Date: 5/14/2006


Gujarat produced two NOTORIOUS sons: Jinnah and Gandhi./////// God is punishing Gujarat for producing TRAITORS & COWARDS.//////// After nearly SIX decades of slavery and misery, I had expected Gujarat to be the FIRST STATE to declare Independence from the tyrannical rule of ITALIAN SONIA KHAN AND PAKISTANI ABDUL KALAM of Delhi./////// Gujarat is the size of Spain, and bigger than Portugal. So what is wrong with quality of humans in South Asia who cannot even dream of petty concessions, leave aside full freedom like EAST BENGAL?//////// It is RELIGION. Hindu religion failed to unite the nation against concerted attack by Muslims in 1947. Hindus failed to link up with their fellow Hindus in NOAKHALI and now in KASHMIR. The Hindus in Noakhali are DEAD AS DODO and have been forced to flee even South Kashmir. /////// If not Gujarat, perhaps TAMIL NADU will raise its flag of sovereignty? They are bigger than Spain and have sea access to the whole world. Their fellow Tamils are being killed like flies in Sri Lanka. But what is wrong with the INDIAN MULE called TAMIL? Why could they not be INSPIRED by love of independence of the EAST BENGALIS?//////// Obviously the HAMMERING OF CENTURIES OF SLAVERY had conditioned the Gujaratis and the Tamils to BELIEVE that they are worse than even the left toe of any worthless female imported by "BOFORS CHOR" from Italy. /////// Will the INDIANS never consider each one to be equal to a European? At present they think that ONE MILLION of them are equal to ONE HALF of Sonia Gandhi from Italy./////// Even God cannot help the INFERIOR INDIAN RACE. We can recall how He helped the Sikhs of Lahore and the HIndus of North Kashmir and Multan.////// ==================/////// In a message dated 14/05/2006 10:15:09 GMT Daylight Time, writes://////// 35% Poverty In Gujarat – Corruption With Both Hands /////// Friends, /////// It stunning that India’s premier industrialized state observes no labor laws, provide a tenth of minimum wages and damage environment. ///////// My idea was to study the agriculture in Gujarat that consumes as much water as Punjab but produces only 3.6 MT of food-grains against over 25 MT for Punjab. //////// 000000000