Date: 14 Jan 2007


1. He was a nationalist poet, who was born a Moslim but had published his poem under name Iqbal Singh. 
2. He had explained the richness and culture of his land by telling this is why people of all nationalities came to India in one of his poems also. 
3. He HAD won an honor of being awarded 'Mahaa Kavi' of India by Congress Party for his nationalist poetry and writing of ... 
"Saaray jahaaN say utchhaa HindostaaN hamaaraa; Hum BolbolaiN haiN iski yeh Gol siTaaN hamaaraah" ...
and had become very famous in India.
4. Because of him a lot of Sikh had found a new name and there used to be even girls named Iqbal Kore. 
5. Later, he converted back and became 'MarDay Momin' and called the 'Shayer A Mashriq Ullaamah Iqbal' by Pakistanis. 
6. He had even Islamized his old famous poem and Pakistanis know that same famous poem by ...
"Cheen O Arab humaaraa, HinDosTaaN humaaraa; Moslim haiN hum waTan hai saaraa jahaN humaaraa".
7. There was also a successful Moslim Movie Maker of India, who had produced a very patriotic movie after partition and his anthems are still famous in India. When he had migrated to Pakistan, he had also Pakistanized all those anthems (with same old Music and similar lyrics) in his Pakistan- shot same Movie by changing its name to 'BaiDaari'. That guy was another practical follower of Dr. Iqbal.
8. Almost all the Moslims do the same. They may have lived in a Non Moslim Country most of their lives, become rich, respectable etc but when they go to visit their old country, they bad-mouth about the country they benefited so much from in front of their countrymen there though Dr. Iqbal is not responsible for that.