Prophet of Terror and the Religion of Peace--Part III

Date: 20 Dec 2007


Prophet of Terror and the Religion of Peace--Part III
In the Third Part of this series on Mohammed's life, I will be focusing on three events that define the nature of Islam's foundations. At this stage, Mohammed had gained power through his assassinations, looting, massacares and raping. The Jewish Tribes of Medinah had been inhabitants of that city for centuries before the Prophet decided to make it the headquarters of his criminal activities. All the Jews were becoming increasingly dissatisfied and angered at the deeds of the Muslims. The Jewish Tribes were peace-loving, hard working tradespeople, whose purpose in life was to earn a decent living through honest means and hard effort. They were perfectly content with the religion of their forefathers and had never anticipated that the man to whom they had given shelter so graciously, would turn into the power crazed monster who was now turning around to attack them. Mohammed was in the position to carry out his hidden ambitions, which became clear soon enough. 

With the utmost disregard for all human morality, ethics, or respect for human life, the Prophet of Islam systematically targeted and slaughtered the very Jews of Medinah who had helped him when everyone else in Arabia was kicking him like a dog. He was motivated by these primary reasons 

His fanatic greed for all the wealth that had been created by the blood, sweat and toil of the Jews 
His maniacal craving for power at any cost. The Jews were the biggest obstacle in his plan to subjugate all of Medinah, so they had to be removed, by any means possible 
His fear of all other religions. Mohammed was a delusional Megalomaniac, meaning he believed that he was the Supreme Ruler of the world. Anything that threatened this sick fantasy of his, had to be exterminated. Since, the religion of the Jews rejected his pathetic claims to Divine rule, they were the targeted victims in Medinah, just as the Polytheistic Arabs had been his victims in Mecca. 
The incidents narrated below demonstrate the horrific depth of Mohammed's atrocities. Keep in mind that Mohammed is the Model of Good Islamic behaviour and you will realise how Islam advocates genocide in the name of religion. 

8) Murder of a Jewish Elder from Khaybar
Date: Late April 626 A.D.
Place: The Jewish Oasis of Khyber
Victims: Abu Rafi 

The Muslims who had murdered Kaab Ibn Al Ashraf the famous poet of the Banu-N-Nair (See Prophet of Terror & the "Religion of Peace" Part 2) were considered as heroes by Mohammed and his followers. Murderers were considered as ideal Muslims. A group of Muslims from the Khazraj Tribe decided to prove their loyalty to their Prophet by killing off a respectable member of the Jewish Community. Abu Rafi was an elderly man who had never done anything against Mohammed or the Muslims. He just happened to be the unfortunate target of Mohammed's plot to terrorize the Jews. The Prophet wanted to send out a message to the Jews, which spelt out clearly that Mohammed was in control of their lives. The "expedition" to kill the poor old helpless man had the specific blessings of the "Merciful" Prophet. About Six of them broke into the Old man's house in the middle of the night and slashed him to ribbons as he slept. The cowardly Muslims always assassinated people in this way, while the victim slept, obviously because they had neither the courage nor the strength to fight even a solitary, aged Jewish Man while he was awake. After their crime, the Muslims fled back home into the arms of their expectant Prophet. There was a fight among them as to who had actually killed Abu Rafi. At this, the Prophet smiled beatifically and started checking their swords. Finally, it was decided that the person who owned the sword which still had traces of food in it, was the winner. Apparently Abu Rafi had just finished his dinner before falling asleep and the sword had slashed through his stomach spilling its contents. Indeed how Benevolent was the Apostle of Peace! 

9) Massacre, Rape and Plunder of Banu-L-Mustaliq
Date: December 626 A.D.
Place: The well of Muraysi near Red Sea
Victims: The Tribe of Banu-L-Mustaliq 

Mohammed attacked the Banu-L-Mustaliq because of their wealth. In a surprise raid, the Muslims drove them to the Sea. They slaughtered many members of the Banu-N-Mustaliq Tribe and looted away a booty of 2000 Camels, 5000 Sheep and 500 Women! 500 women were captured screaming and crying after they had watched their husbands and sons being slaughtered. The most beautiful captive was Juwayriyya, daughter of the chief of the Banu-L-Mustaliq. Mohammed snatched her to satisfy his own animal lust. The captured women were supposed to be returned by the Muslims upon payment of a ransom. But the night after the battle itself, Mohammed and his army raped each and every one of them. One of the men Abu Sa'id Khudri of Mohammed's army reported : 

"We were lusting after women and chastity had become too hard for us, but we wanted to get the ransom money for our prisoners. So we wanted to use the "Azl" (Coitus Interruptus- where the man withdraws before ejaculating)...We asked the Prophet about it and he said: "You are not under any obligation to stop yourselves from doing it like that.." Later on the women and children were given for ransom to their envoys. They all went away to their country and not One wanted to stay although they had the choice.." 

So the Great Prophet of Peace told his men it was perfectly FINE to rape women as long as you didn't ejaculate inside them (which made them pregnant). What supreme logic! Any human being with the slightest shred of morality has to be nauseated by this Man and the religion he preached. Mohammed, the supreme religious figurehead of Islam sanctions RAPE, pure and simple. Not only did the Muslims commit this horrifying crime, they decieved the Tribesmen into paying Ransom for their womenfolk, who only paid the money in a desperate attempt to save their women's honor. To call such a Prophet and his followers the epitome of Evil is probably an understatement. 

