Date: 23 Dec 2007


Modi's victory

I stayed up until the wee hours today to hear mainly what the congressmen had to say. The more I heard them,the more it became clear that this party is devoid of real workers. I also sense that Sonia's days are numbered now. My observations on the election that Modi single-handedly won are:
1. Comments like "maut ka saudagar" backfired on Italian maid. She is compromising the national securing by being an agent of western interests and can rightly be labeled as "Desh ki saudagar". A kettle should never call a mirror black. 
2. It is not necessary to practice appeasement policies towards muslims. A development scheme that benefits all sections of the society is just enough to win peoples' hearts. Congress was divisive while Narendra Modi had a plan for his people. The fact that congress does not even have a leader of its own and had to import the likes of Sonia and Rahul to dethrone Modi speaks volumes of congress weakness and Modi's strength.
3. This election has taught Hindus a lesson and they must learn it. All the BJP dissidents,RSS,VHP,Uma Bharti,and other Modi detractors could not cause a dent to the Modi's image. A strong Hindu can change the thought-currents of the entire nation and also of the world. Hindus must stick together. It is the need of the hour. All the Bhartiya organizations (there are more organizations than the people) in USA must work for the cultural and material development of Bharat.
4. Modi had fought opposition with the iron fist. In the history of the mankind,we never had doers who were not opposed. Lord Ram,Krishna, Guru Gobind Singh, Veer Savarkar,Bhagat Singh,and other great men and women faced tough opposition. So,the opposition should be welcomed. It makes the person more creative in finding solutions.
5. People have let politicians know that they don't need sycophants. A common man (CM) needs people who have integrity, confidence,courage,and work to protect truth and dharm. Modi has rightly proved that he has all the qualities not just to lead Gujarat,but also Bharat. He is a Karm Yogi and he is making teachings of Bhagvad Gita relevant to the common man of Bharat.
SUN DEC 23, 2007