Date: 14 Aug 2007


UPA undermining India: A charge sheet
By R.  Balashankar 
This topic is not new. We have often discussed it in our  columns in the last three years. It is not the grotesque nature of the regime, a  nominated Prime Minister, the unseen hands of a Lady Macbeth in the affairs of  the state, or the Left Trojan horses meddling clumsily at all levels. It is a  sinister 
combination of interests that have brought all of them together to  undermine and maim India by using all means of government at its disposal. Every  act of this government has a central theme, to divide the society, weaken  institutions, demoralize security forces, arrest economic growth, limit India’s  diplomatic manoeuvrability and make India hostage to the capricious demands of  its hostile neighbours. 

The threat that India is facing today is not simply explained by the decline  of national parties and the growing influence regional and caste parties are  exercising on central government. It is the agenda of the ruling coalition, its  very nature and the common adhesive that cement them that have produced 
the most  disastrous political environment India ever had. No other government since  independence was accused of undermining the country. No other government was so  much depended on the veto of the Communist parties whose loyalty to this nation  was always in doubt. No central government in the last six decades 
had Muslim  League as a partner and the vocal support of all the 
fundamentalist Muslim  outfits in the country, PDP and NC of Jammu and Kashmir, Madhani’s PDP of  Kerala, Salauddin Owaisi’s MIM of Andhra Pradesh and Assam United Democratic  Front of Assam. 

This government is led by a Prime Minister, who has never won an  election even at the lowest level, has no known intention of 
fighting one in the  future and he is answerable to only one individual whose loyalty to this country  is a matter of wide speculation and whose actions are deviously secretive and  mysterious. 

Even people in her own party depend more on guesswork and newspaper leaks  than direct communication to fathom her mind. So the minions have to second  guess all the time. A leader who is not open to public scrutiny, who does not  address press conference or give interviews and whose views on any important  
issue of national concern is not known, controlling all sinews of power is an  aberration in a democracy. But that is the way it is under the UPA.
It is in this background that we address the trade mark machinations of this  government. Its actions are clearly intended to subvert social order, promote diversity and arrest the emergence of a profound Indian personality. It is 
not  simply a strategy of political gain. That, in fact, it is not in a position to  derive. It is also wrong to say vote bank. For, that is not coming into the  Congress kitty. There are interest groups in the UPA that promote the US, the  Chinese and Pakistani national goals at the cost of Indian interest. 
The Left, for example, is opposing the Indo-US nuclear deal not because it  undermines Indian sovereignty—they would have opposed it even if the deal was  entirely to India’s advantage because that will make India closer to the US—they  are batting also for China, Pakistan and other Islamic countries whose  
apprehensions are hegemonistic and in the geo-political context. Remember, the  Left was always opposed to India’s strategic nuclear defence programme. 

The Left is working as lobbyists for Chinese companies. They openly oppose  Indian initiatives to gain competitive advantage in trade and commerce over  China even as they want to spread red carpet to Chinese corporate interest in  the Indian market. Leveraging on their influence in the UPA, they have  successfully blocked all liberalisation programmes and are forcing the  government to sink all development funds in unproductive, silly schemes that  only help siphon funds into political coffers. 
The UPA is, through numerous channels, the details of which we have discussed in this issue, stoking the fires of minority segregation and separatism. 

Even  banking and financial institutions, planning and budget have been converted into  instruments of communal divide. It has more votaries in the government to speak  for terrorist and jehadi fugitives than ameliorate the wanton miseries of the  victims of terror spread across the country. The UPA is equally 
indulgent  towards Maoist, ULFA and NSCN desperadoes, bent on wrecking the country. To cap  it all is the desperate attempts of Manmohan Singh to advance the Pakistani plot  on Kashmir. Efforts to demoralize the security forces fighting the treacherous  traitors have become routine. In the past three years and 
three months the UPA  has not done a thing to strengthen the country internally or externally or to  rev up the spirit of Indian nationhood. Rather the design is to destroy  institutions that nurture unity, create disaffection in every segment of the  society. 

The UPA dispensation has the great advantage of unaccountability. All its  main players are invisible. It is a chimera of fly by night operators playing  havoc with the system. Money and mafia micromanaging all the levers of national polity. It will take long to fight and overcome the damage the UPA has done to  our destiny. 

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