10) Massacre of the Banu -Qurayza
Date: April-May 627 A.D.
Place: Medinah
Victims: The Last Jewish Tribe left in Medinah The Banu-Qurayza. 

By this time, Mohammed had murdered or driven out all of the Jewish Tribes of Medinah, except the Banu Qurayza. It was time to eliminate this last thorn in his flesh. The Banu Qurayza had been reluctant in helping Mohammed against the Quraysh. Conveniently once again, Mohammed claimed that he had divine knowledge about a conspiracy by the Banu-Qurayza to kill him. He beseiged their fortress for Twenty-Five days. When the starving Tribe surrendered, Mohammed forced an old man from their own Tribe to pronounce Mohammed's sentence. The sentence was death to every male member of the Tribe, Slavery for every woman and child and Plunder of all their property. 

The Prophet had an immense trench dug around the main market of Medinah. The men of the Banu Qurayza were rounded up & their hands twisted tightly behind them. Then one by one, they were shoved to the edge of the trench and forced to kneel. They were offered a last chance to convert to "The True Faith" and if they refused, had their heads chopped off. As soon as one head would roll off, the corpse would be kicked into the ditch, and so it went. By the time Dawn had colored the sky red in Medinah, hundreds of corpses piled up in a heap in a tangled cesspool of blood, hair and shreds of flesh. Despite the horrific end in front of their eyes, none of the Jews chose to convert to Islam and faced death valiantly. The blood of 900 innocent Jews stained Mohammed's hands on that black day. 

Their only crime was that they chose to retain their fundamental human right, of choosing their own God and the religion of their ancestors. Hysterical women & children screamed as they watched their fathers, husbands & sons die. The majority of them were raped savagely and then bundled off to be sold as "used goods". The Prophet had the husband of the Jewess Raihana Bint Amr hacked to pieces before her very eyes, hours after he had murdered her father. No doubt this was the Prophet's perverted version of a wedding present, because after these atrocities he raped the mortified girl and tried to force her to convert to Islam. 

Muslim historians still describe the savage rape of Raihana Bint Amr as her "willing submission to Islam and wifehood to the Prophet" 

Apparently according to them it is very natural to imagine that a woman who has just seen her husband, father, brothers and Tribe slaughtered violently before her very eyes, would CHOOSE to convert to the religion of the murderer and marry him! In actual fact Raihana REFUSED to convert to Islam and also refused to marry Mohammed the murderer of her family. He kept her as a lowly concubine all his life. So much for the "Apostle of Peace" and his unbounded RESPECT for women. Mohammed was nothing but a serial rapist, who acquired his victims by killing their families first. 

Allah as usual has provided yet another timeless Divine revelation which gives his Prophet the Right to rape and torture women of other religions. 

Koran 4:24 
"And all married women are forbidden unto you EXCEPT those captives whom your right hand possesses. It is a decree of Allah for you. Lawful unto you are all beyond those mentioned, so that you seek them with your wealth in honest wedlock, not debauchery..." 

In short Allah the All Merciful is saying "Hey Muslims, it's a crime to go after married women, but IF they happen to be your captives (which obviously all the non-Muslim women were) feel free to indulge yourself in rape and sexual torture of them. "lawful unto you are all beyond those mentioned" Allah is making it LEGAL for Muslims to go ahead and rape Non-Muslim women by Divine Law! 

One shudders to imagine what kind of minds invented such utterly sadistic and disgusting ideas. 

Mohammed justified all his crimes against the Jews with more of Allah's revelations. Although the following Surahs were not revealed at the same time as the Massacre of Banu Quraizyah, they nevertheless give a general idea of the Prophet's views on Jews and why it is perfectly fine to kill, loot and rape them. 

Koran 5:51
O you who believe! Take not the Jews and Christians for friends. They are friends one to another. He among you who taketh them for friends is one of them. Lo allah guideth not wrongdoing folk. 

Koran 5:64
The Jews say: "Allah's hand is fettered." It is THEIR hands that are fettered and they are ACCURSED for saying so. Nay, but both his (Allah's) hands are spread in bounty. He bestoweth as he will. That which hath been revealed unto thee from thy Lord is certain to increase the contumacy and belief of many of them, And We have cast among them (The Jews) Enmity and Hatred till the day of Resurrection. As often as they light a fire for war, Allah extinguishes it! 

The above verses clearly demonstrate the Muslim's hatred of Jews as prescribed by their Prophet. They also expose the hollow claims of Muslims, about Islam being a peaceful religion that always co-existed with Judaism and Christanity. The innumerable, unwarranted massacres of Jews by Mohammed, tell this story in the clearest terms. These historical events form the basis of the Islamic code of behaviour. Therefore the recent genocide of Hindus, Christians and Jews by Muslims all over the world should come as no surprise whatsoever. 

Next week we will explore more such exploits of the "Apostle of Peace" and assess the depth of the darkness into which he had flung the Land of Arabia. 

The Works "The Glorious Quran" by Mohammed Marmaduke Pickthall, "The Meaning of the Glorious Quran" by Abdullah Yusuf Ali, "Mohammed" by Maxime Rodinson, and "Muhammad" by Martin Lings have been used to compose this article. 

Haridev S V

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