Date: 5/30/2006


The despicable ruling clique of India under perpetual hold of DYNASTY has three permanent strategic goals with regard to the enslaved NATIVES.////// 1. Keep them IGNORANT. (Was it Independence or Partition?) /////// 2. Keep them IMPOVERISHED. (YOU produce, WE will fix the price and determine the markets.)/////// 3. Keep them INTIMIDATED. (You dare callenge SARKARI slogans like "Indira is India".) /////// It is a PITY that Sikh Panth in 1947 did not have even one leader of CALIBRE who could challenge that UNCONDITIONAL surrender of Lahore.////// It is even a greater SHAME that the Land of Lions is now behaving like the POODLE of Vatican and Sonia, and Abdul, too, three leading and guiding lights of NATIVES.////// How many VCRs are there in EAST Punjab to view the DVD? How many computer literate Sardars are there in the Land of Lions, now ruled by treacherous DYNASTY? /////// Instt of Sikh IDEOLOGY. 30 May 2006.////// We shall struggle for FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION just as our Gurus struggled for the same, IN VAIN./////// ============================================================== /////// In a message dated 30/05/2006 10:26:36 GMT Daylight xxxxxx@yahoo.com writes: /////// I have read Sayarth Prakash. There is only one sentence in the book that can be taken as derogatory to Guru Nanak Dev Ji. It reflect the view of this author./////// I do not take it to heart. /////// Satyarth Prakash is not a book on which a film can be made. Da Vinci Code affects the very root of the beliefs that the Church is propagating for centuries. Worst for the church is the belivers are getting exposed to another view regarding what Jesus Christ was. It opens up the route to other literature of similar kind. Church for different reason is worried about the impact of this new thinking about Christianity as it is contrary to what it preaches. Though I do not agree with Church, I can umderstand their disconfort./////// Another divastating research for the present views and belives on Christianity is the discovery, translation and publication of gospel of Judas. It has been shown on National Geographic TV Channel. It was telelcasted by this channel many times. The current belief is that Judas bitrayed Jesus, but this new gospel (of Judas) says that what Judas did was on the instructions from Jesus.//////// I am of the opinion that ban or no ban, the search for truth should go on and I am happy that this is not curbed. /////// Though, Da Vinci Code is banned from being screened in theaters in Punjab, as I understand the sale of VCD is not banned. When the VCD comes, people in Punjab will be able to watch this flim. The ban is a trivial act. The book Da Vinci Code is not banned any where in India. //////// With love and respect for all. ......................Singh 000000000