Prophet of Terror and the Religion of Peace--Part II

Date: 20 Dec 2007


Prophet of Terror and the Religion of Peace--Part II
In the second part of this article, let us continue with the chornological account of how Prophet Mohammed perpetrated the Islamic ideals of violence, destruction and terror. Again, all of the incidents that I have cited are not only supported by famous historians and biographers but also by the ultimate testament to Mohammed's crimes-- The "Glorious" Koran. 

5) Battle of Uhud 
Date: 21 March, 625 A.D
Place: Mount Uhud
Victims: The Quraysh and their Allies 

The people of Mecca were outraged at the massacre of their kinsmen in the Battle of Badr by Mohammed and his army. They had to fight back in order to defend themselves, so they gathered up an army and set out on the march to Medinah. Unlike the Prophet's terrorist methods, they adhered to their precepts of honrable warfare and forewarned Mohammed of their advance. 

Mohammed set out with his motley crew of hundreds of murderers, rapists, robbers and sadists. When Mohammed tried forcing the Jews of Medinah to join him, they adamantly refused, knowing fully well the true character of the tyrant. Mohammed and his men camped on the slopes of Mount Uhud, above the camp of the Meccan Army. In his usual insidious manner, the Prophet was too cowardly to fight in an honorable manner and planned to attack before dawn as the Meccans were asleep. The Muslims were too incompetent to implement even this plan properly and ended up alerting the Meccans during the surprise attack. 

At this point the Meccans gathered up their weapons and engaged the Muslims in full combat. Mohammed as usual cowered in the background surrounded by his bunch of bodyguards. From time to time he would scream out "Who will become a martyr for Allah" and "Which of you will sell himself for us", exhorting his army with promises of paradise if they fought for him. The Muslims however were no match for the Meccans. Most of them started running for their lives by clambering up the sides of Mount Uhud, at which Mohammed started swearing like a mad man. Mohammed's uncle Hamzah was killed and when the Prophet started backing away in fear for his own life, a brave Meccan charged forward and struck him with a tremendous blow to the head and shoulder. At the sight of his own blood, Mohammed began screaming hysterically and had to be carried away by his bodyguards. 

It was only by a stroke of extreme luck that Mohammed survived. His Army was badly defeated and the people of Medinah started asking that if this man was indeed a Messenger of God, then why had God not given the Muslims victory. 

To make up for the extreme embarassment of this defeat Mohammed came up with more "divine revelations" that were obviously excuses for the thorough thrashing that his men and ego had suffered at Uhud. In addition to this, the furious Prophet came up with revelations that were to threaten the Muslims who had fled the battle and left the "Apostle of Peace" to fend for himself. The man was so obsessed with his own ego that he made any action that went against his power a crime. Any Muslim who did not treat Mohammed like God would be punished severely. The Third Chapter of the Koran is full of these references to the Battle of Uhud: 

Koran 3:140-1 
"And if ye have recieved a blow, the disbelievers have recieved a blow the like thereof. These are the vicissitudes which We cause to follow one another for mankind, to the end that Allah may know those who believe and may choose witnesses from among you; and Allah loveth not wrong-doers. And that Allah may prove those who believe and may strike the disbelievers." 

Here Mohammed's Allah is conveniently making excuses for the severe defeat of the Muslims, by saying that, although the Muslims suffered huge losses, the Meccans also suffered losses. It looks like Mohammed's Allah cannot count, because the Meccan deaths numbered less than 20, wheras the number of Muslims killed amounted to over a hundred. In addition to this Allah conveniently bails out Mohammed yet again, by explaining away the total decimation of the Muslim Army, with the excuse that it was a "Trial" for the Muslims. This Surah also makes very clear the reason why Muslims everywhere bring nothing but death and destruction. The Allah of Islam is asking his followers to PROVE their loyalty by going out and killing unbelievers. And who were those Unbelievers? Any innocent person who did not agree to Mohammed's twisted version of religion. Therefore this Surah is simply legalizing MURDER and even giving it Divine Justification. A religion based on such principles can only be embraced by people of the most inhumane, cruel and barbarous nature. 

Koran 3:153 
"When you climbed the hill and paid no heed, while the Messenger (Mohammed) in your rear was calling you to fight. Therefore he rewarded you grief for his grief that he might teach you, not to sorrow either for that which you missed or for that which befell you. Allah is informed of what you do." 

Here Mohammed is lashing out at the Muslims who ditched him and ran up Mount Uhud for their lives. Mohammed is so deluded with his sense of self-importance, that in this Surah, he tells the Muslims that deserting "the Messenger" (Mohammed) is the same as deserting Allah! The "Great Prophet" is equating himself with the Supreme power itself. Allah is so furious at this crime of deserting the great Mohammed that he punished the Muslims by killing off so many of their kinsmen. This is indeed the most despicable form of blackmail that Mohammed used upon his followers. In short, they were told that anyone who doesn't protect Mohammed with his own life, will be punished by Allah in the form of his family and tribesmen being killed by divine will. Here Mohammed is hitting two birds with one stone, in one single gesture, he threatens his followers with blackmail and removes the blame for the massive defeat, by claiming that Muslims died because Allah was punishing the ones who deserted Mohammed and NOT because the Meccans were far superior in warfare. There can be nothing more insidious than such type of deceit. 

