Date: 6/1/2006


In a message dated 31/05/2006 20:04:47 GMT Daylight Time, writes:///////// Reports Say German Female Suicide Bombers Planned Attacks German authorities may have thwarted suicide bomb attacks in Iraq and Pakistan by three German women, according to media reports. The security officials allegedly stumbled on the suspects in Internet chat rooms./////// =========================////// To//////// DEUTSCHE WELLE////// Sir,//////// Your Reports do NOT say "German MUSLIM female suicide bombers". ///////// Why not?//////// Are you also "appeasing" ISLAM in the name of "Political Correctness"? Your report has left the whole world wondering as to why GERMAN women "are going mad".//////// Surely German CHURCH (both Catholic and Evangelical) will be investigating as to why these "German" females forsook their father's faith of gentle Christianity to go over to Mohammed of the Hot Deserts of Savage Arabia where women are still second class citizens.////////// Yours etc./////// 000000000