Date: 6/24/2006


Hindus will run from Kashmir"-- HAMAS///////// http://www.pmw.org.il/asx/PMW_yasserghalban.asx/////// To view this video, anticipating Islam's conquering of US and Britain, click here //////// The video is a collection of statements by Hamas terrorist leader, Yasser Ghalban, killed last week by Palestinians, in the ongoing internal fighting. //////// -------------------------//////// THE BITTER TRUTH IS THAT //////// WE HAVE BEEN BETRAYED BY "BANDIT" NEHRU'S CONGRESS PARTY. The nation has not been able to EXTERMINATE this Party from its midst in the last five decades.//////// We are calling PARTITION "independence". //////// Our Democracy is NOT rule of PEOPLE but rule of DYNASTY. //////// Our Secularism in Delhi is bogus if it cannot be rammed down the throat of every Mohammed in LAHORE. //////// Hamas is telling us that THOSE WHO CANNOT CLAIM LAHORE CANNOT RETAIN SRINAGAR. It's a world of "men and warriors", not "rats and goats"./////// The recovery of North Kashmir is overdue by 50 years./////// Our President Abdul must be a PAKISTANI if he cannot repeal Article 370 of Constitution that SINGLES OUT Kashmir for all the privileges and benefits. ///////// Our bogus "Rashtramata" Sonia must be our enemy if she cannot lay the foundation stone of the Temple in Ayodhya. Why do subservient Hindus today put her above Sita Devi?///////// While the people were dumb cattle at PARTITION (NO referendum!) they were considered the same by Indira Khan in 1972 when she RETURNED East Bengal to Mohammed once again when there were NO British masters overhead. She said, "Secularism is for East Punjab, NOT FOR EAST BENGAL." ////////// Since we could not muster guts and courage to erect even one memorial for the TWO MILLION massacred Hindus in 1947, we have been murdered and raped on regular basis in South Kashmir. The Supreme Commander ABDUL must be a "Son of a BITCH" for not arming the Hindus there or giving them means of fast communication, e.g. mobile phones, if he cannot defend their lives. ////////// If the Hindus are still seen cowering in the corners of Lok Sabha, the Hamas will prove RIGHT.//////// The way out of this trap is to EITHER declare Pakistan an illegitimate "BASTARD" State who should withdraw her mission from New Delhi OR declare all the Muslims ALIENS or "guest workers" in HINDU India. ///////// If Lahore and Dhaka go ISLAMIC, that is extreme PROVOCATION to us all, then we ought to declare (what is left of) India HINDU RASHTRA.///////////// How long will all the 29 chief ministers touch the foot of semi-literate worthless Italian import by Bofors Chor? If they have any self esteem, each one will declare himself/herself free of Delhi like East Bengal and West Punjab. ////////////// The only way to prove Hamas wrong is to have Hindu Rashtra of Gujerat, Hindu Rashtra of Tamil Nadu, Hindu Rashtra of Madhya Pradesh, Hindu Rashtra of Maharashtra AND SO ON. Each one will have its MAN at UN and its frontiers will be inviolable like those of PARAGUAY, Spain, Denmark and Canada. ///////////////// That is the only way to prove Hamas wrong.////////////000000000