Businessman accused in NYC of trying to help fund terror

Date: 20 Feb 2007


Businessman accused in NYC of trying to help fund terror 

International Herald Tribune 

The Associated Press 

NEW YORK - Terrorism charges brought Friday against the administrator of a loan investment program alleged that he secretly tried to send $152,000 (?115,862) to buy equipment such as night vision goggles for a terrorist training camp in Afghanistan. 

Abdul Tawala Ibn Ali Alishtari, 53, of Ardsley, New York, was charged in an indictment in U.S. District Court in Manhattan with financing terrorism and material support of terrorism. 

Alishtari, also known as Michael Mixon, was scheduled to make an initial court appearance Friday afternoon. It was not immediately clear who would represent him in court. 

The indictment said he tried to support terrorists between June and December by accepting an unspecified amount of money to transfer $152,000 (?115,862) that he believed was being sent to Pakistan and Afghanistan to support an Afghanistan terrorist training camp. 

He believed the money would be used to fund the purchase of night vision goggles and other equipment, the indictment said. 

He was also charged with money laundering for allegedly causing the transfer on Aug. 17 of about $25,000 (?19,056) from a bank account in New York to a bank account in Montreal, Canada. The money was to be used to provide material support to terrorist, prosecutors said. 

The indictment also charged him with wire fraud conspiracy and wire fraud. It said he devised a scheme to administer and promote a fraudulent loan investment program known as "Flat Electronic Data Interchange" through which Alishtari and others fraudulently obtained millions of dollars from investors by promising high guaranteed rates of return. 

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