6) Murder of a Jewish poet 
Date: Late March 625 A.D.
Place: Fortress of Banu-N-Nadir, outside Medinah
Victims: Kaab Ibn Al' Ashraf 

Among the Jewish tribe of Banu-N-Nadir, was an eminent poet by the name of Kaab Ibn Al' Ashraf. He was an extremely famous and cultured poet who was considered a genius of verse.He had composed a lament about the Qurayshites who had been so unjustly massacred in the battle of Badr. One day the Prophet proclaimed in his usual sweet manner " Who will rid me of the dog Kaab Ibn Al Ashraf?". A certain Muhammad Bin Maslama replied that he would do it, adding "We shall have to tell lies to do it". Inevitably the Prophet immediately gave the divine authority to lie as necessary. Muhammad Maslama bribed the foster brother of Kaab, a man called Silkan, who was a Muslim. The following night Kaab was visited by his loving foster brother and spent a pleasant evening reciting poetry. Needless to say, after dark, Kaab was dragged out of his bed screaming, and stabbed repeatedly by Muhammad Maslama, Silkan and two other devout Muslims, in full view of his young wife to be. Indeed what a great example of kindness and tolerance, was the Prophet of Islam! 

7) Invasion of Banu-N-Nadir
Date: May-June 625 A.D
Place: Fortress of Banu-N-Nadir, outside Medinah
Victims: The entire Jewish tribe of Banu-N-Nadir 

The Jewish Tribe of Banu-N-Nadir was outraged at the assassination of their greatest poet Kaab Ibn Al' Ashraf. The fact that one of the greatest literary figures of their Tribe had been mercilessly murdered, simply because he wrote some words that criticised Mohammed, was a cause of immense rage. Even then they were gracious enough to lend money to Mohammed when he came begging at their doors for financing of loans to be paid back. Mohammed the power crazed maniac however had many ulterior motives. The sight of the wealth possessed by the Banu- N-Nadir whipped up a frenzy of jealousy inside him. In his envious hatred, he devised a diabolical plot to get rid of the Tribe and rob them of their wealth. The Prophet claimed that Allah himself had come down and revealed that the Tribe of Banu-N-Nadir hated him and were hatching a conspiracy to assasinate the Prophet. The Nadir were amazed when out of the blue a Muslim messenger arrived at their oasis with the message from the "Holy Apostle of Peace" himself. The message was worded in the usual brutal manner: "Leave MY city and live here no longer after the treason which you have plotted against me." 

The Nadir were outraged, but being a peace loving people they decided the best thing to do was to shut themselves up in their fortress and prepare to defend themselves. Immediately Mohammed surrounded them with his Army of murderers and sat down outside in the familiar wooden hut surrounded by his usual bunch of bodyguards. When the Nadir made no move to fight, the "All Benevolent Angel of Mercy" started cutting down every single palm tree in the oasis. In a desert environment like Arabia, this act was equivalent to Mass Murder, considering how hard it was to grow food. The Nadir could not bear to see their oasis destroyed so mercilessly and came out to surrender. Mohammed who was still cowering behind his bodyguards screamed out : 

"Leave this place, you have your lives" 

The Peace loving Tribe which had carefully tended their land and made it the oasis that it was, were thrown out at sword point, and stripped of all their belongings. They had to flee for their lives to Khayber another Jewish settlement, which in future course would also be destroyed by the "Apostle of Peace". All the rich booty and land was grabbed by the savage Muslims, but the largest amount of land and most of the loot went as always to the "Epitome of Justice" Prophet Mohammed. 

As usual a stream of Divine revelations followed. 

Koran 59:2-5 

"He it is who hath caused those of the People of the Scripture (Jews) who disbelieved to go forth from their homes unto the first exile. You deemed not that they would go forth, while they deemed that their strongholds would protect them from Allah. But Allah reached them from a place whereof they recked not and cast terror in their hearts so that they ruined their houses with their own hands and the hands of the believers. So learn a lesson, O you who have eyes! 

"And if Allah had not decreed migration for them, he verily would have punished them in this world and theirs in the hereafter is the punishment of the Fire!" 

"That is because they were opposed to Allah and his Messenger ; and whoso is opposed to Allah (for him) verily Allah is stern in reprisal." 

"Whatsoever palm-trees you cut down or left standing on their roots, it was by Allah's leave, in order that He might confound the Evil-Livers." 

Here the Great Allah again comes to Mohammed's rescue and declares that ALL the crimes and atrocities that were committed against the innocent Tribe of Banu-N-Nadir were justified by the Divine word of the "All Merciful Allah". Not only that but Allah decrees that the Jews DESERVED to be thrown out of their homeland, simply because: 

They were not Muslim 
They were opposed to Mohammed (The fact that he mercilessly assassinated their innocent Poet for daring to criticise him may have had something to do with it!) 
They were on Prime land and had a huge amount of wealth which the Prophet of Greed wanted. 

Over and above this, cutting down Palm Trees was considered a capital crime by the Arabs, so Mohammed had to have Allah give him a nice and tidy excuse for having committed this atrocity. 

Lastly the Prophet is making it very clear here as to who is the boss. If anyone opposed Mohammed, it meant he opposed Allah and all Muslims had to KILL anyone who opposed Allah. So the Final Equation remained the same 

Oppose Mohammed= Oppose Allah ==> Get murdered by Muslims . 

Again we have come a full circle to the fundamental and central guiding principles of Islam : Intolerance, Hatred, Murder and Brutality. 

Stay tuned for the next elaboration on how Mohammed spread the "Light of Peace" by murdering, torturing, looting and raping Non-Muslims in Arabia ; A Holy Example which to this day is followed piously by Devout Muslims all over the World. 

The Works "The Glorious Quran" by Mohammed Marmaduke Pickthall, "The Meaning of the Glorious Quran" by Abdullah Yusuf Ali, "Mohammed" by Maxime Rodinson, and "Muhammad" by Martin Lings have been used to compose this article. 

Haridev S V

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