Date: 7/27/2006


Babu Sushilanji is asbolutely correct. RIGHTEOUS VIOLENCE,as prescribed by our Lord Shri Krishna, is the way for survival of Hindu society. And, DUMP GANDHI NOW, lest Hindus become extinct! //////////////// --- Babu Sushilan <babusushilan@yahoo.com> wrote:////////// > Positive violence, war on intolerant evil people, > establishing Dharma and annihilating Adharma are > true Hindu Dharma. Due to historical reasons, Hindus > have forgotten the real message and philosophy of > Hindu Dharma. We have been tolerating intolerance, > promoting slavery, appeasing evil elements in the > name of secularism and minority appeasement. Peace, > prosperity, freedom and harmony are possible when we > are ready to wage a relentless war on intolerance, > rigid ideas and evil dogmas. Tolerance does not mean > tolerating Asuras bent on destroying us by their > evil designs. Unless Hindus resort to positive > violence and war on intolerance, we will not be able > to live as free people. By annihilating Asuras and > Jihadi terrorists, we are not murdering them we are > liberating their evil souls and marching them to > their higher soul. When we force an alcoholic for > coercive treatment, convict a criminal for prolonged > prison sentence, we are not taking away their > freedom, we are> liberating their evil soul from their addiction. we> are marching them to freedom. God Sri krishna, Lord > Rama and all our Devas have shown us the way. Let us > practice and preach the real, authentic Hindu Dharma > and we will be free for ever./////////////////// > > ////////////// > http://www.kashmirherald.com/online/print.php?t=O&no=158 > > > /////////////// > OPINION /////////// > > Posted on: July 19, 2006 /////////// > > War The Only Option ///////////// > > LALIT KOUL //////////// > > Deja vu all over again. A new day. A new massacre. > But how do we, as a nation and as individuals, > react to such horrendous terrorist acts? We get > hit, we fall down, we get hurt, we get up, we > brush off the dust, we nurse our wounds and we > move on. We proclaim that no terrorist act in the > world can cow us down. We feel proud that we are > resilient and thus capable of recovering in no > time. But is that enough? Is it just the > physical wounds that we need to nurse? Is it just > the economic wounds that we need to recover from? > What about the wounds our nation is inflicted > with? What about the pride of the nation? Are we > as a nation going to just keep ignoring these > dastardly acts of terror? Are we as a nation going > to just keep moving on? And feel good about it? > Like millions of Indians, I too anxiously waited > to hear what Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh > would have to say to the citizens of his country. > I was hoping for the words of assurance from him > that his government will > leave no stone unturned in bringing justice to > the terrorists who were involved in the latest > Mumbai bombings. I was hoping that for once the > Prime Minister would stand up for India's > security. I was hoping that Dr. Singh would > finally live up to the oath of office he took at the > time of taking over the office of PM. I was hoping > that for once the government of India will wake > up and focus its energies on the root cause of the > terrorist activities in India. But alas, I was > hoping too much. More than 200 innocent > Indians get killed in a time span of 11 minutes > and what does our Prime Minister tell the > citizenry? Very little. And of absolutely no > substance. "Let me say, no one can make India > kneel. No one can come in the path of our > progress. The wheels of our economy will move on. > India will continue to walk tall, and with > confidenc.I urge each one of you to remain calm. > We will win this war against terror. Nothing will > break > our resolve." Thus spoke the Prime Minister > of a country whose citizenry have been repeatedly > subjected to Islamic terrorism for the last two > decades. Every time, Islamic terrorists strike in > India and kill innocents Indians, Indian PMs have > asked its citizens to remain calm. And it is OK to > ask the citizens to remain calm. But does that > mean that the government of India too has to > remain still? What about the government's > responsibility to protect the country's > sovereignty and its citizens? Here is a brief > reminder of some of the major Islamic terrorist > onslaughts on India and its citizens: March > 1993: Islamic terrorists carried out multiple > bombings in Bombay, killing 257 innocent Indian > citizens and wounding more than 1,500. > December 2001: Islamic terrorists