Date: 14 Aug 2007


Here is the news: The Queen and Prime Minister Gordon Brown have sent congratulations to Pakistan on the anniversary of Partition. 

That was the reward for Muslim treason, murder, ethnic cleansing, mass abduction, rape, loot, plunder and destruction at the Partition of India, a telegram of Congratulations from the Queen and the same government under LABOUR PARTY that betrayed India itself in 1947.

What happened in 1947? 
Just as the British were about to leave their slave colony, the Mohammedan "BULL", ever sexually excited, noticed the Hindu cow ready and willing, INVITING rape. British RULERS relished the spectacle and readily obliged.

Lord Louis Mountbatten, the last Viceroy (who met with inglorious, ignominious and VIOLENT END himself in Irish waters) with all the imperial pomp, glory, power and FORCE at hand, had the wretched DEFENCELESS female slave called INDIA stripped naked and PINNED DOWN on bare earth.

"Rapist" Mohammed (Ali Jinn-ah) could not have been quicker and faster in going ahead. 

There was not a warrior Rajput, Maratha, Jat, Gurkha or Sikh in sight- time and opportunity were unique for him.

The result was the ILLEGITIMATE baby born, called PAKISTAN. 

It was born neither as a result of referendum nor of total exchange of populations, nor even some set of rules or conditions.

At this still birth the mother DIED but before her burial her torso was mutilated to throw a leg here, West Pakistan, and an arm there, East Pakistan, with the bleeding torso left for the vultures.

Green ISLAMIC vultures flew down from all directions and sides of the fallen victim and were quick to slaughter, maim and rape close to TWO MILLION innocent citizens of that erstwhile United India, or the AKHAND BHARAT of the wailing old funk Mahatma called MK Gandhi.

Nehru, the Uncle of Hindus, and the new prime minister of the TORSO that was SHAMELESSLY called "India" once again, signed the UNCONDITIONAL surrender of his country just as two years earlier Admiral DOENITZ of Germany and Emperor Hirohito of Japan had signed their own UNCONDITIONAL surrenders before the victorious Allies.

By the way, WORLD WAR 2 had been fought and won for the right of citizens to speak up instead of just their dictators. It had also been fought for DEMOCRACY, not ISLAMIC THEOCRACY but Secularism, not ISLAMIC TYRANNY under the newly enacted and enforced ISLAMIC Constitution over the most liberal and secular city in South Asia called LAHORE.

"There must be SOME conditions before Nehru and Gandhi agreed to PARTITION. What were they?" insisted the post partition patriot.

Yes, there were, if you INSIST. But these conditions were dictated by the MUSLIMS, and RAMMED DOWN the throats of Hindu leaders who were all BARRISTERS AT LAW from London, brutally and mercilessly. Here they are, if you must KNOW:

1.  We shall cut and chop all those areas and regions of India where Muslims are more than 51% of population.

2.  We shall then encourage, or ignore, the total extermination or degradation of the Hindus and Sikhs trapped in the newly created Islamic Republic.

3.  Under our Islamic Constitution, a Hindu will be a "DOG", a slave or coolie, delivered to the same fate as the JEWS in Nazi Germany, while any Muslim, even a road sweeper will feel proud and superior to The Rest.

4.  You HINDUS in your HINDUSTAN, shall call it Bharat or India if you like, and will not touch the whiskers of any Muslim but go secular and treat us MORE THAN EQUAL. None of you will ever speak of expulsion of the treacherous Muslims or of their internment as the Americans did to the Japanese citizens when they went to war against Hitler. Whenever possible, you will have MUSLIM governors, ministers, PRESIDENTS, Counsellors, advisers and even Supreme Commanders. While lying low, you will raise the Europeans, especially the Italians, over your heads once again. Not one of your prime ministers will ever say, BROWN IS BEAUTIFUL. They will PERPETUATE the superiority of the White race over the ("Be-waqoof") Brown while perpetuating your own degradation across India.

5. Any part of your secular republic that our Ghazis and Mujahids conquer or occupy, will belong to us in perpetuity.

Having dictated such a devastating PANCH SHEEL (Five Conditions of Partition) INDIAN MUSLIM leaders then ordered the defeated Hindus (and Sikhs) to (1) CELEBRATE the DARKEST DAY OF HISTORY by calling it "Independence Day" and (2) never to be INSPIRED by the Jews who have set up HOLOCAUST MUSEUMS everywhere to commemorate their dead. You will regard your own dead as the vermin and insects, NOT WORTH RECALLING or REMEMBERING at State level.

