Date: 23 Oct 2006


Can one fathom the consequences had Doddy el Fayad married Diana? 

Had the two lived to marry, as they were expected to, the future King of England (current Prince William) would have had a Muslim mother and a Muslim stepfather and later, Muslim half-brothers & sisters!  Doddy would have moved right into the Palace and built an impressive Mosque on its grounds!

Without an iota of doubt Diana would have had to accept Islam in order for the marriage to be considered valid by Islamic law. Historically, the Muslims have always sought high profile and powerful targets. It happened constantly the history of India where the Moguls took on as their second, third or umpteenth wives, sisters and daughters from the ruling Hindu families only to convert them and force the rulers into submission. In many instances, the rulers also converted to Islam.  In modern times, the Muslims have sought high profile Hindu women from all spheres of public life, from the shady world of Bollywood to the daughters and nieces and sisters of high profile politicians.

Thus, the strategy is quite obvious: get the crown first... the rest will follow. The rot starts from the top ... remember, a fish rots from its head. The Muslims figured this out quite well...right from the days of Mohammad who at age 25 married Khadija, a wealthy widow about 15 years his senior! Talk of being the world’s premier gigolo!