Date: 5/26/2006


A PERSONAL REPORT BY A HINDU/////// FOCUS ON CRAWLEY, WEST SUSSEX/////// I was in Crawley, W. Sussex, on Monday and came to know that all the taxi drivers in town are Pakistani. I also saw Pakistanis all over. Women in hijab are serving English customers and, in vain, I protested at one Customer Service counter. The manageress shrugged her shoulders in helplessness. The “green tide” was covering her world, too. //////// Several Pakistanis are busy buying up properties and then reselling them at huge profit thus pushing up the prices that become unaffordable for most British couples and families now. This has a knock-on effect on “job mobility”, a pre-requisite of economic progress. The profits are funnelled to Pakistan where Bin Laden is at home and “madrassas” flourish. This is Islam’s invisible impact on local economy in Crawley./////// The natives are moving into rented rooms, paying the Pakistanis to enable them to buy up more land and housing. There is a mosque near a prominent roundabout./////// The British have to realise that Islam is the “Second Nation” in our midst. The Muslims themselves make no secret of the fact, and lead a very separate and different religious, social, cultural, domestic, commercial and political life within this nation. They are straining society’s cohesion and equilibrium. None likes to see them around but has to tolerate the “wolves” in a new garb. They throw bombs and grenades into churches in Islamic republics while tolerating the non Muslim places of worship here. //////// Many other (non Muslim) immigrants are trying hard to become integrated in this society. They are Armenians, Greeks, Hindus, Jews, Buddhists and the Sikhs. Each carries an injury in heart inflicted by the Muslims who went for their daughters and TERRITORY back home. /////// It is vitally important to carry out a survey among all the non Muslim immigrants in this country with just one question: “What did the MUSLIMS do to you, your family, country and people before you came here?” ////////// The answers will be revealing about the nature of the human “beast” that is growing among us.//////// There must still be some old British civil servants and police officers alive who were serving in places like Multan, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Noakhali and Dhaka prior to 1947 who may still be able to recall how the "Second Nation" erupted all of a sudden like a volcano as soon as the country learnt of the impending Partition of India. They would recall how the peaceful scene changed overnight and Muslims rose to kill, loot, abduct and rape not only a few thousand but several million. I would call upon them to do their patriotic duty by telling the others, especially the young. That valuable KNOWLEDGE ought not to go to the next world with them./////// The Ship “SS Britain” has a hole in hull and its course under Labour is erratic. “Captain” Tony Blair is serving his own FAMILY and ISLAM more than his fellow citizens in this country. He has a hidden agenda which we need to discover. ///////// Natives cannot afford to remain naive and trusting like the Hindus in PBI (Partitioned Bleeding India). Factor ISLAM will make the political future of this country bleak. It will adversely impact on the economic well-being of the United Kingdom. Those who have first hand experience and knowledge of Islam ought to be consulted. //////// While the government is about to spend billions more on "educating the Muslims”, the later have their own agenda, to see “soft” Europe become Islamic. Both sides are at odds with each other- neither recognising reality on ground or permitting an honest debate on national security.//////// Since the Muslims are a SECOND NATION statistics on their numbers and rate of growth must be published once every six months unless we are programmed to perish like the Hindus of Bangladesh and Kashmir. The others, who have a stake in this land and civilisation, cannot be blindfolded and driven into the dark. ////////// In Tony Blair's ethos the Home Office is a bunch of incompetent bungling "time passers." They have NO idea of how many, when, where and how. Could a business concern run like this? Would we tolerate a restaurant with so many rats in the kitchen? //////// British administration was once reputed to be the best when they administered an empire and brought this country to victory through two world wars. Today this administration is in disrepute and cannot even locate and catch the foreign criminals at large, leave aside deporting them to the countries of their own birth and civilisation. //////// Is Britain a “cesspit” now to receive all the human “sewage” flowing out of the rapidly decomposing ISLAMIC WORLD? From another point of view what is the integrity and patriotism of our political “doctors” (Labour Government) who do not notice the growing Islamic cancer? ///////// Muslims, by their own admission, are more closely linked to fellow Muslims in Chechnya, Afghanistan, Iraq and Indonesia than to the non Mujslims in this country. They have powerful financial backers and ideological support from abroad whereas the other immigrant communities and minorities here are on their own with no god father overseas. //////// Potential Pakistani suicide bombers in Britain have not yet all given up or reformed. They are all following the well tested principle of “lying low and not be seen” like our spies in France during 1940’s. ////////// Muslims have a history of conquest going back fourteen centuries and are capable of producing a sudden upsurge at any time- and suicide bombers all the time. ///////// We saw them in America on September 11, 2001, and we saw them here on July 7 last. And we see them DAILY in Iraq and Afghanistan. They have fanatic faith and loyalty towards their own "FUEHRER" Mohammed. They are conditioned and brainwashed to continue his struggle, or JEHAD, on earth for ever. ///////// At any given time they can bring down the concentration of ideological forces, gathered from a billions faithful from across the globe, to bear down on one “hot spot”. Deception is perfect, devastation is total, and the shockwaves worldwide.//////// Collectively, they pose a serious threat to freedom of thought and speech- and liberty of women. Their maps in classrooms across the world show the size of Islamic Empire over which, they are reminded daily, the sun never sets. They live in the world of their own in which people like prime minister Blair are tiny figures, buying time, appeasing and conceding all the time. //////// We have yet to hear Tony Blair say, “NO. That is one too much. I will not have it.” Or, “Behave like the rest.” On the contrary their separate agenda is accommodated by Labour Party and Government who tell the public, “Respect Islam or else….”///////// The Pope may have apologised for the atrocities in Latin America, and Germany may have apologised for the Nazis but there is NO sense of regret or shame on the part of any Muslim, leader or even a small fry, to express regret over the MILLIONS massacred, whole communities wiped out, civilisations destroyed and vast areas of earth brought under the Laws of Koran.///////// The people of Crawley in West Sussex and hundred other towns and cities in the United Kingdom need to realise what is happening in their midst right now and what their vanishing world will look like in two decades’ time. //////// Muslim’s ULTIMATE loyalty is towards Koran and Global Islam. We may delude ourselves as much as we like. What is piercing the borders and penetrating the frontiers of Europe today will soon reach its heart. One can see the pathetic plight and helplessness of the Hindus in Ayodhya. The wolves have encircled the goat. ///////// Crawley would be a good place to field a BNP (British National Party) candidate in the next elections.///////// 000000000