INDIAN MUSLIMS, who were given the choice of either moving out to Pakistan or STAYING BACK in India, then TERRORISED the Hindu nation to such an extent that one cannot see any sign of Partition ON GROUND in India except in the BLEEDING HEARTS of the survivors or those who lost their property and women and girls to the ISLAMIC BEASTS in human form.

Your Majesty, the ministers who drafted and sent congratulations on your behalf delivered total INSULT to the victims and survivors of that GREAT HOLOCAUST on earth.

Today a mighty new GLOBAL surge is taking place. While the Muslim Separatist Beast is being checked and contained in Middle East, its FURY is turning towards soft Partition Indian Secular State (P.I.S.S.). 

Under its weight and force, the remaining Hindu defences are crumbling. Simply see the KEY POSTS AT THE TOP in P.I.S.S. that the Hindus have willingly and voluntarily CONCEDED to their sworn ENEMIES. 

At some places an eligible Hindu is set aside to put a MOHAMMEDAN in the chair in order to look secular. There is NO such concession or consideration for the Hindus either in North Kashmir or in West Punjab or in East Bengal (now BOGUS-DESH in reality).

Muslims are a restless minority everywhere and through sense of INFERIORITY, INSECURITY and WEAKNESS that is imbibed through their Belief in Koran, are better organised for attack and counter attack against the MAJORITIES, especially the HINDUS who are regarded as RED RAG by the Islamic Bull. Anyone seeking proof need look no further than SRINAGAR in South Kashmir, once a tourists PARADISE. And what a gall, nerve, cheek and audacity to deliver lethal blows right in New York, Madrid and London!

Hindus from Srinagar are REFUGEES in their own country. Neither MOTHER OF NATION, SONIA KHAN, nor FATHER OF NATION, ABDUL KALAM, have ever taken them back with MILITARY ESCORT to their own homes. 

What about bringing in more Hindus and Sikhs to South Kashmir to raise the number just above 51%? Oh! YOU MUST BE A MONKEY or a COW with such an idea of the HINDUS RETURNING TO THEIR HOMES. 

Such right is reserved only for the PALESTINIANS and the KOSOVAN Albanians and Turks.

For further information on PARTITION, seek out a survivor from Lahore or Karachi, and after giving him a good beating, ask him to TELL THE TRUTH about Partiton. 

Start with IK Gujral, Khushwant Singh and Kuldip Nayar. Why have they not done a thing to write up ONE official volume on Partition as compared to NINE on the funk of failures called MK Gandhi who "DIED" WHEN INDIA NEEDED HIM.

The only TRUE patriot in that year of doom was NATHU RAM GODSE who felt the pain of Mother India and ACTED. 

When will the Hindus become MANLY enough to replace each and every statue of MK Gandhi by that of GODSE?

Oh yes, when will any proud Gujerati consider himself at par with the soveriegn Czech or Estonian to dream of a seat at United Nations? 

When will a Tamil or a Keralite consider himself no less than an Italian to see his flag flying at United Nations in New York?

Till then, the Hindu, ONE OF ONE BILLION on earth, be he a millionaire, professor, doctor or scholar, will be a "defeated ass" and celebrate the BOGUS independence of his India alongside the MUSLIMS who will celbrate the GENUINE independenmce of their newly carved and created PAKISTAN, conquered with utmost ease. 

One third of India vanished overnight from the map of the country, and NONE NOTICED the horrendous HIGH TREASON, the AGGRESSION and the SURRENDER.

Now see the PUNJAB and shed a tear for her FIVE rivers. At least THREE are under the provocative, OBSCENE and ALIEN Arabic flag under the suffocating spell and Jehadi zeal of "Allah Hu Akbar" that is neither Punjabi nor Hindi nor Sanskrit- NOR NATIVE.

Yes, you Indians, the ideological slaves of ABDUL KALAM and SONIA KHAN, CELEBRATE.

Go and drink a glass of red wine. Consider it the blood of one of your own ANCESTORS who shed it in Noakhali in August 1946 or in Rawalpindi in August 1947.