Date: 26 Mar 2007


When one mentions "Khalistan," I begin to think, "How can Sikhs be fundamentalist and separatist?"

No, Sikhs are universalists and not sectarian or fundamentalist. But there is just ONE question? "Do we wish to PERISH in Amritsar as we did in LAHORE, GUJRANWALA, MULTAN, SIALKOT, SARGODHA, RAWALPINDI, LYALLPUR, JHANG, MIANCHANNU, MAILSI, KHANEWAL, SIALKOT, GUJRAT, RAIWIND, SHEIKHUPURA, JARHANWALA AND EVEN NANKANA SAHIB?"

The so-called "HINDU SHIELD" could not even protect THEMSELVES in Sindh, Kashmir and East Bengal, leave aside defend the Sikhs in LAHORE.

If your answer is "YES," to the question posed above then there ought to be NO Khalistan but LET US CONTINUE TO LIVE under one DYNASTY (Nehru) and one Party (Congress) for next 700 years. 

Hindustan is a land of Gurus and Devs, Sadhus, Sants and Swamis where the RULERS are guaranteed centuries of rule. Be they British, Muslims (Moguls) or NEHRU DYNASTY. 

Only a major upheaval or calamity like, war, invasion or civil war (as in 1947 when India was forced to UNCONDITIONALLY SURRENDER five provinces in order to escape alive) can change the rulers at the top. 

Today, 26 March, 2007, the TWO TOP personalities in Hindustan, ruling the roost, are SONIA AND ABDUL- both ALIEN. One is born Italian, the other a born Pakistani***. 

We often do NOT wish to see the TRUTH.
***According to "ACT OF PARTITION OF INDIA, 1947," (taboo to mention in Partitioned India), "All the INDIAN Muslims were given their separate homeland, called Pakistan."  While the SIKHS and Hindus were practically WIPED OUT in West Pakistan and Kashmir, the Muslims who wished to stay on in Broken Bharat were embraced by Mahatma Gandhi and JL Nehru and called "Bhai Bhai". In the Land of Hindus there is NO "people power" even to squeak. Native communities are easily manipulated and misled, clobbered or destroyed while foreign based communities are well advanced in thinking, education, awareness, organisation and capability.

-A Sikh refugee from West Punjab (like 15 MILLION other Indians who were forced to FLEE their homes in 1947 but have become unmentionable in the Land of HINDU "Jackals" who have not even put up a Memorial to the genocide, destruction and territorial surrenders of 1947).