Date: 21 Jul 2007


The freedom from British in 1947 is only symbolic.
The word government still continues. The two dime sarkari naukri 
call themselves government servants. In fact they are paid 
servants of public like your housemaid.
Only thing is she works for a few private citizens and this civil 
servants work for all citizens.

This symbolic democracy is main cause of problem. Same rules and 
procedures and foul attitude of supremacy, permanency and bleeding 
of society by public servants (that includes President and 
Ministers) continues shamelessly and arrogantly.

This needs to be changed immediately by people addressing the 
civil servants as "karamchand /naukar and an SP as senior 

because of all scoundrels have got together and same Britishers 
made laws for babies continues , all have become naked and 
fearless and busy looting each one helping other. Pratibha Patil 
is one of them and is representative of Indian democratic filth 
and degraded society. What President and prime Minister mean in 
such societies? mere High cost pests. And perpetrators continuing 
characterless conduct of public servants.

In emergency Sanjay Gandhi taught them their true worth. Fighting 
India needs 5 years of dictatorship with well defined objective to 
put all criminals in government behind bars and confiscating their 

if hard decision is take, almost 1/3rd police officers will have 
to be shot dead to cleanse the police from hardened, shameless and 
arrogant corrupt crooks. They cant be reformed now.

President of India lives In a house that is foolish in present 
context with huge costs .It is much more than even White House of 

The President should move into a small house as per his needs and 
use President house only as a museum cum office.

The 1000 strong police and army guards should be reduced to 
100.With good training and automation that should be enough.

Judges are no less. They are equally arrogant, egoists and 
corrupt. They are high handed too and main cause for delays in 
justice .they blame lawyers but if they want everything can be 
back on track in 2 years. Who has stopped them from doubling 
number of judged in country?They don't want it.

Police has no investigating skills and thoroughly cheap and 
corrupt guys with no manners to even talk. From where they get 
this power to misbehave. Every one knows.

The government services must be made permanent only for 5 years 
period each time. At very 5 year stage 25% people should be kicked 
out. People for other walks of life with proven character and work 
record should be hired on contract basis as collectors etc.

The service rules of all class I civil services should be tone 
down and and their removal made easy on grounds of poor output, 
misuse of public property, misbehaviour, negligence to duty and 
call of citizen, corruption.

Indian civil servants right up to president should start behaving 
and remain at their place-servants of people. They must be only 
modestly paid and highly accountable to people. Only efficient, 
well behaved and honest should be secure in jobs.

It should be made mandatory to reply to grievances and letters of 
citizens to all class I officer in 30 days time. There is no need 
for RTI Act which is a farce to fool people.

Citizens complaints and feedback should be put in each officer's 
file, diligently processed and used for carry over the service to 
next year, increment, promotions and discharge.

The Indian babus an administers should start behaving like common 
citizens and humble servants.All lights of cars, security caravan 
should be stopped immediately.

All major laws in india including constitution have to be changed 
to update them, recast and make individula as centre of power and 
main focus for consumption of all services and goods in 
country.Judiciary,ministers and collector and SPs are mere their 
servants and should be commneted upon such and made to be reprting 
to Individual citizen.

People should stop praising judges,officials and ministres and 
talk to them as any other citizens and servants.Refuse to obey 
their misbehaviour an dmisconudt and stop paying taxes if money is 
being wasted by these crooks.

India is not fit for democracy unless people take this now in 
their hands and not retain in hand of scoundrels.

Pratibha or Sekhawat if have any self respect left, they should 
quit.They know, no one likes them except a few polticial crooks in 
country.They should rise high above self enjoy,ment ,illusory 
power and comforts.India musyt seriously start serious 
administrative an dpublic services reforms and eletroal laws.

Rest Great people of this country will take care.Crush corruption, 
arrogance,misuse and misbehaviour.

Congress should stop acting over smart.They can't be smarter from 
society they come from so is case with all IAS IPS officers.They 
are naked and arrogant and not intelligent.They are shameless.No 
citizen views thnem any better than that? cunningness and 
shameless arrogance is not superiority or intelligence.It is 

Comngress shoul;d stop trying to run cheap imitation of british 
model still in the country after 60 years.they should feel ashamed 
hiding and reallying behind a mascot of a middle class family of 
Nehru trying to make them symbol of india.It is foolish.People 
actually laugh.Thye are couintuing too much on emotionally fool 
and illitereate lower class indians rather a bit too much.

is not it shame that even after 60 years these congressmen could 
not find 20 people to run congress affairs and have to depend on a 
foreign born ordinary half educated housewife?Thuis is India the 
super power? cant be bigger mockery.Media should feel emabarassed 
printing such nionsemnse that has no basis in a hungry,half naked 
and corrupt country where total patents are not even 50.