Date: 6/6/2006


22nd Anniversary of 1984 Sikh Holocaust/////// By SSNews/////// Jun 3, 2006, 17:01 /////// All across the world Sikhs are preparing placards, posters and preparing to mark the 22nd anniversary of the 1984 Indian army assault on the Golden Temple complex, the holiest Sikh shrine. In the UK, the annual Remembrance Rally and Freedom March will be taking place in London on Sunday 4 June. For the first time ever coaches are expected to travel from mainland Europe - France, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Spain, Italy etc. Sikhs in Toronto, Vancouver, (Bay Area) San Francisco, New York, Washington DC are all expected to mark the anniversary. Sikhs in Panjab are also likely to organise large-scale events to complement what is being planned by the Sikh Diaspora for Sunday 4 June. Sikhs are uniting to remind people across the world that Sikhs will never forget 1984. //////// In June 1984, Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi sent the Army to attack the Golden Temple Complex. To those who say that the Operation, codenamed Bluestar, was merely to 'flush out militants' Sikhs simply question what the need was to simltaneously attack 40 other Gurdwaras throughout Punjab? //////// Thousands of Sikhs were massacred in subsequent Military and Para-Military Operations and orchestrated Pograms carried out since Bluestar. These include the Anti-Sikh Pograms of November 1984 not to mention Operation Woodrose, Operation Black Thunder, Operation Mand, Operation Search and Operation Rakshak. These were assisted by the Punjab Police with extra-judicial killings, fake encounters, mass cremations and support for state-sponsored terrorists. ///////// for more information please visit://///// // ///////000000000