Date: 7/3/2006


A. Muslims think one man one marriage is Western conspiracy to keep the Muslim population down. ///////////// In one of the numerous Muslim television channels, they have encouraged Muslims to marry four wives. Imams will do NIKAH with four females. If they like they can register one as legal wife, the other three can be mistresses or single parents. ///////////////// Also Muslims can have wives in other countries e.g. one in UK the others in Pakistan or elsewhere. ............................................................................. ///////////// There is big upset among the Hindu (especially Sikh) community on this situation where ABDUL KALAM and SONIA KHAN are only spectators at the abduction and seduction of Hindu girls abroad and continuous MASSACRE of Hindus in Kashmir. ///////////////// Our politicians, ministers and Lok Sabha may "lick" their feet but does anyone really think that they are contributing to our children's knowledge of history and our own PRIDE in our native Hindu religion? //////////// No nation on earth other than India has such useless leaders and ignorant and timid voters. None recalls in public that the "Father of Pakistan" Mohammed Ali Jinnah himself was born in India but later delivered a crushing blow to India to produce Pakistan. ///////////// We don't know why even one State in today's Partitioned India has not yet raised its Bhagwa and declared itself a HINDU REPUBLIC. Some of them are surely much larger and bigger than Portugal, Spain and Austria. Why do all HINDU chief ministers take delight in leading lives of such subordination and degradation. /////////// Below is a write up being posted on the Sikh discussion lists. This is even more pertinent and valuable for the HINDUS. Kindly convey printouts to local mandirs and Hindu organisations in your area. /////////////// July 3, 2006.//////////// ====================== /////////////// FROM THE SIKH NOTICE BOARD:////////////// (Quote) Dear all, it is common knowledge that Sikh girls at schools, universities and offices are being deliberately targeted by Muslims, particularly by the schizophrenic Pakistanis whose spiritual roots lie in the grave of "role model" Mohammed in Saudi Arabia, & core loyalty to Al Qaida and Global Islam. /////////// As soon as the British rulers left the sub continent in 1947 these "home grown terrorists" (Indian Muslims) violently broke off from secular India in order to "swim in the rivers of Islamic poison". ///////////// However unbelievable it may sound, the Hindus in India are still slavishly under a Mohammedan President (Abdul Kalam) and due to centuries of slavery still lack the political will and civil courage to shed off their suicidal appeasing/conceding "political correctness" in order to educate themselves, especially their girls, on the perils of rising Islamic fundamentalism at home and abroad. Thus Sikhs and Hindus come here quite ignorant of what to expect from the Pakistani predators who share the religion of our own President back home. /////////////// While native White girls in the West grow up in their own community and country, and are confident enough to give a slap to any immoral Pakistani loafer, the Sikh and Hindu girls, on the other hand, have no such confidence and do not have the backing of their parents or community. Muslims perceive them to be easy prey. ///////////// The Pakistanis who came over to the United Kingdom for better life, and to enjoy the freedoms in a tolerant society, did not change their despicable ways but went on to seduce and degrade non Muslim girls while confining their own females within four walls of their homes. ////////////////// These are not genuine love marriages. In no case does the charming suitor embrace the religion of the girl. On the contrary he receives appreciation of his local imam and the men in mosque, as well as the blessings of his parents on bringing a Kafir (Infidel) girl to the fold of Islam. //////////// Often the man "dumps" the girl after she produces a few children and then starts the "hunt" all over again to seduce another naive and ignorant girl. None of the girls is informed of his other wives, if any, elsewhere. He can have up to four. //////////// Some girls are taken to their native Islamic republics on the pretext of showing their children to grandparents but are then sold off or kept in strict captivity. Invariably their children are forced to stay back to be indoctrinated in the “way of Islamâ€?. Some of these wretched women manage to contact the British embassies abroad and beg to be rescued. //////////// The rulers of Partitioned India that suffered a crushing defeat in the civil war of 1947, surrendering one third of territory to her home grown terrorists, are not in the least interested in, or concerned about, the plight and degradation of non Muslim girls, some of whom have been lured to Pakistan and then forced into prostitution. Accounts of such girls, when published by brave reporters in the West, shatter their parents, families and friends. Their helplessness only adds to their misery and mental torture. /////////// Please educate and warn all non Muslim girls, especially the Sikhs, to beware of world's most successful predators of girls, the irresistibly