Date: 7/12/2006


The three stages of the Islamic World View: ////////////// Dar al Sulh: This is where there is a minority Muslim population living amongst a Non - Muslim majority. The strategy is to adopt a stance of peaceful “deceipt”, thereby lulling the “Host” population into a false security. ///////////// Dar al Harb: When the Muslim population feels it has grown to an extent where it can begin to challenge the host element, by making demands on it, and gradually imposing it´s will on the native people, it will then cause the “Territory Of The Infidel” to become a War Zone. /////////////// Dar al Islam: Following victory, the Islamic conquerors will impose the full wait of the “Shari´a” on the defeated people. //////////// Examples of Dar al Islam follow : In 712 AD, during the Muslim Army´s invasion of India, //////////// 16, 000 Hindu males were slaughtered after following the Muslim victory. Will Durant, in his book, “The Story of Civilisation” writes, “The Muslim attack on India is probably the bloodiest story in history. The bitter lesson to be learned by this is the requirement for eternal vigilance. Civilisations and Nations may love peace, but keep their powder dry”. ///////////// During the initial onslaught, Islam broke and burnt everything beautiful it came across in Hindustan. In the Hindu Kush, following the defeat of the Hindu forces, the victorious Muslims under “Mahmoud the Glorious”, whilst in the process of marching back to Arabia ///////////// 50, 000 Hindu slaves over the Afghan mountains, Mahmoud decided it was too much trouble and slaughtered all of them. //////////// In 1193, a mass slaying of Buddhists and the burning of one of history´s greatest libraries, preceded the “ethnic cleansing” of Buddhists from India. By that century´s end, members of that sect were a non-entity in India, those having escaped the slaughter escaping to Nepal and Tibet or to the far south of the sub continent. //////////// The Taliban´s destruction of the giant Buddhist statues in Afghanistan during the late 1990´s bears witness to how Islam “tolerates” other faiths. ///////////// In 1568, The Mogul Emperor, Akbar, systematically murdered 30,000 Hindus. Between 1593-1666, his successor, the 5th Mogul Emperor, Shah Jahan (he who built the Taj Mahal) waged 48 campaigns of death and destruction against his Hindu and other Non-Muslim neighbours. He destroyed 76 Hindu Temples along with numerous Christian Churches. At the Portugese colony of “Hugh”, 10,000 people were killed by explosion, drowned, or burnt to death. A further 4000 were enslaved. //////////// The Muslim massacres in India are unparalleled in history. Yet still, centuries later, after Indian Independence from Great Britain, Indian Marxists, blinkered by their ideology tried to hide the Muslims record in India. To this day, Militant Islam see India as unfinished business. /////////// The Ottoman Nightmare. //////////// When the ottomans began their conquest of the Balkans, they introduced the “Blood Levy”. This meant that 1/5 of all boys were taken from their parents to be raised as “Warrior Monks” of The Sultan, or Janissaries. This particular piece of evil is the foundation of the strong loathing of “The Turk” felt by Serbs and Bulgars, which exists to this day. ///////////// “Apologists” for the Ottomans state that it was like having one´s child sent to Harvard or Yale. //////////// The Sack of Constantinople lives in infamy as three days of Rape, Pillage and Slaughter. The once great city, and centre of Eastern Christendom, was subjected to horrors beyond imagination. The streets were impassable due to the number of dead and rotting corpses. The Emperors head was severed and brought to the Sultan. Great and wonderful works of Christian Art and Icons were destroyed. ///////////// Being a Greek, Armenian, Serb or other Christian in The Ottoman Empire meant living in daily fear of murder, rape, torture, kidnapping of children and genocide. //////////// The problem of “Islamaphobia” in the 21Century Western World is not for “love of the Turk”, but a “Cultural Marxist” view of the West. //////////// Between 1877 and 1909, 200,000 Armenian Christians were massacred by Turks. In 1915 “The extermination” of the Armenians in Turkey began. On Sept 13th 1922, “The burning of Smyrna” 200,000 Christians slaughtered, effectively ending 2,000 years of Christianity in Asia Minor. /////////// In 1916, in the Lebanon, 100, 000 Maronite Christians starved to death by Turks. Remnants of ancient “Jacobite, Nestorian and Chaldean” sects eliminated. ////////////// In 1955, Istanbul´s Christians suffer during “race riots” ////////////////// The Ethnic cleansing of Christians in the Middle East, North Africa, Bosnia and Kosova all took place under the watchful non interventionist eye of the UN and the Western Powers. ///////////// In 1941, in the future state of Pakistan, 25% of the population were Hindu. By 1991, only 1.5% of that community remained. During the same period, in Bangladesh, the Hindu populace declined from 30% down to 10%. //////////////// In an age of “Victimology”, persecution of Christians by Muslims is a political taboo in the West. Condemn The Crusades, an attempt to reclaim that which was taken by Islamic Invaders. At the same time, the evil atrocities committed in the name of Islam are excused by “The Apologists” of terror the world over. ////////////// Whilst Africans demand reparations from the West over the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade of the 18th and 19th centuries, the 1000 year old control by Muslims over Sub Saharan Slavery is ignored. Slavery in this and other parts of the world is alive and well, and controlled in the main by Islam. ////////////// We don´t here about Islamic Atrocities due to Western “freethinkers” who hate persecution and discrimination, be it sexual, racial or religious with one exception, when it is against Christians. ////////////// All Muslims must strive for peace, but only after “Dar Al Islam”. /////////////// “The sword of Muhammad and the Quran are the most fatal enemies of civilisation, liberty and truth, which the world has known”. William Muir (1815-1905).//////////////// 000000000