Date: 6/7/2006


EACH TIME THE GALLANT SIKHS REDEEMED THEIR HONOUR AND DIGNITY WHILE THE REST OF HINDUSTAN (HINDU NATION) LOOKED UP TO POLITICAL "WITCH" INDIRA KHAN (OF HALLOWEEN, 1984), THE BOFORS CHOR (BLASTED BY BOMB, MAY 21, 1991), ABDUL KALAM (TECHNICALLY A PAKISTANI) AND SONIA KHAN (NEITHER HINDU NOR INDIAN BUT ITALIAN) FOR A CHANCE TO CLEAN THEIR TOILETS./////// ===========================//////// Perhaps, list needs to be expanded by including the names of Gangu/Suchanand to AS Sandhu/KPS Gill and Badal/Barnala, etc. i.e. from 1839-1849 to 1947- 2006. //////// Wednesday, 7 June 2006 3:47 PM/////// Subject: The price of Treachery //////// Perpetrators /////// Result of Crimes /////// Chandu (responsible for the Shaheedi of Guru Arjan Dev Ji) //////// Brought to justice by Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji //////// Massands (took control of Gurdwaras and used the Sangats money for their immoral practices //////////Brought to justice by Guru Gobind Singh Ji //////// Jaspat Rai (responsible for Shaheedi of Bhai Mani Singh and countless other Singhs) /////// Brought to justice by Nirbhau Singh Wazir Khan (responsible for Shaheedi of Sahibzadey ) //////// Brought to justice by Banda Singh Bahadur General Dyer (British army general who killed many Sikhs in Amritsar) Brought to justice by Udham Singh //////// Indra Gandhi (attacked Darbar Sahib and had countless Sikhs killed) ///////// Brought to justice by Beant Singh & Satwant Singh //////// Gen. A.S Vadaiya (attacked Darbar Sahib) /////// Brought to justice by Sukha & Jinda ////// Narkhdhari Gurbachan (responsible for the death of 13 Gursikhs in 1978 /////// Brought to justice by Bhai Ranjit Singh //////// Sant Harchand Sinh Longowal (played a role in attack on Darbar Sahib, betrayed the Panth) /////// Brought to justice by Sikh Nation /////// Harminder Singh Sandhu (government agent who infiltrated the defenders of Darbar Sahib which lead to their deaths) ///////// Brought to justice by Sikh Nation /////// Lalit Makan (responsible for the 1984 massacre in Delhi) /////// Brought to justice by Sukha & Jinda /////// Arjan Das (responsible for the 1984 massacre in Delhi) /////// Brought to justice by Sukha & Jinda /////// Beant Sinh (during his tenure as Punjab Chief Minister was responsible for the deaths of countless Sikhs in faked police encounters) ///////// Brought to justice by Bhai Dilavar Singh Babbar //////// Police CATS: Indian Lions /////// Brought to just ice by Bhai Raminderjit Singh Tenee-Babbar and fellow freedom fighters //////// Santokh Kala: Police CAT: Alam Sena / Panthic Tigers Force. /////////// /////// THERE IS COLOSSAL SYSTEMETIC FAILURE IN INDIA THAT CONTINUOUSLY PUTS THE ENEMY ON TOP, AND PERPETUATES THE MISERY AND SLAVERY OF PEOPLE (NATIVES) AND PROLONGS THEIR DEADLY STRUGGLE FOR FREEDOM AND DIGNITY WHICH MANY OTHERS ON EARTH GET WITH THE EASE OF BREATHING./////// ===================== 000000000