Date: 04 Dec 2007


Contributed, Dec 4, 2007. LETTER:
A British teacher is imprisoned in Sudan.  Her crime is she approved her pupils naming a soft toy(teddy bear)  after the name of their popular class mate Muhamad.  The offence was taken because it is also the name of the prophet of Islam.
The entire episode is neither unique, strange or surprising.  The teacher has now received the parden of the Sudaneese President . but fundamentalists are not satisfied and wish her to be killed.
 Millions of parents have named their children after the names of the Prophet and not all are enhancing the prestige of the Prphet and or even Islam.  What should be their fate?

Not to forget that Mohammed is a very common name among Muslims. Not all are good or nice to bring credit to their Prophet.

Some run vice parlours, some have been committed of murder, rape and drugs offences. Some of these Mohammeds go to prostitutes and too many of thme tell lies.

There was also one traitor, MOHAMMED Ali Jinnah, who committed HIGH TREASON and matricide, that is MUTILATION OF HIS MOTHER INDIA to take out PAKISTAN in 1947. The victims, refugees, widows, orphans and survivors of that Holocaust do not tire of abusing THAT Mohammed.

Should it not be FATWA against anyone naming his/her son Mohammed?