polite, sweet and charming Muslim admirer and lover. ///////////// Save Sikh girls. Save our honour. Save our dignity and image. Save our future. Save the world. (Unquote)//////////// =========================////////// B. //////////// LONDONISTAN (FRENCH COMPLAINT)/////////// None else but LABOUR Government in UK ought to have known the MUSLIMS better. Do they not know that the Father of Pakistan, MOHAMMED Ali JINN(ah) was born in India, sang songs of loyalty to India, lived and loved India's secularism, but then suddenly showed his devastating true ISLAMIC colours to ATTACK India in the most callous and ruthless manner. Does the Government of Britain not know that ONLY A MUSLIM is capable of massacring his own fellow citizens as seen from the massacres of HINDUS in Western and Eastern India during 1946 and 1947. /////////// How is it that the Labour Government take part in commemorating the Battle of Somme that took place NINETY years ago but do not utter a whisper about the TWO MILLION non Muslims SLAUGHTERED while they were still ruling India? //////////// The Labour Party have taken full advantage of electoral system whereby the betrayed nation "boils and simmers" on the fires of incompetence (as shown by Home Secretaries recently) but is unable to dump such a government overnight but wait for the next general elections when other issues may well overtake the imagination of public. //////////// Labour has been oblivious to the feelings and sentiments of the non Muslims in this country who are alarmed at rising number of Muslims. They have seen with their own eyes how ordinary Muslims can "give a slap" to the world's most powerful nation (September 11, 2001) and even tolerant, appeasing and pleasing Great Britain (July 7, 2005).///////////// Now here is the French story about LONDONISTAN which shows that Britain puts the treacherous alien Muslims ABOVE the Christian French, part of European Union. //////////// ----------------------------------------- //////////// ////////////// LONDONISTAN: The Consequences of Appeasement ///////// / Thierry Gattuso ////////// The term Londonistan was coined by the French embassy in London in the late 1990s, as a result of their frustration over the lack of co-operation from the British security establishment. In December 1994, the “Groupe Islamique Armé” (GIA), an Algerian Moslem terrorist organization, hijacked an Air France flight, number 8969 and threatened to fly the plane into the Eiffel Tower. The hijacking was ended when the GIGN mounted a raid on the plane at Marseille airport. In the fall of 1995, the GIA carried out a series of bomb attacks on the Paris metro (subway). The DSG, (French FBI), infiltrated and broke up the GIA in France. ////////// The leaders of the GIA who ordered the attacks escaped to Britain. The French government had raised numerous extradition requests for the GIA leaders only to see them turned down by the British. /////////// The British looked the other way as the GIA along with Chechen, Kashmiri and Palestinian terrorists carried out their fund raising and coordinated attacks from their London safe havens. //////// As Spengler mentions in his essay, the British would not take action against the Islamic terrorists unless they started to attack Britain or British interests. The British also took the view that as the GIA leadership who were Arabs while the Moslem population of Britain was largely from Pakistan and Bangladesh. That the Algerians would not radicalise the Moslems of Britain because of language and cultural differences. They failed to see the religious connection among the Algerians, Bangladeshis, Kashmiris and Pakistanis. ///////// In the 1990s, because of Islam, second and third generations of Moslems in Britain failed to successfully integrate into wider society. Report after report, highlighted how Moslems generally performed badly in all economic, educational and employment indicators compared to Christians, Jews, Buddhist, Sikhs and Hindus. ////////// Moslems also felt let down by the lack of response as to what they saw as an “attack on their religion” by the British author Salman Rushdie. Moslems Failed to understand that Rushdie had every right to publish his book, the Satanic verses. This sense of alienation drove many Moslems into the arms of their Arab “brothers”. ///////// In contrast to their parents’ generation who were hard working and put family values above all else and had a secular outlook, the Moslem youths were not interested in jobs or education but became interested in “liberating Palestine”, and driving the infidels out of “Moslem lands” and other Arab and Islamic causes. Their heroes were Saddam Hussein, Yasser Arafat, Osama Bin Laden and Abu Al Zarqawi. ////////// The political left, who shared their views, the likes of Ken Livingstone and George Galloway, were seen as natural allies because the left had an anti American and anti Jewish streak. //////////// Whether or not the British security authorities took their eye off the ball or whether they had their eye on it in the first place, only MI5 or MI6 knows the answer to that question. The French, Russian, Israeli and Indian governments (NB: Indian government under the sway of President Abdul Kalam & Terror of Islam, did