Date: 21 Jul 2007


Saturday 21 July 2007 will go down in History as a sad day for 
Democracy in India. Make no mistake as to who is behind getting 
Mrs Pratibha Patil elected as the President. Sonia Gandhi, having 
made sure that she has a puppet PM who will play to her tunes; has 
now made sure that she has a puppet President who shall play to 
her tunes. Remember the next General Elections are due in a matter 
of two years in 2009.And who knows, the next General Elections may 
be preponed and held in the very near future itself. Well, as & 
when the next General Elections are held, it can be safely said 
that Congress shall romp home with as many seats in the Lok Sabha 
as what they have now; if not more, considering the fact that most 
of the parties in the Opposition, especially the BJP, are in a 
state of disarray. And as long as Congress romps home as the 
Single largest party, which is most likely to happen; Sonia Gandhi 
has made sure that with Mrs Pratibha Patil as President, she will 
be called to form the Govt. as the PM. And who knows, she might 
even fore go the chance to be the PM and foist Rahul Gandhi as the 
PM. You must give it to the Nehru-Gandhi family for all the 
sacrifices they have made for the Cause of India. It is indeed sad 
that people like Sharad Pawar, who was once considered a Maratta 
warrior, and who formed the NCP because he did not wish to kow tow 
to Sonia Gandhi, are today in cahoots with her. And about the 
Great Tiger Bal Thackeray, the less said the better. GOD help 

Having said that Saturday 21 July 2007 will go down in History as 
a sad day for Democracy in India, let me also say two more things. 
1.One of the first acts of Mrs Pratibha Patil as President would 
be to grant clemency to Afzal Guru and spare him from the 
gallows.2.Mrs Pratibha Patil will not last long as the President; 
for Nemesis on account of her past misdeeds would soon catch up 
with her; and she would be forced to resign. Her name too shall go down in History as the first President who resigned and went home in ignominy. And what a contrast that would be to the Gentleman President we have had in Dr Abdul Kalam. To end believe me, India shall have the misfortune of having either Sonia Gandhi or Rahul Gandhi as the PM; but take heart, their days of misrule will not last long. Trust me, every dark cloud has a silver lining.