Date: 29 Nov 2006


New Delhi.

Seeing the map of Arunachal Pradesh on the title page of your esteemed paper dated November 26, 2006, most readers may think that only territories like Aksai Chin and  parts of Arunachal Pradesh are under illegal occupation of China.
The reality is that the whole of Pakistan and North Kashmir and Bangladesh are under illegal occupation of indigenous Muslims who separated from India, Secularism and Mainstream in 1947.

There was NO Referendum, logic, justification or argument for conceding Pakistan, a separate Islamic State within India in 1947 and to expose the minorities there to death and destruction on such a vast scale. The present Government and the almighty Congress Party are colluding with this preposterous monstrosity against Akhand Bharat.

Today United Kingdom is "Akhand" Kingdom. No Muslim resident in this country even dreams of tearing away a part of this UNITED land into an Islamic Republic of some kind. The opposition and reaction against the very idea will be most FEROCIOUS. Furthermore proud nations do not accept a historic wrong lying down. They strive and endeavour to CORRECT the historic wrong and do not rest till RIGHT prevails over the might of bullies.

Is there any good reason to suppress the reality by saying, "Partition is history"? Is there any good reason to delete the word PARTITION from the Constitution? Is there any good reason to keep the whole nation brainwashed into believing that Hindus and Muslims are "brothers" when Lahore, Dhaka and Delhi are not under the same "Vidhan" and while Punjab, Kashmir, Assam and Bengal lie fractured or vivisected and bleeding?  Is there any good reason not to have any Memorial anywhere to the two million dead of 1947? 

Is there no one to speak for restoration of Secular status of those five provunces of India (Singh, Baluchistan, W. Punjab, NWFP and East Bengal), in area equal to half of Europe,  that were surrendered UNCONDITIONALLY to the indigenous (home grown) Indian Muslims in 1947? How long will this gigantic national collapse last?