Date: 08 Mar 2007



By S.P. Attri ( USA )


1. During the 1400 years of Islamís existence, the Moslems have murdered a sizeable chunk of Non-Moslem Infidels ( Kafirs ) of the world. They are now staking their claim to the rest of the Kafir-World. At the present time, the barbarian vandals of Islam, are severely persecuting the Kafirs in their own land ( the Dar-Ul-Islam ), whether it is Pakistan, Bangldesh, or any other Moslem country. Here, Kafirs are forced to surrender their cash, jewelry, and other valuables, for the privilege of being allowed to live. 

Relentless, Unmerciful, and united only in their hatred of the Non-Moslem Kafirs, the evil forces of Violent Islam, struck terror and torture in the heart of Hindu India, for over 1200 years.

2. As the bane of a Dark Age, Islam has a Violent Agenda, dark rites, and savage tactics, conducted with cunning and cruelty, to subdue Non-Moslem Kafirs. During the last 1200 years, Moslems cut a swathe of colossal destruction, all across India, murdering hundreds of millions of our Hindu people. The High-Definition Barbarism of these Islamic-Invaders, and the whistle of their war-axe, should ring in the ears of Hindus of today. The slaughter of so many of our Hindu people, is strong enough reason to take revenge against the Moslems, and define what it means to be a Hindu, and a resident of Bharat Varsha.

3. Unfortunately, the Hindu has been betrayed by the crowd of Phoney-Liberal Hindu Politicians. As a result, the uncivilized, uncultured, and inferior morality of Islam, and the cruel, brutal, and insensitive actions of Islamís followers are succeeding in India. These Phoney-Liberals accept and silently tolerate the military and savagery of the followers of Islam, and allow the hate and offense of the Moslem against the Hindu.

The Phoney-Liberals hop on their high horses, and utter the most politically correct statements, about the inviolate sanctity of the Islamís Holy Scriptures, even though these scriptures contain colossal number of verses, about annihilating the Non-Moslem Kafirs. They suspend all disbelief and trust that, things would be just fine, if we just practice democracy and support composite culture. Because of this atmosphere of tolerance, the license to commit murder of the Quranic verses ( and all of it in the name of Allah ) is regarded as minor indignities.

4. Allah is not only crazy, not only unworthy of being called a god, Allah does not even exist, except in Hazrat Mohammadís crazy mind. Moslems do not even realize that Islam is Hell, and that to escape the Hell Of Islam, they must leave Islam, and embrace the truth.

Even though the Hindu politicians seem to be wearing blind-folds, the Hindu population must not act like the Hindus of 9th century. The barbarism, brutality, terrorism, and Kafir-Hatred of Moslems, must not escape the eyes of Alert-Hindus, in the 21st century.

Surinder Paul Attri