politics. When you return in the home after doing 
politics then please wash your hands as better to wash your hands 
before eating and after going to bathroom. 

Who is untouchable caste? 

Has political class not become the untouchable caste instead of 
SC/ST? Is minority-ism not oxygen for the minority government? 
Is `secular and non-secular' equal to European racism of white and 
black skin? To day or tomorrow we have to give answers of these.
Untouchable political caste vs. SC/ST

T-Sunami, Earthquake or any other type of disaster is not more 
dangerous than the present politics which is being played shamelessy 
in India in the name of secularism and minoritsm to promote 
casteism, terrorism, naxailism and any other such type of ism. This 
is the reason ghost of Sohrabuddins and Afzals danced in the 
election campaign of Gujarat by calling Modi or Gujarat 
Govt `Merchant of deaths' by Sonia Gandhi.

Movie: Merchant of Death (1997)

"Merchant of death' phrace is stolen from the movie Merchant of 
Death (1997), diredcted by Yossi Wein. In this way mission of 
Congress pushed by itself towards mission of death means idefeat in 
the Gujarat Election of 2007.

Filsm shows in short: A boy's family is killed by bad guys and he 
grows up to be a cop. He has blocked out the memory all of his life, 
but when a series of events triggers him to remember his dark past, 
he must get vengeance for his family. The budget effects the quality 
of the film but if you can get past that its an okay action-
thriller. I bought this film on DVD for like 5 bucks and i had high 
expectations, but i actually enjoyed it. If you like Pare then it's 
worth a glance. If you don't like PAre or know he is, don't bother 
with it. 

Gateway of India

The Gateway of India was opened on December 4, 1924 by the Viceroy, 
the Earl of Reading. This was the symbolic entrance of western 
culture. The last British troops to leave India, the First Battalion 
of the Somerset Light Infantry, passed through the gate in a 
ceremony on February 28, 1948. British troops and British rule had 
gone to leave Lord Macaulay's Westerned cultured system.
New Year's Eve like a riot teasing and molesting

Gateway of 10 Janpath

Gateway of 10 Janpath is famous for the entrance of Italian origin 
and Italy born. Congressee `Swaraj' became `Swaraj' of emergency and 
now swaraj under Indian origin. 10 Janpath in Delhi is presently 
since Indira Gandhi times the address of the official residence of 
the President of Indian National Congress party (INC). 
Ram vs Nehru Gandhi Dynasty

Haridwar Gateway to the Gods

Opposite to this Hardwar, referred to as 'the Gateway to the Gods, 
is considered as the gateway to the four `tirth' (pilgrimages) in 
the Uttarakhand region. It is believed that a holy dip in Ganga 
purifies the soul and opens the way for the Nirvana, the ultimate 

Seat of goddess Ganga vs Seat of Corruption

GangaYamuna and underground Sarswati flow always to give pure water 
to their children.

Dying Ganga vs flooded corruption

Ganga is dying as reported by media. But why peoples have to worry. 
Rivers of the Corruption of the politicians are being flooded. 
Cannals are overfull. Dams are above danger line. So, industrial 
development water is flowing in the Nandigram and other SEZs. Water 
of these is more pure than Ganga of Himalays water for secularas!! 
Ganges of Himalayas is communal. So they take dip in fake secular-

Lovefools of Italian origin and born

PM Dr. Singh sees future of India on only Rahul. Before this in his 
speech of April 15 at Pilibhit he saw future of Uttar Pradesh in 
Rahul. With in seven months provincial Rahul become India 's Number 
two leader after her mother number I. He got medal because he gave 
minus result in UP Election. He is a political `jhola chhap' doctor.
Slavish Congress:Fools Martyrs Traitors

Corruption ki pavitra Ganga

Blind followers of Italian origin and Italy born Congress leaders 
mother and son on Dec 8, 2004, 
released a book `Sonia Gandhi: Rajniti ki pavitra Ganga'. Some one 
may claim `Sonia Gandhi: Corruption ki pavitra Ganga'. 

Catholic doctrine of "Original Sin" and Politics

Sonia Gandhi is a Catholic Christian. So she or other may think that 
every human being is with sins. And nothing can cancel out bad deeds 
of any human, and ultimately they have to follow Christ. So slowly 
and slowly Congress is becoming Christian Congress and in its rule 
India is pushed towards Christianity. 
Christian Jehad of Congress against Ram

They rightly or wrongly understood that sin is touchable. Only Hindu 
organizations are undtouchable for them. So these leaders think that 
doing sin in the shape of corruption or giving free hand to 
terrorism, naxalism, and separate-ism. 
Subhash vs `Take blood but give votes'

Original Sin

Chritianity stipulates that because of original sin all men are 
possessed primeval guilt. The doctrine of original sin is 
paradoxical in that it holds that all men inevitaby sin and yet all 
men are held responsible for the sins they commit, involuntary as 
well as voluntary. This doctrine dones not merely contend that all 
men commit sins but also that by the mere fact of being a part of 
the human race all are guilty. 

The doctrine of original sins announces that sin and guilt are so 
redical that no amount of good deeds is able lto cancel out a man's 
bad deeds. The Christian solution to guilt is to accept the mercy, 
grace and forgiveness of Christ, which is vouchsafed by his 
sacrificial atonement on the cross. 

By Predmendra Agrawal