attacked India's > Parliament in New Delhi, leaving 14 innocent Indian > citizens dead. September 2002: Islamic > terrorists attacked Akshardham temple in > Gujarat, killing 31 innocent Indian citizens. > March 2003: Islamic terrorists exploded a bomb on > a passenger train in Bombay, killing 10 innocent > Indian citizens. August 2003: Two taxis > packed with explosives were blown up near Gateway > of India in Mumbai, by Islamic Terrorists, killing > 52 innocent Indian citizens and wounding more than > 100. October 2005: A day before Diwali, > Islamic terrorists exploded three bombs in Delhi's > busy markets killing 62 innocent Indian citizens > and wounding hundreds. March 2006: Islamic > terrorists conducted two bombings at a train station > and a temple in the holy city of Varanasi killing > 20 innocent Indian citizens. July 11, 2006: > Islamic terrorists triggered eight bombings on > Mumbai trains killing more than 200 innocent > Indian citizens and injuring hundreds more. So > even after all these terrorist attacks, the > government of India is staying calm and going > through its ritual motions of > issuing press statements of condemnation. Time > for just talk is long over. It is time to disrupt > this endless cycle of violence and take the war to > the enemy's camp. Yes, you are right. I am > referring to the failed state of Pakistan that has > been sponsoring the Islamic terrorism for many > many years. The government of India has to > take the final and decisive step of declaring the > war on terror and that war starts and ends in the > fields of Pakistan. Resolute force needs to be > implemented to blow up those fields where the > Islamic terrorist training camps are still > operational with complete support from Pakistani > government. Just dusting off the shrapnel from our > bodies and carrying on with the daily economic > activity is not enough to keep the country > together and safe. It needs focused, determined > and decisive leadership that will implement the > policies and strategies to protect the sovereignty > of our great country. India needs > to stop pretending as if nothing is wrong with > the peace process with Pakistan. Peace process > with Pakistan does not exist and even if it exists > on paper, it is useless. One cannot go on having > peace talks with Pakistan while Islamic terrorists > use the land of same Pakistan to get arms training > and then cross over to India to wreak havoc. > Pakistan needs to be told in clear cut terms that > everything is off the plate now and we are going > to pursue the terrorists wherever they are. > Whether it is Maulana Masood Azhar or Hafeez Sayed > or Sallahudin, India shall engage in hot pursuit > and not stop until these terrorists are caught > dead or alive. Like Israel, India needs to cross > the border and bombard the hell out of terrorist > training camps in Pak-Occupied-Kashmir and other > places within Pakistan. Picking up few clues from > Israel, India needs to selectively take out the > terrorists masters by whatever means and > irrespective of where they are > located. India has a right to defend itself and > its citizens and in that process she shall go > wherever the terrorists are and hand-deliver the > justice to them. Pakistani Foreign Minister > Kasuri's words of linking the Mumbai bombings with > Kashmir issue unashamedly expose the nexus between > Islamic terrorists and Pakistani government. > Islamic terrorist acts all over the world during > past few years have exposed the disingenuousness > of Pakistani dictator Pervez Musharraf's claims of > supporting the war on terror. Whether it is > the Islamic terrorist act inflicted upon India or > Indonesia or England or Spain or America, one fact > that has been consistently common in all those > acts of terror is the connection terrorists had > with Pakistan, All of them have undergone > terrorist training in Pakistan. How many > more innocent lives we need to cremate on a mass > cremation ground before the spirit of nationalism > emerges in our souls? What else > should happen to make our blood boil and not > demand the ultimate action of war from Indian > government? My fellow Indians, please stand up > for what is just and what is the absolute need of > the hour. Please talk to your local and national > representatives and demand action from them. We > all live in a democracy and in democracy peoples > voice is the ultimate voice. It is time we speak > up and speak up loud and clear so that our > motherland India survives for us as well as for > our future generations. > Are we ready? //////////////// > 000000000