it only to deceive the gullible Hindus at home who are told, “The deadly MUSLIM attack on secular India at Partition was their Independence”. The Government of India are in league with PLO, HAMAS and all the Muslim terrorist organisations. One has to see their voting pattern at UNO and one has to see their “rule” in Kashmir, both North and South!) all clearly put their cases to the British and warned of the consequences to Britain, if no action was taken. //////////// In the early 1990s, local politicians of Jewish and Indian origin were warning successive governments of what uncontrolled Moslem immigration and the absences of any vetting of Imams would do to Britain for they have seen at first hand what Islam had done to their countries and region. (sic) (But in India itself there is a complete official ban on speaking about “What Islam had done to India”. There is no mention of India’s unconditional surrender to Islam, known as “Partition” that wiped out one third of the country overnight from the map. Cowardly appeasing Hindu leaders accepted Partition of India without referendum, condition, argument, challenge, fight or counter attack. There is NO memorial to, or commemoration of, the two million Hindus and Sikhs MASSACRED by the Indian Muslims in 1947). //////////// I travel to Britain at least once a month and I have noticed a hardening of attitudes towards Moslems amongst the population since 7/7. Moslems are seen as a fifth column, whose Islam is incompatible with the modern world. (NB: Cowardly appeasing Government of India could have educated the whole world on Muslim Fifth Column right from the year 1947.) /////////// Many soft Moslem apologists, including Tony Blair and Prince Charles who used to give excuses whenever there was a terrorist outrage in the Middle East, no longer give Moslems political cover. Only die-hard Moslem apologists such as Galloway and Livingstone offer feeble excuses for the world-wide acts of Moslems. ///////////// Before 7/7 Charles would shower praise on Moslems and say how we all “misunderstood Islam”. Charles has not uttered a word on Islam since 7/7. The British know only too well who has misunderstood Islam. //////////// 9/11 and especially 7/7 can be seen as a watershed in the UK. In my travels there since 7/7 I have had conversations in pubs and clubs with people who consider themselves liberals. They say to me that Moslems are the fifth column, you should not trust them and Islam is incompatible with the modern world. /////////// Other similar statements are also made. Britons are finally waking up and are challenging Moslems and Moslem apologists. /////////// 7/7 has also had a major impact on the European psyche along with the French riots in the Fall of 2005. The elite in Europe were shocked when British born, British educated young men blew themselves up on the London mass transit system. They then saw Moslems burning the cars, shops and businesses of their non-Moslems neighbors throughout France. //////////// Finally they witnessed the acts of violence and vandalism by Moslems in response to a few cartoons of Mohammed published in a Danish newspaper. Many saw this as an assault on freedom and the freedom of the press. Added to this are the comments made by President Ahmadinejad, the Islamofascist leader of Iran stating “wiping Israel off the map” and the winning of Hamas in the Palestinian elections. Many compared these events as to the Nazis being voted into the Reichstag. ///////////// Moslem apologists no longer offer excuses for the actions of Moslems. The state of denial that many in Europe had enveloped themselves in has now been lifted. In recent months European leaders have taken a tough line against Hamas and Iran. In France Nicholas Sharozy, the interior minister is introducing a points system for would be immigrants. Immigrants settled in France can no longer bring family members into the country if they have no job. The Dutch government is considering banning the burqa in public places. /////////// Debates are going on in the bars, pubs, cafes and beer kellers of Europe about Islam and the threat it poses to civilization. I always offer my opinion in such exchanges. //////////// In executing the war on Moslem terrorism, we must above all else adhere to our democratic principals and human rights. Moslems who carry out, condone and encourage terror and violence should be punished. Those Moslems who do not engage in terror must be encouraged to leave Islam. All relevant information about Islam, Mohammed, Islamic history and core Islamic beliefs should be made available to them. With Saudi petrodollars, Moslems have launched several satellite television channels across Europe. Well-funded and well-organized television channels run by the apostates should be setup to convince the large majority of Moslems, who are non violent, to leave Islam. /////////// Similarly, just because someone looks like a Moslem, does not necessarily mean he/she is a Moslem. Many Arabs who live in the US are Christians as are most Iranians. Many have left the ancestral lands because of Islamic bigotry and persecution. Stop and think before you descend to the level of barbarity of Moslems. ///////////// =====================///////////// 000000000